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To fight as a team, was never something I had expected nor wanted. But now that I have it, it feels natural. I am my team and my team is me.
— Feacha

Feacha Odeseg
Feacha Headshot
Age 18 (Vol.1) / 19 (Vol.3)
Alias Raven
Nickname Fea
Status Active (In ICU)
Color Onyx
Gender Female
Race Avian Faunus
Species Raven
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Tanned
Hair Ebony Blackish Blue
Eyes Deep Grey
Semblance Sentinel Wings
Height 5'7"
Weight 139 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Team Team COSM
Partner Jericho Corey
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Fester Odeseg, adoptive father
Additional Info
Emblem Feacha Emblem
Likes nature, quiet, books, learning, training
Dislikes loud people, vindictive people, prejudice, stereotypes, people assuming they know her
Special Skills high aura concentration, powerful semblance, adept sword fighter, quick thinker, analyst
Weaknesses silent, withdrawn, judgmental, suspicious

Her name is procounce:

  • Feacha - 'fee-ah-che-ah'
  • Odeseg - 'oh-deh-see-gh'


Feacha is a young woman with a slim yet well-built figure, showing her years of training. She has long blackish blue hair, resembling that of a raven's feather with its tonal changes. It is straight and falls down her back like a curtain. Her hair in the front is cut shorter and frames her face with the numerous feathers that blend in with her hair.

She is darker in skin tone, having a healthy tan that compliments her dark eyes, being a deep grey in color but looking black at a distance. She is slightly above average in height, standing at 5'7". She also has feathers that sprout from her shoulders, back of her hands, down her spine from her skull to her tailbone, as well as along her shoulder blades.

Her attire consists of a high neck, sleeveless blackish blue top that ends just above her navel and has white trimming it as well as a small white fabric which hangs down to her hips. Around her waist is a gray belt which a darker gray buckle and upon that belt is a smaller belt to which the sheath of her sword is attached to. The belt is holding up white shorts that end halfway up her thigh and is decorated with a light gray spiral like designs.

Upon her arms are dark gray armbands to which has a white band on the upper arm, just before the elbow and it is attached to her middle finger by a black band. Upon the armbands are black spiral designs similar to those that are on her shorts. Her boots are a dark blue, the feet of them being rimmed black. They reach up to her knees and are folded over the boot, with an extra inch as a heel.


Feacha is very reserved and considered withdrawn, but in reality, she does not care to interact with others and often to people who treat her poorly, she will openly express her dislike to them. Regardless of this fact, she does like to make friends and wants to have friends, however, this is only with people she feels she could trust and depend on.

As soon as she feels that she can trust a person, she will show that trust in a form of loyalty, protecting them in all manners of ways, be it from bullies or in a real fight. However, she feels that if she does not get the same treatment in return, she believes them to be unworthy of her friendship and will often cut ties with them just as quick.

As she does prefer to be by herself, she likes to be in secluded places, either reading a book or just thinking absently. She does not like to be pestered or questioned, this including the topic of her family. She hates the fact that she was an orphan and likes to keep this fact a secret. But she also likes to keep the details of her father a secret, for she does not think he needs to be known. If she does encounter someone who tries to push for this information, often times, she will get hostile and expresses her annoyance and anger easily, often scaring people off.

She does not like the fact that she may have a very intimidating aura, but she will do nothing to make people think otherwise. For if they are too afraid to get close to her, then she believes that they don't have the courage to be beside her and be her friend.

As she is very into reading, she has read a lot of books concerning history, tactics, and strategy as well as many other topics that will aid her in combat. She knows that she may know more than most, but does not flaunt this and in fact, sometimes makes it seem like she is unknowable when she is. She, however, has no interest in learning about the White Fang movement and knows very little about the riots and protests.


Feacha had always lived in an orphanage, from birth, she was left there by whoever her parents had been. As a result, she grew up from family to family, her first few years staying with one family. She felt loved for it but as soon as her feathers starting growing in at an early age, she has pushed aside and sent back to the orphanage. Because of this, whenever people adopted her once more, she was distant and kept much to herself. This made it difficult for people to connect with her and ended up giving her back to the orphanage because they could not deal with her. With this lifestyle, she became even more distant to such a degree that no one wanted to adopt her anymore.

At 9 years old, she met a man who found her pretty with her dark hair and little black feathers. He would stop by the orphanage to spend time with her, where they would talk and even just sit in silence. At first, it was hard for him to get past the wall she had put up around herself, but he eventually got through it. She had found out that he was visiting from a different town to do some research. She found that he was a kind and gentle man, who was a writer. But he was also a very sad man, who had lost his one true love and knew that she would never be coming back. She felt sadness for this man and felt like she could do nothing for him. It was when he was ready to leave that he told her that she made him think of the daughter he had always wanted. Deciding last minute, he went about adopting her so that she could go back with him.

She couldn't help but feel joy at having a family but she realized while there that whenever she left the home for any period of time, she would come back to find him crying. She eventually found out that she slightly resembled the woman he had loved, to which she decided to spend most of her time around him. She cared deeply for him as he took care of her, eventually calling him father instead of his name, which seemed to have brought great joy to him. However, her life was not easily, for even though she finally had a family, people still treated her the same way as every other Faunus. Her mentality became fierce towards humans, who treated like an animal, something they could abuse and hurt. She believed she was a person, just like them and did not deserve this treatment. As a result, even though she had her father's love, she was hurt by the lack of acceptance from the people who lived around her.

As a result, this caused her to have two personalities, one for when she was with her father and another when she was outside of her home. Often times, when she left the house while he was sleeping, she would go to the only place she felt was like her home and had people like him. This place was a small library, to which had a kind older woman who was very quiet yet understanding. Feacha was treated like a person there instead of a Faunus. With this older woman, she taught Feacha how to read and write, giving the girl a passion for books, stories, and histories, of people long dead and of adventures around the world. She often imagined herself in those stories and felt like that she could not stay in this small town anymore.

She told her father about these feelings and how she read books about people who saved others from dark creatures. At first, she had thought they were simply fiction but upon being told by both her father and the librarian, she found out those stories were fact. Knowing these were real, she told her father that she wanted to do that, to become a huntress and protect others. So that people could see that just because she was a Faunus didn't mean she didn't care. She wanted to prove herself to people and show them who she really was. Even though he was hesitant on her leaving him, he knew that she would return to him and told her she could do was she wished.

With that in mind, she enrolled in a Hunter Academy the next town over, it was a long walk, but she did it. With this dream of her, she paid attention in class and did well in fighting classes. However, this did not give her favor with the other students, especially the human children with grudges against the Faunus. Regardless, she did not let their harsh natures push her from her dream and what she thought was her destined path. She got through the schooling with her head held high, finding that she had passed the schooling in the top 10. With this in mind, she was accepted into the most prestigious academy, Beacon. With going there, she found that she was going to live out her dream and fight for the equality she thought she, as well as other Faunus, deserved.


Feacha Weapon

Nox Stellem [Night Star in Latin] is a Dust-Infused Saber (DIS), with crystals running along the blade in which are infused with dust, this being Ice.

  • The blade of the saber is slim and black that is 3 feet long with dark blue crystals lining up the blade from the hilt. The guard and pommel are white in color with black cloth wrapped around the grip while being a foot and a half long. The guard is in the fashion of wings.
  • There are four dark blue crystals that line up from the guard of the blade, being close together and doesn't even make it halfway up the blade. There are blue gems also on the guard and pommel.

The crystals are infused with ice dust, allowing her to have a near unlimited supply of ice abilities. The amount of dust within the crystals is unknown and one can never know when the dust will actually run out.

  • As a result to this, when the dust does run out, she has two choices. The first choice, if she is not in battle and can get to her supply of replaceable crystals, then it is a simple matter of swapping out the used crystals for new ones. However, when in battle, she has a small supply of replaceable crystals on hand. Regardless of the fact that she can easily replace them, it takes concentration to place the crystals into the slots on the blade.

Fighting Style

Her strikes are swift, her mentality of taking out opponents either with a single strike or to be severely wounded by it. As a result, she has a very quick fighting style, using her strikes in a flurry kind of manner to push her opponent to break their defense. She also uses her sword in a backhanded manner, occasionally using it in a normal manner, but mainly backhanded. When going easy, she uses it as a normal sword, but when she gets serious she switches to a backhanded style.

The dust properties of her sword have a variety of uses. She can stab the ground and the dust will cause ice spikes to travel along the ground in a straight line, this can travel up to 200 meters. She can also summon them up when slashing, causing up a storm of ice blades to attack her opponent if they are far away from her. This can travel up to a little under 200 meters, however, the farther it goes, the less accurate she'll be.

With the help of her semblance, she can either swing her sword with the same amount of force or more, cause a falter to her opponent, hopefully breaking their guard. She also will use it as a defense mechanism, in case she doesn't have time to block an attack, she can call up the 'wings' which will then cover her from all sides, working almost as a shield.

Strengths and Weaknesses

✔ She is swift and light on her feet, she can also jump higher than the average person, having trained herself to strengthen her legs so that she can do this.

✘ However, as she does not use this ability often, she often jumps at the wrong angle, messing up her attack or her landing.

✔ She can see very well in the dark and almost prefers to fighting at such a time. Preferring the dark to fighting in daylight.

✔ The crystals of her dust infused blade are very convenient when needing a little added effect to battle.

✘ However, as replacing said crystals takes some time and concentration, if she has no cover when doing this, she is open to all attacks. She will try to dodge them but this will cause her to be unable to fully concentrate on replacing her crystals.


Her semblance allows her to summon a pair of wings with her aura and use them as a shield around her. They allow her to absorb a certain amount of damage which she is then able to redeliver back at her opponent just as strong, possibly stronger if she uses the properties of her ice dust within her blade. An added bonus to this ability is that she can store up that absorbed energy/force to become even stronger, unleashing it all at once upon her opponent when she sees a perfect opening.

Upon calling up her semblance, it only takes up a 1/4 of her max aura. If she has half of her max aura remaining, it will use half of the remaining aura, as that would be a 1/4 of her full aura. If she uses this semblance at max aura, it is a second barrier that does not use the aura she has remaining. As a result, she will continue to have that 3/4 of aura until her semblance runs out/is used up.

However, the wings can only absorb so much damage, the damage it has taken being displayed with the state of the wings. The more damage they take, the more scattered they look. Eventually, too much damage and it appears her wings start to lose feathers. If it has become this state, she has to use all the energy she has absorbed. With this attack, it's considered a last resort and becomes a very powerful strike. This strike also results in her 'wings' to scatter around her as see-through feathers and disappear completely.

The attack she uses the kinetic energy it had absorbed from a number of hits it had taken, will be directed outward. She can either channel it into her weapon to do a powerful strike against someone's aura barrier or she can channel it as an outward burst, causing a wave of force to push anyone near her. This outward burst can also cause damage to aura as it is a kinetic force of its own.

She can take on quite of offensive with these shields, be it a handful of grenades thrown at her from an opponent, machine gun barrage from a weapon or robot, or the strong swing of an opponent's weapon (broad-sword, war hammer, battle ax) or the arm of a robot. However, as stated earlier, if she takes too much, the wings can shatter before she can use up the stored up kinetic energy.

It will then take her 30 minutes up to 5 hours to reform them, depending on just how much damage she took when they shattered. They are shaped as wings but flight is not a possible option of this semblance, it is simply a shield that has taken upon the shape of wings. It is possibly an unconscious connection to the fact she is an avian Faunus and the fact her 'father' called her, his little raven. 



  • Jericho Corey -
    • Before: Feacha had gotten fairly close to her partner, beginning to see how much a leader he could become. However, she felt there were a few things that he was keeping secret, but she never pried, feeling that they were things he would reveal when he was ready. Regardless of that distance between them, the two had begun to find methods of working together and could discern certain motions into actions.
    • After: Now Feacha has distanced herself from not only Jericho but her entire team. She felt like she may have failed them in a sense. That she was not a strong as she should have been. She still thinks they could be a good team, but she herself feels that maybe she was not needed. Lost in her thoughts, she barely talks to Jericho or her teammates now.
  • Estevon du Soleil -
    • Before: Feacha sees Estevon as a certain form of entertainment, as he always has a joke or something funny up his sleeve. She felt that he was very dependable and someone she could go to if she ever had any questions, regardless of what they were.
    • After: She feels that he may have had abandoned them and that maybe it was because of this that the team fell apart. That they were never meant to be a team and that everything was bound to fall apart. As a result, she has begun to stop talking to him at all, even when she has questions.
  • Merel Serac -
    • Before: Feacha got along very well with Merel, though at first, they didn't speak much. However, as time grew on, it was revealed how much they had in common and this caused a bond to form between the two girls. They were able to talk about different topics, be it school related or just random things about Vale. As a result, the girls knew each other's views and mindsets, causing them to be very good in a fight if they were together. However, it made fighting each other rather difficult because of their similarities.
    • After: Feacha feels even the worse when it comes to Merel, for she feels she may have left Merel on her own. With her injuries causing her to not be of help for the girl who she could see was having a tough time herself. And with the distance of the team, possibly caused by her, she feels that possibly she is leaving Merel on her own once more. She wishes she could be there for the other girl but she also feels unworthy to even call her friend and thus causing much conflict within Feacha herself.


  • Fester Odeseg - He was the man whom she now thought of as a father as well as the only one who bothered to give the girl their last name. Every time she went to a new foster family, her name would change, never being the same. With him, he gave her a name that she began to love and hold close, for he also thought of her as his real daughter.


  • One some nights, Feacha will occasionally sleep with her eyes open, but this is usually only when she is in the field.


  • Feacha is based on the fairy tale and famous poem called, 'The Raven'.
  • Feacha is a shortened and cut-up version of the Irish name, Feardorcha, meaning 'Dark Man'. This is eluded to her color, being an onyx, which is often seen as black or a 'dark' color.
  • Odeseg is a shortened and cut-up version of the Mongolian name, Odtsetseg, meaning Star Flower.
Feacha Odeseg's Stats :

Primary Role Swordswoman
Secondary Role Dust Specialist
Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


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