How OC is picked for featuring:

  • Must be accepted recently.
  • Must has at least one piece of original artwork represent how the character look. No chibi maker, no dreamselfy, no borrowed art and no traced art. It can be drawn by yourself or drawn by other artists.
  • Featured OC will be pick randomly by me. To keep thing fair for everyone, I'll provide a screenshot of a random name picker website with the name of the featured OC, starting from July 2014
  • Background/silhouette artworks are optional.
  • There is no limit on whose OC will be featured.
  • One user cannot have two of their OCs featured back to back.
  • Featured OC cannot be re-featured in the timespan of 6 months.
  • List of featuring candidates can be found here


September: Cerule Giles - User:Crimsonalloy

October: Ariel Aviyt - User:Crimsonalloy

November: Sorrel Verda - User:Descendingshadows

December: Grizel Svane - User:Decathartique


January: Gaea Buckwheat - User:Riftling

February: Oran Cambridge - User:WeissSchnee

March: Peyton Bronte - User:BlissCloudz

April: Asher C. Stahl - User:DustpeltX

May: Lucasta Cordelia - User:Runato

June: Sven Searfeld - User:EvergreenLeaf

July: Crystal Nelde - Screenshot - User:Winter Edition

August: Teagan-Blaise Shouree - Screenshot - User:BlissCloudz

September: Coco Solumque - Screenshot - User:BRTE500

October: Amet Revfold - User:Amet Revfold

November: Nox - Screenshot - User:Noctum_Caeruleus

December: Inari Tsukiakari - Screenshot - User:RWBY Ruby Rose


January: Team RMGT - User:Kervin555 & User:PopteenPrincess

February: Citrine Motacill - Screenshot - User:BRTE500

March: Saige Cristallo - Screenshot - User:KurosakiHisana

April: Della Azure - Screenshot - User:Decathartique

May: Flynn Scarlett - Screenshot - User:WeissSchnee

June: None

July: Shirako Kazusagi - Screenshot - User:Rainshadowed

August: Bartholomew Varega - Screenshot - User:Tsubori

September: Leila Souris - Screenshot - User:Riftling

October: Aella Kleos - Screenshot - User:Rainshadowed

November: Kyrrah Esther - Screenshot - User:Winter Edition

December: Diana Fritillary - Screenshot - User:Riftling


January: Edwin Jay Chemest - Screenshot - User:BurningHype

February: Quaralia R. Rosalinda - Screenshot - User:RWBY Ruby Rose

March: None

April: Fēng Lán sè Kuang - Screenshot - User:Enderparadox

May: Serena Ciano - Screenshot - User:Alex Wingace

June: Sini Svatava - Screenshot - User:The Silent Knight

July: Ethereal Kaiser - Screenshot - User:Lady Venomania

August: Aurea Melankranz - Screenshot - User:BerserkerNox

September: Mason Donovan - Screenshot - User:Takeshi_kun21

October: Caelia Blanc - Screenshot - User:STATICinMOTION

November: Aurelio Feld - Screenshot - User:Anime Kyuubi

December: Tikba Jack Lantern - Screenshot - User:StarlightAT


January: Valka Cedafalt - Screenshot - User:Amilanthior Blackthorn

February: Tanner Arthen - Screenshot - User:Sebi99cl

March: Jasper Zec - Screenshot  - Raytsan

April: Verimill Cyra - Screenshot - Kirimato

May: Starling Leadswell - Screenshot - SideShot

June: N/A

July: Keiri Aozora Hogosha - Screenshot - N1SMO_GT-R

August: Zhu-li Castellan - Screenshot - Delta-06

September: - Darian Nightshade - Screenshot - Kouryuu524

October: Snow Whitmore - Screenshot - Dust2Dust17

November: TBA

December: TBA

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