You'd think this would be easier with Pizza. 'Fraid not.
— Feldgrew Paris, Third Year
Feldgrew Paris
Age 19
Status Active, Third Year
Color Feldgrau
Gender Male
Species Human
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Tanned
Hair Brown
Eyes Blue
Semblance Heightened Agility
Height 5'9"
Weight 162 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team ZFRE
Partner Zul Saphiro
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Glaucia Paris (Mother)

Aerio Paris (Huntsman, Father, Deceased)

Additional Info
Emblem Feldgrew
Likes Junk Food

Making Jokes

Special Skills Able to deflect Small Arms fire
Character Theme

Antigravity - Starset
Battle Theme

Children of the Night - Razihel

Feldgrew Paris a member of Team ZFRE, and a third year student at Beacon Academy


Feldgrew is of Medium build and height, with blue eyes and brown, short spiked hair. He often wears a dark green hoodie, with a green undershirt. He also wears green joggers, and a pair of green-striped sneakers.


The smartest of the team, academically and tactically. Loves junk food, but also working out. He's kind, modest, and humorous, but can be socially awkward, and also can be serious when need be. Often the one that cheers the group up, and is quite confident in his team's abilities, often volunteering them for the dangerous stuff which often warrants a playful hit from Etonia. He loves his weapons, cleans them constantly.


Feldgrew, not originally from Vale, trained himself with some help from his father who was a huntsman. When he learned that his father was missing in action after a mission, when Feldgrew was only eleven, he and his mother moved to Vale. He trained everyday, and then began training at Signal Academy when he was old enough. He soon applied to go to Beacon Academy. During initiation, he met Zul. To this day, he still searches for answer's about his father's whereabouts.

Weapons and Abilities

Feldgrew uses Dual-Wielded Firearm Daggers, named Jade Hellbringer and Emerald Firestarter. The weapons, in dagger mode, are similar in design to 18th century German hunting daggers, although with wider grips and blades, while in gun mode they resemble Desert Eagle sidearms. He is often regarded as very efficient in the use of his weapons, often using one in dagger mode, and the other in gun mode.

Feldgrew has the trait of incredible agility, which is what allows him to be quick, and make his attacks flow. His agility is honed, allowing him to deflect small arms fire with his daggers, and combat several targets with a single river of attacks. He is also able to do parkour quite effectively, being able to run up walls (that are less than 10 feet in height), and jump over obstacles with quick, decisive jumps. This semblance also helps with his wielding of his dual daggers


  • Feldgrew is an easier to pronounce version of Feldgrau, which is "Field Grey" in german. Despite the Grey in the title, Feldgrau is actually a variation of Green.
  • Paris, Feldgrew's last name, is also a variation of Green
  • Feldgrew's weapons, unsurprisingly, have variations of Green within their names: Emerald and Jade

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