Name: Felicity Lune Drakonas

Title: The Raging Dragon

Occupation: Huntress

Affiliation: Beacon



Sex: Female

Age: 17

Race: Human

Likes: Fighting, and lokking pretty

Dislikes: Getting punched in the boobs

Weapon: Saevam Draconis

Semblance: Aromas



Felicity is what most people would call classically beautiful. She is 5'10" and weighs 115lbs. She tends to get a lot of glances from men


Imagine the yellow is more o an amber

when she walks in town.  Felicity is about average height and is very curvaceous. She has a lean body build and has a large bust. She has a fairly pale skin tone and is very prone to sun burn. Felicity has silky smooth skin and has no blemish on it at all. She has Shoulder length silky blonde hair that is very well kept and is always brushed. She has one green and one amber eye which make a bit more unique, because without them she would be more like a Barbie and less than a human. Felicity also wears a bunch of different perfumes, depending on her mood/occasion.

Felicity has a unique appearance, in the way her clothing are the same color as her eyes. She wears a green silk dress with an amber trim. The lower layer of the dress only goes 5 inches below her waist. The upper part of the dress is a pair of two green flaps with amber trims that reach just below the knee. She wears a pair of green leather gloves with amber at the bottom of them. Felicity has a pair of green stockings with a bit of amber lace circling the top. They reach just below the lower part if the dress. She wears a pair of amber “combat” heels with a little green at the top. The heels are made out of a strong material so they don’t break easily. Felicity has an amber ribbon around her neck that helps make her even cuter. Felicity wears a pair of amber bells (that jingle when she walks) with green ribbons. Felicity of course wears a green silk brazier with amber lace.      


Felicity can be very interesting at times. She may have the appearance of a sweet girl but she doesn’t act like one. Felicity suffers from major anger issues. She gets mad at the smallest of things. If you even do the smallest thing that most people would think is normal, she will rip your head off. Felicity is a major bitch and isn’t afraid to make it known. She got mad for a leaf falling on her head and then went on a rampage. She isn’t afraid to use her looks to get what she wants. In fact she enjoys toying with men; it is what gives her a rush. She even likes steeling other people’s boyfriends. Although she gets very frustrated when men dont fall in love with her. Felicity is quite the character, other than her already peachy keen traits; she is a blood thirst monster. She enjoys ending the lives of Grimm and wouldn’t be against fighting her teammates. Felicity hates Grimm because they are the exact opposite of beauty. Her favorite part about Grimm though, is that they bleed and there are lots of them she can kill. She believes that only those who come from long lines of hunters should become hunters. Even though she seems all tough and rough she is actually deathly afraid of bugs, and can’t stand them. So when it comes to bug like Grimm she is either to scared to fight or goes insane and blasts all over the place.


Saevam Draconis is Felicity’s weapon. It is a Spade staff shotgun that is very powerful. It is 8ft long and about 2 inches thick, it is about 30lbs all together. The top of it is a very sharp blade that can cut through flesh and bone with ease. The blade is about 1ft long and is 2ft wide. The bottom part of the weapon is a combat shotgun that is modified to be more powerful than normal. It uses Red Dust as ammo so that even increases the deadliness even more. Felicity is very swift and can wield


this is roughly what the weapon looks like

her weapon with great ease. It can be also detached into 2 parts so Felicity can wield both ends at once. The shotgun end of her weapon can be used to increase her speed to allow her to move faster than normal. Felicity just doesn’t use her weapon but also uses her feminine charms to trick her male opponents, into not attacking her. Even though she may be good at using Saevam Draconis, her most powerful asset is her semblance. She has a fairly unique semblance in which she can produce different aromas from her body. Each one has a unique smell, power and color. The reason why is because each sent can attract or scare a differnt kind of grimm. Condiering her body build she can be easily knocked around when using her semblance. ANother downside is that her aromas can cause some people to experiance allergic reactions.  


Felicity comes from a very long line of hunters on both of her parents sides. So she always had large shoes to fill even as a child. At the age of 5 she was personally trained by all the living members in her family. She was trained in all aspects of battle from strategy to sparing. She actually enjoyed the fighting and would give her a rush when she would fight her family. Even though she was blood thirst as a child, she was actually very calm and loving. She would love going outside of her family mansion and going into her massive gardens; she would smell the flowers, climb the trees, play in the grass, and even help the servants plant the flowers. As felicity got better and better at fighting they sent her to Signal Academy. Even when she was there she the teachers had high expectations of her. She would get good grades but would actually stay to herself and would be very quiet. She would study with herself and didn’t have many friends. You could say she was a nerd or a bookworm; she didn’t even go to school assemblies often. Even though she was a bookworm she had a major crush on one of the popular boy at school. She would try everything to make herself look pretty, and when she finally got enough courage to ask him out it turned out that a popular girl asked him out just to tease her. She went back to her dorm and started to cry her eyes out, for days she didn’t come out of her room and became depressed. Soon the depression turned into anger and Felicity vowed she would never allow that to happen to her again. So she completely changed her appearance, and her personality. From that day on she became the bitch she is today. She got high marks on her tests so she was soon sent to Beacon to continue her training.      

This is Property of Tomai. Steal anything and I will hunt you down and switch your gender.

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