An animal may become a human. A human may become a monster. Just so, even a snake may become a woman.

Fěnhóng sè Sùzhēn
Age 18
Alias White Snake
Nickname Fen
Status Active
Color Cherry Blossom Pink
Gender Female
Race Human
Born Mistral
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Dyed Blonde (Brown post-timeskip)
Eyes Light pink
Semblance Snakebite
Height 5'5
Professional Status
Social Rank Upper class
Affiliation Suzhen Corporation

The Nine Dragons of Vale

Team Team PRFC (RPs)

None (Zaniphilos)

Partner Platinum Roads
Occupation Heiress
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed parents

Zanipher "Daybreak" Hei'An - sister

Additional Info
Likes People, playing the violin, flute, and piano
Dislikes Faunus, responsibility, violence
Special Skills Entrepreneurship
Weaknesses - Doesn't understand consequences

- Can be hard to take seriously - Prone to carelessness - Morally conflicted

Fenhong Se Suzhen, nicknamed Fen, is the young heiress to the Suzhen Corporation, which specializes in entrepreneurship. She has a vibrant personality and is highly intelligent. She appears very outgoing and sociable, but is described as having a vaguely unsettling quality. Following the fall of Beacon, she has grown estranged from her former school friends and deeply involved in the activities of the Daybreak Syndicate. She alludes to the Chinese folk tale Legend of the White Snake.


Fen is a young female adult with a youthful appearance. She has light pink eyes and dark brown hair that is dyed blonde and tied into a low ponytail, but her eyebrows are still dark. She has a small beauty mark near the left corner of her mouth.

She almost always wears a white beanie with a dark pink band and her symbol in black on the forefront, and long gloves with black forearms, white hands, and black fingertips. She wears white shorts with pink trimming and white cycling shorts underneath with golden zippers on the sides, and ties her black leather jacket with magenta accents around her waist. Fen wears a tan v-necked t-shirt with a thin open white and light pink collared jacket that is half-zipped up over it. This jacket has elbow-length sleeves, a wide hood, and has tan rib lines on the inside. It also has a design on the back neck resembling that of the one on the outside of a cobra's hood. She wears knee-length black and magenta boots which are folded outwards at the top.


Fen full body


Fen is naturally very sociable, friendly, and upbeat, and has no qualms about approaching and befriending strangers. Part of this abiity comes from having been trained by her parents to be comfortable in the spotlight. Overall Fen is humorous and lighthearted, but can sometimes be difficult to take seriously because of her penchant for tricking people.

On the rare occasion that Fen is actually serious about something, she can be very good at pulling off a charismatic and professional yet motivated demeanor. She fits the stereotype of an entrepreneur (ESTP) and has lots of interesting ideas and rarely needs motivation beyond those she has come up with on her own, but tends not to evaluate cause-and-effect very thoroughly. She has a reckless side which is revealed when she is with an equally reckless person.

Fen lacks the internal resilience which is found is many Hunters, and gains no pleasure from killing Grimm or from fighting anyone really for that matter. Because she is not actually a Huntress, she tends to be quite merciful in a fight against another person, and is sickened by any perceived ruthlessness or cruelty. She is quite observant and fun, but lacks the compassion to connect with those she perceives to be of a lower class.

Post - Rip Current

Following a harrowing experience after being kidnapped by renegade members of Black Order Battalion, Fen's personality undergoes a significant change from her previously open self. This experience is indicated by a long scar over her right eyebrow.

Fen has become much less trusting of the people around her and less sure of herself, and has developed a trickster-like persona to mask this insecurity. She develops a preppy, arrogant attitude and is more eager to enter conflicts with others. This perceived wildness is actually a facade, which Fen drops when the moment becomes much more pressing, at which point she takes on a cool and calculating persona copied from that of her older sister. It should be noted that Fen is much now more serious about her fights, and although she is more manipulative of others, her innate good nature remains the same, but is difficult to bring out unless the situation is extremely important or pressing.

Not long after being rescued, Fen has been approached and befriended by the Ninth Dragon of Vale, and her personality starts becoming influenced by her older sister Zanipher's professional and disinterested demeanor. This relationship is kept secret from her school friends, but her personality shift is undeniable.


Fen was raised as the only child in a large family with many good “connections” and a considerable amount of influence on the public, but she was taught to be considerate and aware of her perception by others. Her parents were extremely busy co-managing their corporation, and always came home very late at night. Fen was privately tutored until the age of eight, when she attended a private school and met her best friends: Platinum, Rosso, and Respersio. She inherited a natural social affinity from her esteemed lineage, and also learned to play the piano and violin. She especially enjoyed hanging out with the stoic-looking Platinum, and succeeded in forming a strong bond with the silver-haired girl.

When they were 15, Fen was the only person with which Rosso confided his hopelessness when his parents divorced and began fighting a legal battle of custody against each other. She knew that he actually had planned to kill himself before he was shot dead, but she refused to tell her heartbroken friends this knowledge because she wanted to protect them from having to endure even more pain. However, after a while she could no longer take the agony of knowing, and she fled into the forest without telling anyone, and planned to hang herself from a tree. She tied up the noose and stood there with the tears streaming down her face, hesitating for what she thought to be the last time but hoping that this action would protect the truth from ever escaping and hurting anyone else. However, a strange man dropped down beside her without her having heard anything, and advised her against moving forward with suicide. The man, Torrent, mysteriously knew a good amount about her, and offered to teach her Grimm Chance, which would give her strength to live by giving her the willpower of the Grimm themselves. Fen agreed, desperately grasping onto this sudden spark of hope, and became proficient in the Nevermore style of Grimm Chance. Fen thanked her strange teacher for helping her, and the two said their farewells.

She realized her mental weakness after this ordeal, and figured that being a Huntress wasn't meant for her. Instead, she enrolled in a business school in preparation to take over the company when her parents died. However, Fen was convinced by her parents to undergo two years of Huntress training when she heard about how high-profile business people had been coming under attack from criminal organizations in recent years. Her grades were excellent and she was accepted into the prestigious Beacon Academy.


Following the abandonment of Beacon Academy, Fen conveniently found herself finally free of the conflict of interests between her burgeoning involvement with the Daybreak Syndicate and her normal school life, simply because the latter is now nonexistent. Free to pursue her true interests, Fen is still in Vale but has become absorbed with studying diplomacy and the mechanics of leading a family company, all while keeping in touch with her sister Zanipher. She does not plan to return to Beacon if/when the school is back up and running.



Head basis

Her weapon is an Eastern-Styled Dust-Reinforced Collapsible Halberd named Owl's Wingbeat, which can be folded into the size of a dirk. By pressing a certain combination on the buttons on the handle the blade can spin extremely rapidly, like a drill. Numerous Dust crystals are embedded within the staff, which can be activated to enhance each of Fen's strikes. She keeps it in a large pouch on the inside of her jacket.


Fen primarily fights with her halberd at a medium range from the opponent. She is adept at swinging it and spinning it around, and utilizes the thrust only when she needs to inflict serious damage on the enemy, as in a finishing blow on a Grimm. She can also use it to vault herself around, as much of her fighting style involves staying in movement and keeping the opponent uncertain of their next move. Her fighting style involves mainly going on the defense, then rapidly striking when she detects an opening or provokes one. She possesses rapid reflexes and melds her semblance into her fighting to disorient her enemy as much as possible in order to create a vulnerability. At a long range, Fen uses the Dust in the base of the blade to launch various elemental projectiles at the opponent, and to enhance her strikes.

The halberd can also be folded into the length of a dirk. When in this form Fen wields it like a sword. However she only uses this form when she is forced to suddenly defend herself from blows, and pretty much never attacks without properly lengthening it.

If disarmed, Fen will use the King Taijutu style of Grimm Chance. Since at this point the situation is probably pretty desperate, she tries to hit fast and hard to disable the opponent, using sharp jabs in sensitive areas of the body.


Fen's semblance is Snakebite, in which she creates a single tangible construct of a 6-foot long white snake which she can direct to slither around with her mind. The snake can travel up to a 40 foot radius from Fen's location and has the strength of a normal python. When this semblance is used, she sees the world through the snake's pit organs (essentially an infrared camera), leaving her human body vulnerable to attack and frozen in her last position before exercising her semblance. The construct cannot exist unless Fen is completely focused on it maintaining corporeal form, so if she experiences a large distraction or gets mentally fatigued, her consciousness will return to her normal body and the snake will disappear. The construct can be covered with powdered Dust (by someone besides Fen) to give it the quality of an explosive when hitting another object, with blast radius depending on how much Dust was lathered on. When no Dust is applied, the construct can attack like a normal snake by biting with two inch-long fangs, although it does not inject venom and can be "killed' in the same way a normal snake can and will vanish afterwards.

When her semblance is activated, the glowing outline of two fangs can be seen outside Fen's mouth, giving it its name.


Fen's aura is of average durability. It activates automatically when she sustains a blow of any kind.


Platinum Roads

Her best friend from childhood. The two shared much history, as Fen has been the first person to really get Platinum to open up and talk about herself. They go together well despite having superficially opposite personalities. They make an excellent team for anything, be it fighting or doing mundane group projects. As complements, the two were regularly seen in public together, and communication between the two is very relaxed and straightforward. The extent of the effect of Rosso's death on Fen becomes evident when she isolated herself from Platinum and Resper in the months following the incident. Platinum hasn't quite forgiven her for this action yet, and instead keeps an eye out for anything which could harm her.

Respersio Caetum

The remaining male member of C4T3R, and another childhood friend of Fen's. The two are close, though not romantically. Fen enjoys Ririo's calming presence, and enjoys pulling him along to go out and do random things with her. In Beacon, Fen and Platinum usually hang out with his team. She respects his steadfastness, but wishes he were more adventurous.

Automne Reynard

Although Fen was initially suspicious of Automne, given Fox Faunus' unfortunate stereotypes of being crafty, the two warmed up to each other quickly following their first meeting when these beliefs turned out to be untrue. Fen finds Automne's habit of downplaying things to be somewhat amusing, and Fen likes having a third member to balance out Platinum's sometimes overly stark personality. Even so, she is genuinely curious about Automne's history and is determined to eventually find out what the Huntress' story is.


Fen chibi

Chibi Fen


  • The name of Fen's weapon, Owl's Wingbeat, sounds like something vaguely romantic, but it is ironic because the wingbeat of an owl is completely silent in order to swoop down on their prey.
  • Because she has well-trained reflexes, Fen is a very good driver.


  • Her character theme is Deemo's version of Saika by Rabpit.
  • "Fěnhóng sè" (粉紅色) means pink in Mandarin Chinese.

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