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Species/type name: Fenris.

Class: A (Fully matured) Low to high B (Juvenile.)

Base animal type: Wolf. (Beowolves, in my mind, are seemingly based off of werewolves, not wolves. They way the move, and the fact that they’re almost bipedal, further reinforces this in my mind).


Has the body type of a large grey wolf, except with a black fur/exoskeleton. Bonelike plates, akin to that of a Deathstalker, run down it’s back. Another plate, this one shaped like a wolfs head, rests just above the jaws. The plates themselves are a dark grey, and the symbols on them are a dark, glowing purple. They have vibrant purple eyes, four of them to be exact, that glow eerily. Their claws are slightly longer than an average wolf’s, but have very small serrations on the bottom curve. Their tail is reminiscent of a wolf, but is actually a bonelike plate covered with tiny, filament like structures. Not hair, as it’s much firmer. And the bone-plate has a sharp ridge along the top. Their bodies are about the size of a small car. The bonelike plates themselves are decently thick: strong enough to block a sword slash, but not heavy duty firearms.


Not your typical grimm, Fenris has a near, if not greater than, human intelligence. But, unlike a normal wolf, they do not work in packs. Very independant and territorial, they are consistently on the move within claimed ground.

They’re cunning: They set up ambushes in heavily forested areas, and slowly pick off groups of prey one by one. They scout out weaknesses: weaker Hunters, normal and Beacon oriented, are usually the first to go.

Usually, a male will only have one mate, and sire only one, or very rarely two, children. Claimed territory is ancestral: more often than not, the Fenris is from a line of those that have lived in the area.


Fast, brutal, cunning, and vicious. They ambush prey, and tackle the weaker one, tearing out their throat and fleeing. Though, if cornered, they will fight with everything they have. Using bites, slashes, head-butts, anything to get a chance to end the fight or flee. And they fight very fast.

When they do go on the defensive, their movements are often erratic. There is no documented pattern of attack, but they do seem to know the weaknesses of the human body.

It’s not easy to find, as the large territories they claim are more often than not heavily forested. Plus, with few weaknesses and an innate knowledge of the area it lives, means that at least two Hunter teams are assigned to kill one. One to track it, the other to kill it or reinforce the tracker team. Very rarely is the time that the Tracker Team is completely unharmed.


They can stand up in a fight, but they prefer not to. This gives Huntsmen and Huntresses an opportunity to finish them while they’re running. All they’d have to do is hit it in the back of a joint: the armor there has a gap in it for movement.

They also have a gap between the bone like structure on the head, and the one on the neck. It’s very hard to hit, but gives a very good chance for a decapitation.


Will get back on this, once I implement some.

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