When you conquer your fear, you can conquer everything!
Feral Eon Auburn Raserei
Feral Eon Auburn Raserei
Age 17
Title The Crimson Dragon
Alias FEAR
Nickname Feral
Status Active
Color Auburn
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Pangolin
Born November 6
Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion White
Hair Auburn
Eyes Dark Red
Height 5'8"
Weight 128 lbs
Professional Status
Partner Nixia Corbeau
Personal Status
Relatives Blood Raserei
Additional Info
Emblem Feral256
Character Theme

Here comes FEAR !
Battle Theme

Get Scared
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For the top, Feral wears a black tank top and a black scarf wrapping around his neck down to his waist. His left arm is covered with a sleeve that has a ring located at his biceps that keeps it intact, the bottom end of the sleeve has holes and is formed into a glove wherein he puts his fingers through. On his left shoulder, he has a crimson armor plating that's strapped around his chest. For the bottom he wears black pants with crimson armor platings wrapped in his waist by an orange cloth. The armor goes down to his knees in conjunction with the armored boots tracing down from his kneecaps. The armored boots are covered with black leather. Feral has red hair and auburn eyes. He has piercings above his left eye.


Feral is mostly chaotic neutral however, he tends to have a huge hatred for everything or everyone that shows cowardness because he thinks that it's just a feeble weakness that everyone should have overcomed by now. In Feral's eyes if someone is still afraid of something, it shows that one still hasn't found the strength or the reason to conquer his fear. That is why he thinks so little of these people, and feel like he has no time to waste on people who can't even find a reason to power through their fear. This very nature of him makes him have a selfish and cold vibe around him.

Feral is an arrogant guy that thinks highly of himself and his own skill. He'll even face down death just to prove that he's stronger and is not afraid of anything. Despite his arrogance, he is proven to be a strong hunter with the undying will of a warrior's heart. All this aside, Feral has a bad habit of attracting grimms with his negative aura towards most things which is actually what he wants because he has a thing for killing grimms for the sheer heck of it.


Feral was abandoned when he was a baby, no one knows where he came from. One day, a bloodhound faunus saw him in the woods while hunting, he was well-covered by the leaves of the bushes, the cloth around him was stained with blood. It was as if something happened and he was left in the woods, covered with nature so that he would be safe from harm. After seeing him, the bloodhound faunus took the baby back to his home. He was adopted by the bloodhound faunus' family and raised as their own. He had an older brother which he rivaled with on everything like who eats faster or who can get a better grade in school. They were both trained by their father to hunt as they grow up, that is why they were always equal in terms of their hunting skills. Their skills made it possible for them to attend a school for warriors known as hunters, a very fitting name for their skills. Everything was well, they were living as a perfect family. Until one day his brother became... unpredictable, something happened to him, it wasn't exactly an accident but it was more like intentional. It may have been the stress of what happened to them at every day at school. Feral was shocked and was trembling, then his family called his brother insane. It was a natural response seeing as what he did to himself, everyone thought the same way and so his brother ran away. Feral wanted to say something but his mind was blank, he didn't know what to say to his brother. His mind was only filled with thoughts of regret, regret that he could've done something about it, that he should've known about how his brother was feeling when he was always taking the heat from the discrimination.

Days past by, his mind was embedded with the guild, he went to the forest looking for his brother to bring him back home. But instead of his brother, he found an ursa major. Like back then when his brother left, he was scared and couldn't move. Given the opening, the ursa charged at him, mauling him and tossing him around. He was badly hurt through the brutality that faced him, that's when his father came, he grabbed him and fled. Feral was badly injured and he was mentally injured as well. The thought of his brother being alone in the wild with creatures like that made him worried, that his brother will never come back again. There was hardly enough time to bring Feral to the hospital, he was going to bleed out if Xanthus doesn't do something fast. His father decided to unlock his aura to make Feral have at least a defense for creatures like those. His father also knew that unlocking Feral's potential would make him recover faster from the injuries that he received.

One day, he was convinced. All of the things that happened to him was rushing to his memories as he was being revived by his father. The bullies at school that drove his brother away, the embarrassing defeat that he received just now, the helplessness that he felt when he couldn't do anything to save anyone.

This world isn't a world we can live in at all... the inhabitants are weak, worthless little cowards who aren't taking action to make this world a better place, they even have the guts to pick on someone weaker than them... Just like me, I was weak, I was afraid, I was always relying on others. That's why I never got strong, I was only a burden to everyone. I'll prove to this rotten world that I can be... strong enough to change everything!

A few days after recovering from his incident, Feral can still feel the sting of his defeat. He felt that something was left undone, and that he had to finish it. He snuck out again to the wild without the supervision of his father and brought a shield with him. After entering the woods, he took a deep breath and used his hunting expertise to hunt down any trails of the mid-sized ursa major. He was stealthy, able to avoid any other grimms that were in the vicinity as he searched for his target. A few hours later, he finally saw what he came for. He encountered the exact same ursa major he met back then. He stared it down, he was shaking but his eyes were convinced to surpass this fear of his.

Every man has something they fear.... Cowards are consumed by it... Trapped, never being able to go forward. I'm not one of them! I'll prove that I'm a greater man by overcoming and oppressing my fear!

Feral charged at the ursa, he gives out a powerful warcry in his wake. Of course, given that his only strength for now was his hunting abilities, the battle was gruesome for Feral. He was hurled back by the ursa major, smashing his back into a tree. The fight went on for minutes, Feral was really stubborn and didn't want to back down easily. He used his advantage of speed to outmaneuver the big lump of darkness with every attack it does and whenever an attack pierces through his speed, he'd use his shield to reduce the incoming impact. The battle was fought long and hard... Then as the final blow was about to struck, he blocked the attack with his shield, parried the attack of the grimm. He saw an opening and quickly rolled to the side and got back up on his feet. He knew it himself that he can't kill it yet, he was beginning to lose hope. But then, his father shouted at him for his sorry state. He opened his eyes and saw that his Xanthus was watching over him from afar for quite some time now. Xanthus nodded at him and taught him what he needed to do in order to kill it.

It was quite simple really, given Feral's speed, he was able to move freely in the battlefield, however, his fatal mistake was not having a weapon to actually kill the best. His father threw a sword from afar that hit one of the ursa major's legs, rendering it slower than before. Xanthus smiled, now the hardest trick would be getting the sword from the grimm's leg and finishing it off. Feral knew that his father was only trying to help, however, Xanthus knew that Feral needed to finish this on his own. His father told him to burrow deep when the ursa attacks, then grab the sword stuck in its kneecap. Feral moved in sync with his father's instructions and as soon as the first strike sweep, he ducked down and dodged it. His eyes met with the sword's handle, and he quickly dropped his shield and pulled it out of the grimm's knee. Then, his father shouted to look up to the skies and purge through the dark. Feral looked up and saw the dark hairy beast's chest, it was wide open for an attack. He screamed and thrust the sword upwards, going through the hide, the skin, the flesh, and lastly the heart of the beast, killing it. Feral collapsed with a smile on his face, he was content with what he has done. He can now finally rest after the long fought battle. But deep down, he knew this was only the beginning.

After he was completely healed, he went back to school to hone his new found skills and put them to good use, and Feral was proven to be strong. He wanted to take his brother's place as the weilder of Aeolos and not to repeat what Blood did, he wanted to make the Raserei family proud and not disappoint them especially their father. Later on he graduated and plans to enroll in beacon, for the sole purpose of killing grimms. 


Aeolos is a standard weapon that is used by agile warriors. It is simply a pair of tonfas, yes, but a bladed tonfa at that. Naturally, the handles are at the midpoint whereas the blades are sticking out of the base part of the weapon through both ends. It was the former weapon of Feral's stepfather, Xanthus. However, Aeolos was recently redesigned and upgraded by Xanthus, the original owner, to fit Feral's abilities. It's now wider and thicker than before, almost as if the blades were replaced by moderate-sized guillotines. Although it is larger now and more inefficient to wield, Xanthus, as the owner of the Iron Wings, has made it so that the weapon can compensate for this weakness. In the handle of the bladed tonfas, he installed a button where Feral's thumb should be placed while wielding the weapon. Once this button is triggered, a surge of white dust will flow through the accents of the bladed tonfa, rendering it to have a balanced weight. An additional feature is that the bladed tonfas can now merge into one weapon, into a huge shield. All Feral needs to do is to literally merge Aeolos together. With this feature, he's able to wield a huge defensive shield with blades on its edges, which he can use as a throwing weapon if he wanted.


Feral's semblance is called Feral Bulwark, he's able to make transparent scale-like shields around his body, overlaying his aura. To make it so that he's strong enough to stand still even after getting hit by attacks. He basically places a shield on top of his aura to make him even more durable thus making him receive less impact on the attack. The side effect of his semblance is scales, his body becomes covered in scales not only in his back whenever he uses his semblance. The scales have no additional effects just like his faunus traits, it just acts like a fingernail covering.


  • Hunting skills, Feral is a well trained hunter same as Blood. He is able to track a something by searching clues around the environment. He's very familiar with nature and has an extremely high survival instinct.
  • Stealth, Feral became more stealthy after learning how to hunt with his father. They must be quick, silent, cautious and calm during a hunt, for them to not startle the prey. That's why he developed an impressive agility and stealth.
  • Wall of Fear, he uses a three layered shield to block an attack. Composed of his shield, followed by his semblance then his aura.


  1. A Pangolin is a mammal, it resembles an armadillo.
  2. Scales are his faunus trait, it's located at his back.
  3. Wild dogs are Pangolin's natural predators yet Feral was adopted by one.
  4. Feral wasn't afraid of grimms, he was afraid of not being able to do anything, back when his brother left, when the ursa major almost killed him, not being able to talk back to his parents to protect Blood, not saying anything to his adoptive father when he called Blood a disgrace etc.
  5. Being one of the few who has scales as faunus traits; Feral assumes that he is a dragon faunus.


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