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Fan Fiction:
Feverish Thoughts
Author BurningHype
Fan-made Characters Edwin Chemest

Annastasha Chemest

Description: The orphaned boy with an unkempt soul finds his calling in an area only the naive dare to cross. Trailblazing a path not too known to people around him, he makes it his own.

Feverish Thoughts


"Come on Edwin, today your big debut!" said a familar light voice. The boy turned his head back towards where he was walking.

The day was atleast pretty sunny, the air felt nice and crisp to the boy lugging a case in his hand. The location was a presteen guarded manor sitting on a rather large hill overlooking a town. While he could deal with the weight, it still slowed him down to a point he wasnt too accustomed to. Looking around, the flowers in the garden made the lawn have an interesting mix of aromas. Though, Edwin didn't seem to mind it with the woman he was walking with. The two looked like an odd pair, a rather tall girl and a rather stern male.

"I know you'll do amazing, Edwin! We both trained pretty hard for this moment, huh?", the woman says as she pats his back. Still though, Edwin couldn't shake off the feeling of nervousness. He was about to meet the rest of his family for the first time, as well as decide his future,  and if using the time he had was not wasted. He nods his head towards her, his hair lightly floating with the wind. She was wearing an interesting choice of a dark blue dress to compliment her eyes, which he knew she actually disliked wearing them.

"Yeah, I just need to find my focus."

The two walked to the front entrance, where when they entered, were greeted by a casophony of voices. They were mostly "Hi's and "Hello"s, but Edwin could hear the murmur talk of his presence....

"...that's the rumored boy? He looks more scrawny than expected."

"What's with the case hes carrying? Don't suppose that would be his weapon, he could barely lug it around."

"That hair....I kinda wish I had that blue."

The talk was clearly towards him, but nobody seemed to want to talk to the boy themselves. He was generally regarded as a weird outsider considering his adoption. Still, not liking the ominous background talk, he said something to the woman besides him. "Hey Anna...."

"Hmm?" The girl stops talking to listen to what Edwin wanted to say.

"L-lets just go to where we need to and do this? These people...While I have the same name, they dont feel like family." He mutters. Seeing all the eyes on him actually made him rather uneasy, he felt as though they wanted to pick him apart rather than actually to know him. Still though, the two walked deeper into the establisment, to an extremely large spacious room with what looked to be a home-built arena. A man standing near the door then walked upto the two.

"Are you Madam Annastasha and Sir Edwin?"

"Yes we are." Anna says with a calmed voice. It was an odd thing for Edwin to hear her voice so without emotion. Though, they were in a respectable place, so impressions would mean everything. She gestered a hello, and Edwin then hastily bowed as well in response.

"Very well, the Rite of Passing begins post test. Ready yourself young Prodigy, for you will need it." The man says, walking past them towards the mass of Chemests in the hall. For a random servant bound to this place, he seemed pretty nice though, atleast he spoke to Edwin. Anna then pulled Edwin in close, giving him a rather tight hug. Caught off guard, Edwin couldn't pull himself out and was squeezed. She then lowered her head and whispered something in his ear.

Edwin stood in the room with the case in his hands, as people began to come in, flooding the protected area and looking at the constructed arena. It was definately sturdy enough to withstand blows, but he questioned the stability. Anyway, his attention was drawn by a referee with a microphone.

"Edwin Chemest, the Trailblazing Prodigy. Are you ready to abide by your words those years ago? Or are you going to forget that you had made such a foolish bet?"

Seriously, the amount of disrespect was starting to get to Edwin. It is one thing if he is the primed focus of the people, but being made out to go back on his passion dug deeper. He opened his mouth, and with a sharp voice, said:

"Listen, I'm not a Prodigy! I'm just a person who wants to persue what he wants to!" He says, opening the case to reveal Ballista, the large cannon weapon. Edwin put it over his shoulder, and his face burned with such passion that even he felt the anger brewing inside of him.

"Okay, this is your rite of passive then! You have to defeat these!" The referee said, lowering two caged Boarbotasks into the arena. "For a person with such passions, these should be regularly beaten by hunters. Though, they were teased more to simulate ravage behaviours." He then paused, taking in breath.

"Are you ready?"

"Yes! Lets just get this over with!" replied a moderately annoyed Edwin. Anna in the stands knew that the referee was intentionally trying to throw Edwin off so he would lose, and hoped that he would focus.

"Let the battle, begin!" He says, tugging on a free hanging chain to be pulled up so he could leave the arena.


The cages were opened, and the snarling pigs were let freed. Edwin kept his focus, but seeing as how we was aggravated before this, his normally focused mind was set ablaze by the insults. He knows he is very different, but they didn't have to be such jerks about it.

He held his cannon down to the ground, then rushed at one of the boars. Trying to deliver a swift bash to it, the other one leapt and rammed Edwin, pushing him way off of his intended target and to the side. There, the boar he was aimed at began to spindash, gaining momentum and rocketed off towards the fallen boy. Edwin recovers his posture, only to see the spindashing grimm barreling towards him. He puts up Ballista to block the blunt of the ram, but the impact sent him sliding into the barrier of the wall. He just couldnt catch a break to think about what was going on.

Theyre...working in unison? What is this formation..

He could feel the heat in his palms, the rage of battle as he regained his composure again. One of the Boars then darted straight at him, and Edwin quickly responded with a swift bash to the head, followed by a slam sending one flying. 

"Got one, now wheres the other one?" He says, taking a swift scan of the area. However, he was almost blindsighted from the side by the other one, and sent on a slight slide due to the quick dodge.

How come they arent going down, urgh.

At that moment though, his stance lightened as rage was lightened. The feeling he felt now was alot similar of a feeling hes felt before.....

"Eyaaaah!" roared Edwin with a battle roar, as he was using a weighted wooden sword. He continously lashed at a target, however the resillience of it proved Edwin was not striking in the right places. 

Grr, why isn't it breaking?

Though, in his fit of furious rage, his grip was so tight that he actually indented the hilt of the large wooden sword he made for himself. A voice then called to Edwin, conforting him. A touch on the shoulder turned his head to look at his older half-sister.

"Look Edwin, your stance is too tight. You swing with great strength but, you arent striking where it matters, so youre wasting energy." He was breathing pretty hard, you could tell he was frustrated with how long this was taking for the day, and his hands actually had a few splinters. "Here."

She then led her hands to guide his arms into a proper stance. He was still furious, but he was calmer now. He had control now, and focused dead on the target. It was at that moment that his exhaustion brought out an interesting blue glow from his body, and through that he darted towards the target and in three swings, swiftly smashed the target off of the pole it was made from.

"Yes, that was, actually....perfect...", she says, rather shocked of what she had seen him do. Though, his eyes had a certain fire to them that was cold, as well as his mind which was never at rest. He puts the sword over his shoulder and turns to her with a smile on his face.

"Well, I believe that's enough training for today, right Anna? Lets head back so we could get some more progress on the CFC." He says with a slight hearted chuckle. She nodded with his question, and the two headed back to home. In her mind though, she knew that Edwin definately had the potential to become something great.

Cooling down, Edwin took a deep breath. While the memory was fast, the boars took no time in waiting for him and both dashed in a way that he couldn't dodge. Anna in the stands held her breath, she was actually getting worried since his anger was getting in the way, but as soon as she noticed Edwin's stance changed, she as well remembered that day and then knew exactly what was going on. His stance opened up, and his breath was calm. Seeing the two barreling towards him, he then leaps lightly just to avoid the collision of the two, jumping over them

Its just like that day. My anger...its not a burning fire, but a cool flame. These feverish thoughts of mine.


He landed, his stance now flexible and limber, and his eyes cold and focused. The boars were even more enraged that they had missed their targets and dashed harder at Edwin, one going slightly ahead. Now that he was calmer, he noticed just how brute they were at hitting him, and realized they had very little defence and a larger opening to exploit. He sidesteps the faster boar, making sure not to dodge too far to be out of place, and then held Ballista with both hands.

Heh, had enough time to do that easily!

He then flung it in an upward arc, smacking the other boar in the air. Spinning around due to the momentum, he then aims at the exposed underbelly of the flung Boar with Ballista.

Lets get some heavy damage in there!

The sound of his weapon firing was loud, and the sole sound alone quieted everyone down in the stands. The boar was blasted back into the wall, falling back to the ground. It was lifeless, the internal damage from the blast rendered it roadkill. Though, Edwin had forgotten about the other boar, which was now spindashing back towards him. By the time he noticed, he didnt have enough time to evade.

...crud, not enough reaction time for this one...

Slammed by the second boar, Ballista flew outta Edwin's hands as the spinning boar made a circle and gave him little time to grab his fallen weapon. Though, he had an fail-safe answer to losing his weapon, the clips on his faulds. He grabs a clip and looks at it while he rolls out of the way of another spindash. It was ice, which gave him an interesting idea.

Argh, this isn't what it was meant for. But, if it will save me now...

Coming around for a third time, it darted towards Edwin, but this time Edwin untwisted the top of the lid of the clip, and threw the dust on the path, creating a slippery patch of ice. The boar hadnt seen this coming, and actually went over it, losing control of the path and crashing into the barrier, making a loud smash as the foundation fell down. The Chemest crowd actually began to get scared, the barrier seperating this was down. However, Edwin used this time to grab his Ballista, and jumped into the air.

"Alright, Yaaah!"

Edwin crashed down using all the momentum from the fall and crashed down on the Boar's back, creating a small dent in the ground with the boar to cushion his descent. The boar under him twitched, but then died, crushed by the momentum of the fall. Edwin, rather unphased, then simply retrieved the case and put Ballista back inside of it. His job was done, and with a smile looked at the people who were shocked at the boy's strength. Anna in the stands was particularly looking back at him.

"Yeah, that about covers my time back then." Edwin said to himself, sitting at his desk and chair in his Team Room. He had been writing a little memoir book so he wouldnt forget any critical moment that brought him here. "Then simply afterward.....the Elder Chemest used his prove I could become a hunter as well as do some alchemist work here....." He says, spacing out his words as he continued to write. 

"Ah, there. Thats about finished for the past." He says, closing the book. He hides it under his mattress, as it was more personal to him than anyone else.

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