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Wake up! We're finally going on a mission! Let's show those Grimm what we're made of!
— Flanagan Branson
Flanagan Branson
Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 6.36.03 AM
Age 17
Nickname Flann
Status Active
Color Firebrick
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Right-handed
Hair Burnt orange
Eyes Green
Height 5'9"
Weight 225 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy

Branson Armoury

Team Team FRST
Partner Sienna Demeter
Personal Status
Relatives Morgan Branson
Rudyard Branson
Gilroy Branson
Additional Info
Likes Paleontology(?)


Dislikes Insubordination
Weaknesses Uptight
Flanagan Branson is a Beacon Academy student, outspoken leader of Team FRST, and wielder and creator of the Branson Armoury Excalibur Mark VI.


Flanagan Branson isn't the first in a long line of armourers to attend Beacon, but he is by far the most promising, according to his former teachers at Signal. His family has had some hard times, including the rivalry of Rudyard, his father and Gilroy, Morgan Branson's father over the inheritance of Branson Armoury. His father is currently the top guy due to him being the first born son of Flanagan's grandfather Dunstan. 

When he arrived at Beacon, he was designated the leader of team FRST.

Physical Appearance

Flanagan is the tallest person on Team FRST at 5'9".


If you hear a loud, bellowing voice coming from the opposite end of the dining hall, it is more than likely Flanagan's. He is every inch the headstrong, charasmatic, and sometimes foolhardy leader. Despite being loud-spoken (and obnoxious to some), he is also an excellent strategist who plans down to every detail.

His weapon is his pride and joy, so he is often seen polishing it and tuning it up. He made it himself, as every Branson does, in the Branson Armoury after graduation from Signal. 

In Battle

Branson's imposing figure commands respect on the battlefield. 


The Branson Armoury is one of the most well-known in all of Vale for their expertly made equipment and weaponry, and Flanagan's Excalibur Mark VI is no exception to this. 


Flanagan's semblance is stone.


Flanagan's aura is a firebrick red.


Flanagan is the headstrong, charasmatic, and sometimes foolhardy leader. He is a good team leader, always offering uplifting speeches, but can get carried away, and sometimes ends up talking for a good hour if time allows. Many times his teammates leave him talking to himself if he does this. He is an excellent strategist who plans down to every detail so that his team can execute his plan with precision and efficiency. His weapon, the Excalibur Mark VI, is seen as a terror on the battlefield, and his partner is the down-to-earth Sienna Demeter.


"Okay, Team Fr..Forest! The odds are stacked against but you know what we always do. We beat 'em. We are underdogs and now let's go show them what underdogs do! They win because they have hearts of warriors....[10 minutes later] Here's the brillant plan..." -Flanagan, rallying his teammates when all seems lost.

"Look at us! We are amazingly brillant; not to mention, handsome and beautiful. Forest in the house!" -Flanagan, walking into class, after a victory, looking pretty beat up. 

"RAJ, where is it? Where are my Pumpkin Pete's Marshmellow Flakes? I must have my SUGAR." -Flanagan, waking up to see the cupboards cleared of all sugary cereals and replaced with oatmeal. 

"Oh, this is my Excalibur Mark VI...isn't she a beaut? Oh, the other marks? Oh, we don't like to talk about those, now do we Mark VI?" -Flanagan, telling someone what his weapon is called.


  • The name "Flanagan" is Gaelic. It is derived from the word "flann", which means "red" or "ruddy". The clan's motto is reported to be the Latin phrase "Certavi et Vici" meaning "I have fought and conquered".
  • "Branson" is a modern Irish surname which reportedly meant "sword" in Celtic, among other meanings.
  • His demeanor (among other aspects) is based off of the tale of King Arthur.

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