Everything I stand for today? I do it for my father.
Flavia Albidum
Age 17
Status Active
Color Dandelion
Gender Female
Species Human
Born September 16 (Virgo)
Handedness Left
Hair Brown w/ Grey streak
Eyes Green
Height 5'9"
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Partner Seneka Twarc
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Flavius Albidum (Father)

Beatrice Albidum (Mother)

Maria Bella Albidum (Sister)

Octavian Albidum (Brother)

Julius Albidum (Brother)


Flavia is an imposing young woman, standing at an authoritative 5'9" and boasting muscles like a soldier. She sports a sort of farmer's tan most notably on her shoulders, which are nearly white as compared to the rest of her body. Despite her arguably intimidating appearance, Flavia is often described as having a "baby face", with full eyelashes and a chubby face, much to her chagrin. 

Other than her Beacon uniform, Flavia wears white thigh-high boots with gold accents around the knees. Alongside those she sports a white and gold chestpiece with a decorated cloth piece hanging down the front and matching gold and white vambraces on her forearms and hands. Her weapon generally rests on her lower back in a small loop for easy access in case she needs to battle. Flavia leans toward a more practical, traditional form of armor compared to her team.


Flavia is a militaristic young woman. She has a bleak outlook on life and a very narrow way of thinking, and as such she has a very low sense of self-worth. She is protective of her comrades to a fault and can often come off as being controlling or too needy when in reality she is legitimately worried about the health and safety of her others, especially her team, even to the point of neglecting her own well-being. She's incredibly blunt and believes in harsh critique as a form of self-betterment, which leads people to believe that she's rather snobby.

In short, Flavia is genuinely trying to better the people around her for the real world but often comes off as being snobbish and rude. She sees things in black and white, believing that everything can be sepearted into 'black' (the bad things) and 'white' (the good things). 

Weapons and Abilities

Flavia wields the Chondrite, a golden meteor hammer. When unwielded, she wears it in a small strap-like loop on the back of her armor. When it is in use, she detaches it from the loop and is able to do several things with it. The chains holding the two maceheads together is able to be extended for long range use. It is primarily a bludgeoning weapon and has a few uses.

  • Bludgeoning: In close range, Flavia merely swings one or both of the maceheads around to hit the enemy.
  • Travel: Flavia can hold onto one of the maceheads and throw the other, allowing the chain to extend. When the macehead begins to descend, Flavia retracts the chain and gets brutally pulled to the landing site. She can take the landing and be open for attacks for a few seconds or otherwise use some of her aura to land safely. Traveling this way only works on flat, dry ground.
  • Throwing: Flavia grabs Chondrite by the chain and throws it. This can be used to wrap around someone's leg or to hit several people from a long distance among other things. 

In the same vein, Flavia tends to direct most of her aura offensively. One of her main faults is that she overexerts herself in battle and depletes her aura very quickly as opposed to her teammates and can be incapacitated easily. She's been trying to take it easier but old habits do die hard.


Flavia's narrow view on life stems from a family deeply involved in the military. Flavia's great-grandparents fought in a war long ago, and Flavia's father grew up on their stories of danger and adventure. In turn, he passed down these concepts to Flavia and her siblings. They were raised on those ideas that good and evil were very seperate and there was no gray area between the two. She was instructed in basic weapons training ujntil she could afford Chondrite for herself.

At some point, Flavia's father and older sister were called into duty for the war against the Faunus. Come the end of the battle, neither of them made it home. The tragedy solidified those heroic ideals Flavia was taught when she was young - that she was to be a protector of the weak and be somebody that deserved to be revered. She became extremely protective of her younger brothers and mother and began training even harder, joining Signal and finally Beacon when she turned 17. 

Because of her father and sister's deaths in the Faunus War, she has an extreme aversion to Faunus and will not associate with one of her own volition. 


  • "Flavia" is the feminine form of "Flavius", a Roman name meaning 'yellow, golden'.
  • "Albidum" is derived from 'taraxacum albidum', the species name of a Eurasian dandelion. This name directly references her color.

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