Trust is the foundation of faith.
— Florr Zulleo Greywolf
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Florr Zulleo Greywolf
Age 45
Title Professor of Astrology
Alias Professor of Astrology, Widow of Allan Greywolf
Nickname Blue Flower
Status Alive
Color Cyan
Gender Female
Race Hispanic
Species Human
Born September 23
Handedness Left-Handed
Complexion Light brown
Hair Dark brown
Eyes Brown
Semblance Hypersense
Height 5'
Weight 110 lbs
Professional Status
Social Rank Professor
Affiliation Beacon Acadamy
Occupation Professor, Activist
Personal Status
Relatives Ampere Zulleo (Eldest son)

Nafesn Greywolf (Youngest son) Allan Greywolf (Husband, Deceased) Obsidian Lector (Ex-Husband)

Additional Info
Emblem Florr Zulleo Greywolf Symbol
Likes Celestial bodies, Peace, Intelligent conversation, Her faith
Dislikes Intolerance, Stupid decisions, her ex-husband
Special Skills Wealth of general knowledge, Fast thinking
Weaknesses Low tolerance to pain
Florr Zulleo Greywolf is a Huntress and a teacher of astronomy at Beacon.


She is a fair beauty for a woman of her years. Her skin is a natural tan color, showing her ethnicity. Her hair tied in a ponytail through the use a black scrungee. Her brown eyes are said to shine like stars.

For her combat wear, she is quite formal, wearing a cyan, button-down, long-sleeve blouse with a dark blue vest over top with her emblem, a heart with a crusafix silluete on the right side. She also wears light brown formal pants and black wedged shoes. She keeps Cyan Libra sheeved on the right of her waist when she is not using it.

For sleepwear, she wears a long-sleeved, cyan nightgown that goes down to her ankles and has her emblem stitched to the right.

She also uses a pair of reading glasses.


Raising two boys, she is quite stern, and at times, overprotecting. She is like a mother bear in a sense when it comes to her family. She is also down to Earth, due to her being raised in the slums of Vale. She even has stong devotions to her faith. However, she is quite skeptical and harsh. This is because of her ex-husband's betral and abandonment. She finds it somewhat difficult to trust others without knowing who they are first. She can also be a bit of a workaholic, perfering to keep busy rather than socialize. Despite it all, she still views people as generally good until proven otherwise. She also believes that fauness should be treated as equals, this steming from both her faith and the fact that she was rescued and married to one, Allan Greywolf. She also loves astronomy and dreams of one day seeing Remnant from space. In the classroom, she is enthusiastic and tolerating, yet will be hard on students when she has to. She also shares her son, Ampere's, belief that, although one should be able to defend oneself, there is no need to fight.

Overall, she is a caring mother who has been through a lot, yet is still optimistic about the future.


Her weapon of choice is a sword chain whip (SCW) which she calls Cyan Lybra. Its blade is made of stainless steel and the hilt and arm guard are the color cyan. The hilt also has a hidden chamber for Dust crystals. She uses these both to enhance her weapon's properties and give her a degree of ranged attacts. As a sword, it is lightweight and durable. In this form, she often holds it with two hands for greater control. As a whip, it strikes hard and fast. There are a total of twelve bladed segements on it. In whip mode, she often holds it with one hand for more maneuverability. 

She also has an old-fasion bow, but she rarely uses it prefering close-quarters combat.


Thanks to her time at Beacon and continuous training, she is a profound swordfighter. She is highly skilled in Vui'Ko, a Shahr'Kaii style that focuses on defense an minimalistic movement. This also makes her skilled in projectile deflection. She can even send some of the projectiles back to the shooter. She is also a decent archer, though this skill has deteriorated somewhat do to lack of practice.

However, she cannot take many hits, even with her Aura protecting her. She also does not have a lot of strength.

Fighting Style

Her preferred fighting style is her own variation of Vui'Ko that has faster movements to make up for her lack of strength. This still conserves her energy and gives her time to analyze the weaknesses of her opponent. Once she does, she disables the opponent quickly. When using her weapon in whip form, she uses faster and broader attacks. Her defense has been described as an unyielding brick wall, and she is quick-footed and agile.

Unfortunately, her offense is borderline competent, so any attack she makes opens her defenses, if only for a brief moment. Plus, she is even more vulnerable when using her weapon in whip form since it is a more offensive weapon.


Her Aura is cyan blue in color. Trusting her reaction time, she rarely uses it for defense. Instead, she focuses it on her senses.


Her Semblance is Hypersense. It increases her brain's processing power, allowing it to take on more information. It is best described as time slowing down around her. With everything seeming to move slower, she has more time to react to situations. She has even trained it to the point where she can make incredibly fast dodges. However, if used excessively, it will cause severe muscle fatigue.

Outside of Combat

She is an excellent cook and a great Astronomer. She is also quite the socialist.


Florr Zulleo Greywolf's Stats :

Weapon Attack
Dust Attack
Critical Rate
Movement Speed
Attack Speed
       ~Inspired from Jollyjo


Due to her age and genetics, she wears a pair of reading glasses whenever she is grading papers or, well, reading.

She has at least six different pairs of shoes.


Florr Azul Zulleo was born and raised in the slums of Vale. After her father abandoned her in favor of her older sister, her mother became her sole provider. She taught young Florr to strive for a better life. However, she could be quite harsh about it, often striking Florr if she did poorly on a homework assignment. Despite that, she did care for the child. She even taught her how to use a bow and to cook.

From an early age, Florr loved looking at the night sky. Often she would go out and watch the stars, pretending that she was traveling to them.

One day, when she was nine, on one of her nighttime journeys. Florr came across a lone Beowulf. Instinctually, she tried to hide from it. Unfortunately, the Beowulf found her by sniffing her out. As it was getting ready to attack, her mother stepped in to defend her. With one shot, she killed the beast. Florr learned on that day that the world is dangerous and it is best to be prepared for it.

Within the next five years, Florr honed her abilities with a bow. Eventually, she could fire three arrows at once and hit targets with almost perfect accuracy. By age fourteen, she was recruited to Signal Academy, despite heavy disapproval from her mother. It was there that she saw her first swordfight, and was instantly intrigued by it. Although the bow had great control and range, it was rather limited in close-quarters combat. To her, the sword was the weapon for someone to have a great defense. From that moment on, she learned how to use a sword. She quickly became an expert, and by age sixteen, she forged her first weapon, Cyan Libra. 

After graduating from Signal at age seventeen, Florr felt that she was prepared for what the world throws at her and began going back to her passion, Astronomy. However, as fate would have it, some talent scouts from Beacon Acadamy gave her an invitation to attend that prestigious school. At first, she respectfully declined, reasoning that she wanted to go into the field of Astronomy, and that the only reason she attended Signal was to learn how to defend herself. It was only after they told her that Beacon had a terrific Astronomy department that she accepted their invitation. 

It was at Beacon that Florr met her future husband, Obsidian Lector. She then graduated fifteenth of her class and a year later married Obsidian. 

After they were married, both moved in to a small house in Vale, perfect for two people who were just starting out. Both also vowed never to have children, but once again, fate would tell her otherwise.

At age twenty-six, Florr became pregnant. When Obsidian found out about this and that he was the father, he took her on a camping trip to the Mountains to celebrate. Once settled there, he had her drugged, causing her to fall asleep. She then woke up to find her husband gone. Infuriated, she decided that if she survived, she would go by her maiden name, Zulleo, and that she would track that two-faced son of a Beowulf she called her husband and send him into orbit. Using the stars as a compass, she was able to tell where she was and where she should go to find civilization. She then travel across the Mountain, hunting food and fighting Grimm along the way. However, the traveling became more and more strenuous due to her pregnancy. Eventually, she had to stop altogether and create a semi-permanent campsite. About a month after that, she had Ampere.

A month after that, she continued on her jouney, stopping only at night to rest. Then, a year later, she was rescued by a fauness Huntsman named Allan Greywolf. He took both her and baby Aaron to his home and within a year. Allan and Florr were married. Two years after that, Florr had Nafesn.

Florr went back to Astronomy, finding new stars and planets. She even went back to school and got her teaching certificate. She was very happy in her new life, quickly forgetting to find Obsidian. 

That all changed when Allan joined the White Fang and asked his family to partake in their events. Feeling that it was the right thing to do at the time, Florr agreed, although her voice was not nearly as vocal as her two sons. However, this caused both Ampere and Nafesn to receive a lot of bullying at school. This caused Nafesn to be expelled due to his intolerance to that while she had to Ampere out of school when it became too much. Together, she and Allan trained both Aaron and Nafesn basic combat techniques. She then exclusively trained Ampere, since he shared similar physical attributes with her. She taught him the art of the sword and even how to incorporate some unorthodox methods to his technique. 

Then, when she was forty, the White Fang changed leaders, and she quickly saw how it had changed. Detested by what she saw, she left, but not before seeing her husband, Allan, executed by firing squad. It was the first time he saw Ampere break down and snap. She was the head speaker at Allan's funeral, her heart heavy with sorrow.

Florr then became more guarded and protective of her family. She made sure both Nafesn and Ampere were never alone. She even forced her mother to move in with her, so she could keep her safe. But, even with these precautions, that didn't stop Nafesn from being kidnapped. Horrified, she called the police, but not before Ampere left to go rescue his brother. The police then drove her to an old warehouse, where she found Ampere, with his right arm missing, and Nafesn, She was about to scold Ampere for leaving the house unprepared, but after seeing his stub of an arm and how exhausted and broken he was, she felt that he had suffered enough.

When he was felling better, Florr asked Ampere who took Nafesn. He spat out that it was his father, Obsidian. Upon hearing this, she cut a vase in half in rage. All of the hurt of betrayal surfaced back up like an wound being re-opened. After hearing that he was arrested, she hoped bitterly that he rotted in jail for the rest of his natural life.

Then, at age forty-five, she was approached by Professor Ozpin and asked to temporarily fill the position as Professor of Astronomy at Beacon. She accepted. About three weeks later, she heard that her boys would be attending to Beacon. 


  • Her first name, 'Florr' is Spanish for flower, which can be in a variety of colors.
  • Some of her aspects are based on my mother.
  • She is an allusion to Obi-Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.
  • 'Lybra' is one the Zodiac constellations. It means 'Scales'.
  • Her weapon is based on that of Ivy Valentine from the Soul Caliber series.
  • Her middle name is Azul. When translated with her first name, it says 'Blue Flower.'
  • Her sword fighting style is based on that of Obi Wan Kenobi from Star Wars.
  • Her Semblance has nothing to do with time control.
  • She often uses her Semblance when showing her class her huntress skill. She throws three apples in the air and cuts them in half with Cyan Libra while they are still falling.


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