Fomu Nashi
Ooze Grimm 1
Classification Slime Mold
Ranking D- (If knowledgeable of species & in small groups)

A- (Nest of them)

Abilities -Forms tentacles to grab limbs/weaponry

-Absorbs physical damage, and people

Strength Adhesive body


Weakness Excessive Heat

Fomu Nashi are Grimm based on Slime molds.


The Fomu Nashi are essentially large masses of black slime. They feel like cold sludge upon touching one, and are very sticky so it's best not to grab hold of one. As like most Grimm, it has a white mask with red markings on it, noting its face; however it's just as slimy as the rest of its body.


Compared to most Grimm, they can be more docile upon encountering them. Fomu Nashi won't attack you unless you make the first move, or make them feel threatened.

They are normally spotted in small groups of 3. If you spot more in your area, then there's most likely a nest nearby; if the lot of them aren't taken care of, the Fomu Nashi will keep spawning and soon enough can clear out a whole town of frightened civillians.

As they continue to live they will gain more mass, so you can tell a Fomu Nashi's strength by how large it is.


Fomu Nashi like places that can be described in words such as humid or wet. The sewers below city streets, swamps across the continent, anywhere that can be considered dark and dirty.

Because the Grimm is essentially a liquid, it can slip through pipelines quite easily. Sometimes Fomu Nashi will travel through pipes and end up in a person's house, causing a panic among the residents in the area.


As a creature with no arms or legs, you might ask yourself, "How could this thing could be dangerous?" Well for starters, if you get caught in it's grasp, you might never escape with your live; a Fomu Nashi's body is like a strong adhesive. If a living creature were to get absorbed inside its body, they would most likely suffocate after 3 minutes and be left unconscious (they won't die right away, that would probably take 20 minutes at least).

It's best advised not to attack one head on with a normal weapon. If your weapon comes in contact with its body, it will simply get stuck, and absorbed into it gradually; the same thing applies for anything that touches it really. If you manage to split it apart, it won't do any good. As a living adhesive, it can pretty much re-attach itself, but luckily is not able to multipy through mitosis (cell splitting to become 2 living cells).

They can also manipulate their bodies to create tentacles that can grab you from short distances. These things are more smart than they are wild, so they will try to grab anything on you they see as a threat; weapons being a prime example of this. They can also glide easily on water, due to having a lower density.


If you come across a Fomu Nashi, the best method of attack is from a distance. Not all types of ammunition or Dust types will affect it enough to kill one however.

If you want to slay these creatures, you'll need to use Fire Dust. The key is to dry out their bodies to null their adhesive abilities; and once they've lost the ability to move at all, you can deliver the final blow, causing them to decay and turn into smoke.


  • The name Fomu Nashi means "without form" in Japanese (idea came from Mifuni down below in the comments).
  •  You may have seen enough hentai to know what his tentacles would be used for.
  • When I drew him I was trying to go for a ghost Grimm, but he got more blob-like in appearance, so he's now a slime creature.
    • Fomu Nashi can be compared to Slime or Blob Monsters found in most forms of media (RPG's, Comics, Anime, etc.). 
  • Slime mold is an informal name for several cellular organisms, and the name itself refers to part of one's life cycles to appear as gelatinous slime.
  • Unintentionally, it can remind you of Arakune from Blazblue.
    • You can also think of No Face from Spirited Away.

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