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Forest Ranger is a person entrusted with protecting and preserving parklands, and at the same time enforce the law in nearby town. They are located in town close to forests.


Forest Rangers are ensured to protect the forest and the resident animals within the forest, while making sure that no one wanders too deep in the forest - especially inside Grimm habitat. Another duties of Forest Rangers are to make sure nothing illegal are to cross the border between kingdoms.


Common Equipments:

  • Uniform (Depend on the enviroment/body type).
  • Badge.
  • Transportable First aid kit.
  • Basic tool for traveling in forests.
  • Scroll.

Other Equipments:

  • Personal weapon for self defense against Grimm.
  • Personal transportation.


To apply to become a Forest Ranger, one must graduated either High School or Combat School with at least a 60/100 on every subjects, before go through a 2 months course on the local Police-Forest Ranger's school, followed by a 6 months field training.

Future Forest Rangers will be given a task to test their ability at the end of the field training.


List of characters who are Forest Rangers. Please contact the owner of the page if you wish to put your character in the list.

  • Name - Status (Active/Inactive/Retired/Deceased/Transferred(Insert Location))
  • MacKenzie Wayne Cherry - Transferred (Beacon Academy)
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