Fredrick's Symbol

Fredrick Alderman is a graduate from Signal with a very unique situation. He is older than most of his peers and he has a mechanical arm.

A Checkered Past and a Second Chance

Fredrick Alderman has experienced much in his short life. He was raised in multiple foster homes and as a result he developed a rebellious disposition. In his early teens he ran away, falling in with some very unsavory types. To prove his grit he accepted a challenge to enter the wilderness and kill a Grimm. Armed with nothing but an old pistol he cobbled together from spare parts he sets out and attacks the first Grimm he sees. He succeeds in killing his target but doesn't notice as another monster sneaks up on him. He loses his left eye and his right arm as he is mauled by the beast and would have died if not for a patrolling Huntsman. His injuries sent him to the hospital where he was abandoned by his so called comrades. He spends months in a deep depression until one day a doctor comes to him and tells him of a new technology that may allow him to regain a normal life. He agreed to undergo the experimental procedure that would replace his lost limb with a mechanical one. Against all odds he survived and inspired by this second chance he not only rebuilt his life but decided to become a Huntsman. He spent a few years in rehabilitation then entered Signal Academy. To keep up with the harsh training of a warrior he began to improve his mechanical arm and achieved such success with his alterations that he became something of an unofficial authority on the newly emerging technology.


Fredrick has always been large and unusually tough, his training just compounded his natural strength. He is toned and more flexible that most people his size but by his own admission still has a long way to go. The Grimm attack has left deep scars down the left side of his face but otherwise he has fairly handsome features.

Race: Human

Age: 19

Eye Color: Sky blue

Hair Color: Dark Chestnut (Spiked and held back by a black bandana)

Skin Tone: Tan

Height: 7 feet 2 inches

Outfit: Grey sleeveless shirt under a brown sleeveless trench coat. Cream colored cargo pants and heavy steel toed boots. Black bandana and eye patch.

Personality and other traits:

Fredrick was once a wild ruffian who cared little for anything but himself. After his near death experience he began to change. Now he is normaly friendly and boisterous, treating each day like it's his last. Despite this shift in temperment he tends to slip back into old habits when he's fighting. He used to smoke but has since replaced the habit with chewing gum, and can usually be seen blowing bubbles while he walks from place to place or works on some project. Since he is one of the first subjects to be fitted with this technology he needs to constantly maintain and fine tune his arm's mechanism. Otherwise it stops functioning properly and may even cause him extreme pain or discomfort.

Fighting Style/Weapon

He fights using a brutal and rudimentary hand to hand style in combination with his mechanical arm the Titan. Over the span of many years he has constructed several different models all of which can be switched out with one another at his workbench.

Titan Models

  1. Gaea: His default arm of choice the Gaea model is heavily armored and powerful. The forearm acts as a shield and has a large piston built into it. When activated the piston extends backward then shoots forward. This causes a pulse of devastating force to be delivered in one massive blow.
  2. Hyperion: An arm designed specifically for long range combat, it features a rotating minigun that fires Dust augmented bullets.
  3. Oceanus: An arm for use in aquatic environments. It has high velocity water jets and can be outfitted with small torpedoes.

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