I have no sympathy for those who do not stand up for themselves. Then again, I will not stand by and let things happen.
— Fridolf
Can't we just all talk about this? No need for violence.
— Fridolf
Fridolf Farran
Age 17
Title The Wolf
Status Active
Color Grey
Gender Male
Species Human
Born Dec 30th
Handedness Right
Complexion Tan
Hair Black
Eyes Gold
Height 5'11"
Weight 165 Ibs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon academy
Team FALL (Leader)
Occupation Hunter in training
Job Types Diplomacy, Hunting
Additional Info
Emblem Fridolf Farran Symbol
Likes Peace, quite, people, nature, lore, Fanus, family, teamwork
Dislikes Conflict, Loud noise, Cold, Being hungry, losing control of his emotions
Special Skills Diplomacy, hunting, Acute hearing and Smell
Weaknesses Emotionally detached at times, Goes almost feral when angry


Fridolf is a tall, stocky, and muscled. With short, wirey black hair and a stubble on his face that never seems to go away no matter how many times he shaves it. His golden eyes rather than piercing, have a soothing effect. 

Constantly wears a fur-lined sweatshirt with the hood up. If one were to look closely, you would see the fur actually comes from wolves. In addition to a sweatshirt, he wears other cold weather clothing. He wears a necklace which varying trinkets and pieces of white bone.

For Armor, Fridolf has constructed a set of leather and renforced bone armor. It sacrifices protection for mobility, so he's carful not to get hit.


Fridolf is a calm and patient individual. Polite to a fault. It takes much to get a reaction from him, leaving most people to believe he is somewhat emotionless. Fridolf tries very hard not to get angry as when he does, he goes almost feral, and it takes a long time for him to calm down. While he may appear to be the model citizen, he does have a mischevious side, carefully planning pranks or watching others fail in amusment before helping them.

Weapons and Abilities

Fridolf carries a keepsake from his old life. a Collapseable Spear/Bow which he re-named Hunter's Pride. 

In it's inactive mode, Hunter's Pride just looks like a Spear mode out of pure white bone. Fridolf show great skill with this, as with it's other form.

When Fridolf twists the center, the joints bend and a string of sinew snaps taught. Fridolf Prefers to use his bow more than the spear even though he uses the spear more often than the bow.

The Arrows he carries are suprisingly, not all made out of bone. He carries two types of arrows, Bone arrows, and Ice Dust-tipped normal arrows. He carries a large carved bone knife as a back-up.


As a child, Fridolf's family lived on the outskirts of civilization. His Father was a hunter, both Professionally and literally, often carrying killed food back home or into the city to sell as well. His mother was caring and was a former huntress as well.

Those are the few memories that Fridolf has of his old family.

When there was a report of a Grimm attack on the edge of town, a team of Hunters were sent out to investigate. What they found were the ruins of the Fridolf's home and the corpses of all the Grimm, and Fridolf's parents. Fridolf was found over a dead beowolf, stabbing it repeatedly in the chest with his father's spear.

The now orphened Fridolf was tramatized and eventually repressed the memories of that eventful day. He grew withdrawn and introverted.

It was to everyone's surprise when a Faunus of all people, adopted him along with several other kids. This was an attempt made by a small group of faunus that had left the White Fang due to it's increalingly violent methods. They planned to help raise the next generation unbiased by racism.

Fridolf slowly came out of his shell over the years, finding interest in nature and hunting, and eventually he went to combat school before goin off to Beacon.


  • 'Fridolf' Means 'peaceful wolf' in old english
  • 'Farran' is derived of the old french word 'ferrant' which means 'iron grey'

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