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Fuchsia's normal appearance.

Fuchsia is a RWBY fan oc that was first created August 9th 2013 on Emi-art-mwhaha's tumblr blog.


Fuchsia is a tan girl with golden eyes and brown hair. She is covered in freckles, and has a good amount of scars from fighting.  She is about 5'6, and weighs 138 pounds. 

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Fuchsia's outfit without her jacket and weapons.


Fuchsia is normally very calm, but loves fighting.  She isn't very smart due to her homeschooling, but she is very capable in a fight. Since she never went to a school before Beacon, she isnt' very good with making friends. She sticks with the people she knows mainly.

Background information:

Fuchsia was homeschooled in the ways of fighting, and Beacon will be her first school she's ever gone to. Her best friend Benoit Burgundy went to a local school, and learned that way. 

Weapon Info:

Her weapon is called ????? and changes into a weapon when tapped. One tap will change it into an armor-like blade that moves down her arm. She has to manually tie the blade on her arm, which is why she has thin ropes wrapped around her elbows under the weapon. When tapped two times it changes into a sheild, and again the thin ropes help her hold onto it. She found this weapon, and doesn't know who it's rightful owner is, but is not willing to return it if the owner discovers her using it. 


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Benoit Burgundy.

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Graham Grun.

Benoit Burgundy- Her childhood friend. Fuchsia is extremely comfortable around him, and tries as hard as she can to be on a team with him when she enters the forest. Even though she didn't crash into her friend first in the forest, she sill ended up on a team with him. He isn't a very strong fighter, but is a good teammate, and helps Fuchsia a lot when she isn't paying attention to what she needs to.
  • Graham Grun- Her first partner in the forest. He is arrogant and loud, but Fuchsia is able to get along with him most of the time. He abandons Fuchsia in the forest soon after meeting her to find 'more suitable' partners. When Fuchsia sees him again she yells at him, and he agrees to let her on his team.


  • Her design has been changed three times, and may be changed again. 
  • Her original weapon was a pair of nunchuks. 
  • Fuchsia is based on the color, not a fairy tale like most RWBY characters. 
  • Her weapon is loosely based off of Yang's when not activated.

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