Sadly, no one knows about who he was, or is now.
— Unknown
Age 17
Status Active
Gender Male
Handedness Right-Handed
Complexion Tan
Hair Unknown (Presumably Black)
Eyes Hazel
Height 5'8"
Weight 154 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Partner Unknown
Occupation Unknown


Fukage is a young man, with a lean and fit build with average height for his age. Fukage sports a ninja mask that has a gray metal top, and a gray metal strip just at his mouth. His eyes are hazel, and there is one prominent scar just over his left eye. He sports a black outfit, with gray outlines. His shoulder plates resemble something of a Japanese Samurai, along with his mask. Some sort of V forms over his chest, the V being metal and a collar surrounding his neck. He a sheathe on his back that holds his blade. 


Naturally Fukage is very observant of things, he is surprisingly mature for his age. He is quite exceptional at predicting a person's actions by their personality. If one were to engage in a conversation with Fukage, he would speak in a calm and mature tone. Mostly giving answers that are relevant to the current subject. Fukage generally is found mysterious by most, since he remains silent until spoken to. He seems to be overprotective about hiding his true identity, for if someone were to attempt to grab his mask; Fukage would retaliate depending on how the perpetrator is grabbing his mask. 

Over the years, Fukage has learned to conceal his emotions to the point of where it's nearly impossible to spot any emotion within him. Some say that he is just a "machine" that follows orders with out question.


Fukage never openly speaks about his mysterious past. Despite that, nearly a handful of people knew who he was before going by the alias of "Fukage". He is well aware of who they are, and he trusts them with his identity since most of them are close friends with him.

Pieces of his Past

Fukage's past is only known in pieces to the handful of people that are aware of who he was. He figured that it would be a lot more clever to set it up as a puzzle, to prevent anyone from piecing it together. On most cases, not a single person has successfully pieced the "puzzle" together. 

Approximately 3 years ago Fukage lived a normal life, known to most as an abnoxious, humor loving, and cheerful person. Within that time period, something happened to Fukage's family which shaped him into the complete opposite of who he was. He grew cold, silent, and noncaring while choosing to go by his current alias. His current weapon, the "Void Ripper" was obtained prior to the event that occured 1-3 years ago.  

His Former Self

Fukage's real name is John Mendez, he was born in any typical Asian family as an only child. His parents weren't very supportive about his choice to attend combat school, regardless of this he still attended his current combat school. John was known to be extremely social, and caring when it comes to his peers.  In his old combat school, John mostly focused on his Close to Mid Range combat ability. Never considering about strengthening his long range combat. His preferred type of weapon would be a one sided blade, specifically a Katana. On occassion he would use a Kusarigama incase he would get disarmed. 

The Rise of Fukage

At the age of 14 John's parents died due to an airship crash located near the Commercial District in Vale. Once he was informed about this, John grew extremely depressed and swore to never show his face to any one, along with no one ever finding about his past identity. From there on out, he would go by the name of "Fukage" which meant Wind Shadow in Japanese. 6 months after his 15th birthday, Fukage obtained his current weapon nicknamed the "Void Ripper" from an expert weapon crafter that lived within the Agricultural district. He did exceptional at his past combat school, which earned him his ticket into Beacon.

Abilities & Skills

Fukage is highly skilled in finding flaws within his opponents, and his first action is to use it against them. He is also knowledgable about weak spots within certain species such as Grimm, or Humans.


Fukage mostly focuses around close-mid range combat. He is most compromised in long range, since he doesn't carry any long range weapons. Fukage is a jack of all trades, being agile, hard hitting, and with reasonable defense. 

Katana clipped rev 1

The "Void Ripper"

His choice of weapon is nicknamed the "Void Ripper"  when it actually uses a dust infused blade, the blade itself has a dust cartridge within the handle. Even with out the dust, his blade is still extremely sharp, and will prove to be quite the weapon.  He normally keeps the "Void Ripper" on his back, where it remains in the sheathe. 

Proficient in Martial Arts he's difficult to fight if one were to ever disarm him. Which tends to happen on occasion, the "Void Ripper" fires the used up dust from the cartridge which ends up flying out of Fukage's grip. He plans on fixing this error sooner or later. When it comes to long range combat, he is terrible at it. Not only because he doesn't have a long range weapon, it's because he isn't neccesarily familiar with weapons within that category.


  • Fukage is "Windshadow" in Japanese.
  • Mainly because the user couldn't come up with a symbol, he pulled one up from google images.  Credit to: Whoever goes by "Lady Darkness"
Fukage's Symbol

Fukage's Symbol

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