"I am FULLY AWARE of what I'm doing, don't you dare judge me!"

Gaea Buckwheat
Age 17
Status Active
Color Ekru
Gender Female
Species Human
Born Vacuo
Handedness Right
Complexion White
Hair Light Blonde
Eyes Pink
Height 5'8
Weight 112 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon
Partner Terrel Couronne
Occupation Shooter
Additional Info
Weaknesses Cute puppy eyed girls, Sexy butts and boobs
Character Theme

The Beginning - Against the Current
 Gaea Buckwheat is a member of team DGTL. She is mostly inspired by Billie the kid. Her main weapon is a grappling hook/assault rifle.


Gaea's attire aims to show her well developed body, mostly for own satisfaction. She wears a sleeveless white shirt that's folded to show her waist. She wears khaki pants with a checkered balck and white sash and brown leather cowboy boots. She also wears on her arms black and brown gloves.

Part of her hair, on the left side is pushed back. Mainly her appearance true purpose for her to get notice one way or the other.

Gaea Buckwheat V2


She is very easy going, from the point where nothing else really matters except for her. Despite this personality she is actually pretty smart, but not many notices that and she makes it her advantage. Everything she does she wants it done the easy way, as long as it get the job done she is content and will move on with something else.

Socially, she pretty much would like a straight to the point conversation rather than a long one. She will groan in the most rude way even right in front of the person she is speaking to. She also judge people by appearance first, and make rude comment relating on it to laugh for herself. Nicknames are also part of her personality, although she always changes it because she always forget what she called them the last time.

To people she like, which is mostly attractive girls, she will invent a nickname for from the top of her head. Most of this are not clever though, in fact some of the are even ridiculous. And sometimes during talks she would try to sneak a few flirty lines in her sentences midway.

Her rude behaviour is actually a defense so that people won't see what she truly is. She is actually sensitive at anything that's about her. For example, if you stare at her for too long she will get close to you and flirt with you of how you fancy her if you're a girl, or back off a step with a disgusted face staring you and make insults at you for being a creep if you're a guy. The real reason for her action is actually for you to be intimidated, humiliated or either turned off by her to stop staring at her for too long.

She looses her composure uncontrollably if she made any physical contact with any guy outside her family and starts to rant on anything to the guy to make him uncomfortable, usually insults and false accusations to make the guy stay away from her.

Even with her discomfort toward guys, she is fully aware that not all guys are bad and perverted.

Romantically, she can fall in love with any gender, though it will be harder for her to fall in love with a guy compared to a girl.

Gaea emblem v2

Back Story

Back when she was 14, Gaea used to be such a nice girl who lived in Vacuo. She treated anyone she meet with smiles and helped anyone in trouble. She was popular, and every guy wanted her. But Gaea always turned them down because she wasn't interested and a little oblivious when it comes to love. And even-though she turned down every guy who proposed to her, there is this one guy who still persisted. She ignored that guy either way though.

When Gaea was 15, she started practicing shooting with her new gun that was given to her by her uncle. She was so ambitious to be the best female sharpshooter that she practice every weekend non stop to enhance her aiming. She has gotten so good at it that she even started hunting Grimms on how many she can kill before she got tired. Her recent record is twenty, and she records it by leaving a mark at her gun. But then again, the same guy who persisted her still propose to her every time. Gaea is now getting tired of it, and instead of ignoring him she decided to yell in rage about how much she hates the guy. Predictably the guy still keeps on insisting. There was even one time she fired warning shots almost near the guys head.

Then one night after hunting for Grimms still twenty kills in her record, Gaea got lost in the woods. She wandered around for a bit, but after that she decided to take a break. Just as she was about to take a break, someone tackle her to the ground and grabbed both her arms. It was that same guy. But this doesn't want to propose anymore, as this guy was already starting to smell her and then licking at her neck.

Gaea quickly kicked the guy in the groin and ran immediately. She knows that she is too tired to be able fight back since she used her energy back then when she was hunting Grimm. But fatigue caught to her and she tripped. Gaea could here the sound of leaves ruffling, Gaea got really scared of what's gonna happen to her when that guy comes.

Out fo instinct she fired her gun, and suddenly the guy trips over next to her. Gaea quickly gets distance as the guy screams in agony. It look like the bullet hit the guys leg. Gaea felt a little sorry for the guy and decided to help him. But as she was to give her hand, the guy quickly grabs it firmly and started making threats in front of her face. Threats like reporting this to the police, killing her parents, and making her his slave. Gaea was so frightened that this guy could obviously do it. And regretfully so there is only one thing she would do.

She grabbed her gun, aimed his head, and fired. Gaea killed him and left him for the Grimm. After that terrible ordeal she manage to return home. As she was scolded by her parents on where she was she was silent that whole night. As she lay in bed she quietly cried and started shaking. This made her to never trust boys ever again and never be nice to anyone ever again, since to her, everyone is just out for themselves.

When she was 16, she moved from Vacuo to Vale with her uncle. Reason for this is because Gaea told her uncle about that dreadful night and wanted to get away from it. Her uncle is the only person who knows about this since Gaea doesn't want her parents to worry about her and if things get worse, link in a crime that only she did. Her uncle knows this and decided to keep it as a secret to Gaea's family, as he sees Gaea as a daughter he never had.

To Gaea's surprise, her uncle told her he is engaged to a huntress. So her uncle set her up with the huntress to teach her the basics of becoming huntress, enough for her be recommended in an academy of would be hunters since Gaea is actually two years late in combat school. This huntress even told Gaea to modify the weapon given by her uncle to add at least something for close range combat since it's required for her, because she won't always be firing in long range if the enemy is close to her face.


Diana Fritillary - Her leader. At first, Gaea hates her for being to strict with authority. But now, Gaea has fallen head over heels with her. She tries to flirt with her, but Diana seems too focus on being with Leila's good side that she gave up on it the moment she found out.

Terrel Couronne  - One of Gaea's teammate. The strength powerhouse of the team. She hates everything about him. And for her, the only thing that would make her like him is if he was a girl. It irritates her that despite her constant bullying to him, Terrel always ends up with a comeback or make her look like the bad guy.

Leila Souris - One of Gaea's teammate. Gaea tries to hang out with as frequently as she could, just so she might open up to her. But she is too focus on Diana's antics, and constantly is observing her. Despite that Gaea thinks she is a very loyal companion to have

Time Skip


Gaea changed her hairstyle to a much more girlish look as she just had a huge weight from her shoulders lifted. She acts like her true self again as a proper lady and has a strong relationship with Terrel.


Gaea is a long ranged fighter, she uses guns as her primary weapon. Her weapon is a custom made assault rifle with an attach grappling hook knife that can be used as a rope.

Gaea, also sometimes uses dust on her bullets to find a quick way to turn the tables around. Only problem is, she is limited in using this kind of special bullets. It takes longer to make them and cost more money to buy the dust.

Primarily, Gaea is a pro when it comes to shooting and aiming, but should the inevitable occur that bullets would be useless in her fight, then she would have to use her brains and start fighting. During in melee combat, Gaea uses dirty fighting in dealing her opponent. She usually dodge roll incoming attacks, but if there is no time to evade it she uses her gun to block the incoming attack.

Another thing to note about her melee fighting style is that she would use her gun to a melee. When she does this, she uses the recoil of her gun. She would use this to hit her opponent with her gun facing the opposite direction hitting them with the back of the gun. The impact when hit is just as powerful as a giant hammer.

She can also stab her enemies with her retractable knife at the bottom of her gun, both can be used as a weapon and a grappling hook. The knife can be fired and pulled back since the rope is attach at the back. Gaea can also twirl the knife around like on a rodeo.

She does a hit and run strategy where she would hit her opponent first then run in a distance and use her grappling hook of her gun for her advantage. She could either use her grapling hook to hang them, choke them, immobalize them, and/or bind them.

She is fond of dirty fighting, she would use any means for her to achieve victory in fighting, and she will not care if after that she will be labeled as the bad guy.

Semblance: Light (Invisibility)

Gaea's semblance is manipulate light to pass through objects including herself to make them invisible. As someone who specializes in long range combat, this is extremely useful to her to get away to a more vantage point.

She can fire her gun when invisible and can move around as well. Only downside is that she can't sprint while invisible. She will also reappear if she gets hit.


"I demand that you *insert demand here* or I'll slit your manbags!" - applies for any male.

"HUrRlgh......that is the most ugliest face I have ever seen......don't talk to me, shoo!" - applies for any male and ugly people.

"You stupid, dog humping, ugly, uninterseting, flee infested, smelly, poopy, good for nothing, perverted, creepy, unloving, pile of DUNG!" - applies for any male.

"Oh my god, he's dead, *insert girl name here* is single! Woohoo!" - applies when boyfriend of girl is dead.

"Hey, do you like fun? I like fun. Have fun with me~" - applies for any female.


- Her name Gaea comes from the godess Gaia, creator and giver of birth to earth. And her surname Buckwheat is from buckwheat, a plant cultivated for it's grain like seeds. - Gaea's emblem, if you look closely, the slashes are XXI. Roman numeral for 21, the number are from the tale that Billy the kid has killed.


- Everything was drawn by me.

Gallery (Updated)

Gallery (Old Gaea Buckwheat Design)

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