Quite classy fellow.

Gala is the Head of the Nine Dragon Heads, and is considered the 5th strongest Dragon.


For a Mafia Boss, Gala is suprisingly carefree. He doesn't take his job too seriously, and he holds many games, and tournaments for the pleasure of his clients. Such games include "Grimm Fights", "Faunus Racing","Which Faunus can eat the most Dust crystals", and everyone's favorite, "Midget Jousting". His entire life focuses on personal pleasure, sometimes causing him to put Mafia matters aside. This is the cause of the poison laced clothing. He doesn't do much fighting himself, as the pain, from the beatings his adversaries would more than likely give him, is not on his pleasure seeking agenda. He doesn't hate any one group, including Faunus, he just finds it fun to make them do silly things. Similar to watching a dog chase its own tail.


Gala always dresses for the occasion. He hires his best tailors, all of his "loyal" servants. He has all of the finest clothing, imported from the four corners of Vale. Unfortunately for him, half of the time the clothing is laced in dangerous chemicals, causing his "clothing testers" many deaths. He usually wears black and yellow clothing. Carrying his dust crystal embedded staff, as well as his monacle, to up the class. Whether or not it is a formal event determines if he wears his "Certified Mafia Boss" wizard hat.

Weapons and Semblance

Gala's weapon is a 4 foot long staff, named Beast Tamer. He usually hits ill mannered fauni with it. The yellow orb in the middle contains thunder dust. He shoots yellow lasers, with 10 Megajoules of concussive force out of the tip. He also utilizes it to create force fields, that are about 5 feet in diameter, though, this ability drains his aura drastically.

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