"I pay the price of greed and gluttony every day."

-Gale Goodwitch

(WORK IN PROGRESS) Gale is the son of Glynda Goodwitch and a student at Beacon Academy. He is considered one of the best fighters but one of the most rebellious students, as one might expect from the son of a strict woman like Glynda.

Gale's character is an adaptation of the story of King Midas, a greedy king who was given the power to turn everything he touched to gold, but at the cost of being able to eat food as well as the life of his wife.


Gale stands at an even 6'0", making him tall for a boy of 17. He has the same blonde hair as his mother - though straighter and messier than her neat curls - but instead of inheriting her emerald green eyes, he has strikingly vibrant purple eyes. His outfit consists of a dark purple dress shirt, untucked, with the sleeves pushed up and the top three buttons undone, black jeans, white sneakers, and a white strap that wraps over his left shoulder and connects to his white belt at his hip. On his back there is a white dual-sheath which holds his twin cutlasses, and on his right hip is a white pouch with a small bundle of violet dust crystals inside.


Gale is a man with many layers. On the outside, he is a brutal fighter with a short temper, lacking in social skills as well as having a knack for disobedience. In a layer underneath, he is a good friend with a roasting sense of humor who laughs easily. Under that layer is a layer of deep emotions, love, compassion, romanticism. And finally, at his very core, something rarely witnessed, is a loneliness. An abyss of sorrow, with a small hand reaching out for help, for escape and freedom, and grasping at nothingness.

It's also filled with regret. Every day he privately hates himself for his crimes of greed and gluttony, and he physically suffers the consequence every second since. It's a power to be reckoned with, but it's too much for him to take, and he doesn't want it anymore. He has grown to redirect most of this anguish through fighting and rebellion, as a way to stay sane. Once in awhile, he'll be in a good enough mood to crack a joke that perhaps a few people would laugh at but he, himself, would find hysterical.

Gale has a small variety of interests and hobbies. He usually partakes in them whn he ditches class or sneaks out. To get his fix of gluttony that doesn't involve his already damaged aura, he attends various clubs and bars, seduce women only to leave at the last minute, pick random fights, and drink fruity alcoholic beverages. He enjoys parkour, a healthy way to burn off some excess aura. And he likes to draw and paint. He carries a notpad around that's filled with drawings of people he liked or found interesting. No one has ever seen his paintings, but it's rumored that people he has a crush on or is very close to are the one's who get painted.


Weapons and Abilities

Aurora Interfector

Gale's weapon of choice. It consists of a pair of golden cutlasses that can fire small aura beams or dust from their hilts. They can merge together to form a handheld railgun that fires a single powerful beam of aura or dust per shot. Dust shots are more powerful so they have a significantly higher kickback.

Railgun: This fully-activated gun mode is a deadly high-velocity firearm that can kill large monsters in a single hit if aimed right. It has a noticeable kickback, which is even more noticeable when firing dust.


Gale's aura is electricity-based and glows violet in its physical manifestation. His inability to fully control his aura output leaves him usually unable to have physical contact with other living things. While this did not seclude him from other people, it did make him slightly antisocial.

Due to his condition, Gale has an alarmingly high amount of aura. He generates aura rapidly, more than he could deplete through everyday activities, so he found a way to release the aura through his weapon. Without regularly releasing aura, he could have a meltdown and destroy a large area, potentially seriously injuring anyone nearby or even himself.

Ammunition: The most efficient way for Gale to deplete excess aura is by firing concetrated beams of it through his weapons. This makes his weapon/aura-based attacks stronger than others.

Overload: Gale can channel his aura into another creature to cause massive physical damage in the same way it would cause him if he were to have a meltdown.


Glynda Goodwitch

Gale is Glynda's son, yet far frm being a poster child for following the rules and etiquette that his mother adheres to. She tries to blame his rebellion on his condition, and always seems to exempt him from punishment, which can cause others to resent him. This kind of conflict leads to many arguments between mother and son and resulted in a strained relationship between the two.

Weiss Schnee

Gale has shown little interest in Weiss, romantically or otherwise, with the exception of provoking her for fun. She once rambled off a list of negative adjectives to describe him, but the other girls claimed she was "secretly into that whole 'bad boy' thing."


  • Gale is ambidextrous, but he is predominantly left-handed. Another sign of rebellion.
  • Midas' golden touch is equivalent to Gale's excessive aura. It is a gift that turned into a curse.
  • Gale hates his fanbase. They crowd him and follow him everywhere, giving him little privacy.
  • Purple is the color of royalty, and it colors Gale's eyes, aura, and shirt, since Midas was a king.

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