I only fight strong opponents. The weak ones will just get teared apart  


—Garnet Ayres

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Garnet A. Ayres

A) Garnet Ayres
Age 17
Color Red
Gender Male 
Species Human
Born January 29
Handedness ambidextrous
Complexion Pale
Hair Red
Eyes Orange/Red

6'0" - Pre-Battle of Beacon

6'2" - Post-Battle of Beacon

Weight 178 Pounds

Professional Status

Affiliation Beacon Academy
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Strong opponents, Motorcycles
Dislikes Weaklings
Special Skills

Never gives up, Skilled Engineer, Very good Tactician


Pre-Fall of Beacon

Garnet is a born leader. He considers fights as a game. Saying that the right tactic always leads to victory. Garnet is a smooth talker and can get along with people pretty easily despites his rogue appearance. He's always out to look for strong opponents. If he encounters weak opponents then he'll just ignore them. He really can't stand weaklings for some reason. If he's bored then he'll keep himself busy with some technical stuff since he's a skilled engineer. Garnet likes motorcycles a lot and has one himself.  Even though Garnet is good at coming up with plans and tactics he has a bad habit of wanting to do to much at once in a fight. Leading him into dangerous situations.

Post-Fall of Beacon

While most of his personality hasn't changed over the 8 months, his outlook on weak opponents has gotten a bit better. He has been able to keep himself busy helping his fellow teammate Eventi out with her job at Hal's Mechanics, working on cars and motorcycles. He's still a smooth talker to everyone, with better effect now that his look has changed for the better.


Pre-Fall of Beacon

Garnet has the look of a rogue person. He has red hair and red/orange eyes. He wears a sleeveless black leather jacket. Under that he wears a sleeveless white shirt. His pants are blue jeans that are held up by a red belt. Garnet comes with two black bracelets and a necklace that he got from his father when he was a kid. On his right arm he has a red dragon tattoo that is the emblem of the Dragon Clan. On his back he has three big scars probably from a monster he once fought. On his hips are his weapons called the Kiryu Claws

Post-Fall of Beacon

After the Fall of Beacon, Garnet's appearance has changed alot to represent his strong leadership, having grown 2 inches in height. While he kept the 2 black bracelets and the necklace, his pants has changed to a more black color with dragon decals symbolizing his control over his Semblance, Dragon Force. His jacket has also changed to a short sleeved black and red leather jacket, with the same dragon decal. He still carries the 3 scars on his back, however his look has changed from a rogue person to a determined leader.


In the Beginning

Garnet was born in a big clan called the Dragon Clan. His father was the leader of that clan and Garnet admired him a lot. He wanted to become just like his father, a good and strong leader. The Dragon Clan is known for their crimes. It consists out of a lot of different people. There were spies who gave important information to the leader. And here and there some mercenaries and medics. When Garnet was 16 he got told by the clan that his father died in a battle with monsters in the nearest forest. They also said that his father said that Garnet is the next leader making him the youngest leader of the Dragon Clan so far. Garnet went out to try and search for the monsters in the nearest forest. He slayed most of them, but one came from behind striking with his claws on his back. At night he came back injured and got treatment of the medic. After a few days he was back to normal and he got his father's weapons, the Kiryu Claws. finally, everything went smoothly thanks to Garnet being a very good tactician and his willpower. He did the best he could to satisfy the clan.

But his succes lasted for not too long. A year later, on the age of 17, the clan said to him they don't need a leader anymore. They also confessed that they killed his father and that they are going to kill Garnet too. When Garnet heard that, he became furious, but he also knew why they did that. The Ayres family has a hidden treasure somewhere. Some of the clan members stormed at Garnet, but he reacted fast by drawing his Kiryu Claws. He defeated the ones who attacked him. The others realized then they didn't stood a chance so they fled. That's when Garnet realized himself that what they were doing all these years was just wrong. He wanted to change. He wanted to fight for the greater good. Then he heard of Beacon and made his decision to go to that school.

The Battle & Fall of Beacon

When the Grimm and White Fang Invasion occured, Garnet and his fellow teammates in Team GEMS were sent to combat the oncoming Nevermores, approximately 4 of them, before they reach the town and cause havoc. Using Eventi's ever-helpful Dust Powered Striker Unit, the 4 entered combat with the Nevermore and fought a long fought battle, burning, freezing, slicing, stabbing, and killing the Nevermores to great effect, but due to the large number of them, the 4 were on the ropes. 2 of the Nevermores got through their defense and started to wreck havoc on the town, shooting feathers everywhere, destroying buildings, shops, and killing poor innocent people.  With the army Atlas had provided prior to the battle, the 4 began to fight the stragglers that got through and rushed to aid the injured to safety, however the battle was soon to be lost... Witnessing Beacon Tower's destruction as well as the blinding white light that followed, the Battle of Beacon was over in the Grimm and White Fang's victory...

With the Fall of Beacon, Garnet and the rest of Team GEMS, unlike most of the other students of the academy, remained together, providing support to the townsfolk, before packing up their gear and riding their cycles to Titan, alongside Ebona and Ivy Kasandra, who Eventi has built a sort of mother-daughter relationship with over the days.  Moving in with Eventi alonside her partner, Sapphire Hoyle, and his own partner, Melanite Nightingale, Garnet had begun to wonder what the future will hold for them, but Melanite, Eventi, and Sapphire were there to support him, as both a team, and a family... Eventi, breaking the silence around the house, began to speak up.

"No matter what the future holds for us, we will be there to see it through to the end." she said, with confidence in her voice.

Her words, ringing through their ears, began to modivate the team to stay together.  Over the 8 months they have spent together as a family in Titan, Garnet began working alongside Eventi as a mechanic in Hal's Mechanic, putting his knowledge of automotives to good use for the citizens of Titan, being paid around 50-100 Lien/hour. On days off of his mechanic work, he would take up a second job to help cover home payment alongside everyone else, helping Melanite with her Mining job, digging, gathering, and refining freshly dug Dust Crystals, bring paid around 60 Lien per crystal dug up and refined. Even with the jobs he's working on, he still feels incomplete for unknown reasons... That is until Eventi came up to him with blueprint plans she wanted to go over with him.

These plans were for a pair of mechanical dragon wings, powered by 10 Air Dust Crystals for Garnet to use in addition to his completed Kiryu Tail and his modified Kiryu Claws, to complete the set and give him his own means of flight, albiet temporarily. Garnet agrees to the plan and begins to build the wing's frame while Eventi began constructing and wiring up a power generator for the Kiryu Wings, using a large palm-shaped yellow Dust Crystal to power the unit, as well as the mechanism used to deploy and retract the wings when in and out of use. The palm-sized yellow Dust Crystal, according to Eventi, lasts for a full year until it needs to be changed, the equivilant of 50 burn and uncut yellow Dust Crystals. Days pass by, using only their free time to work on it, and Garnet begins to see the results of their coordination flouurish and the Kiryu Wings were soon completed and tested to precise results, much to their satisfaction, however Garnet had no need for these wings as he considers them a weapon and would only prefer his claws and tail in combat.

Watching them from the shop window, Hal, the owner of Hal's Mechanic, smiles seeing Eventi working hard to uphold her family name of Takeshi-Meso, to honor the Galland Chapter of Freelance Mechanics, and most importantly, to preserve the talents that Nigel and Anna, her late father and mother, gave her. With hope in his heart and his new Kiryu Wings serving as the memento of the team's ongoing tale, Garnet's adventures continue blessed in the light rays of hope and justice.


Pre-Fall of Beacon

A) Dragon Claws
Garnet his weapons are called the Kiryu Claws. These weapons operate with the power of dust. Red dust to be exact. The claws are made of a hard material that can easely cut through steel like it's butter. In the palms of the gauntlets there are repulsors that can be used as flamethrowers. These flamethrowers, which he calls the Dragon's Breath, have a very limited range. The wrist part of the gauntlets is made of hard steel and is used for blocking incoming attacks. The blades can also fold inwards so the user can punch with the wrist part.

Garnet is working on a new weapon. He's going to call it the Kiryu Tail. It is a mechanical dragon tail. The end of the tail is a double edged blade that is really sharp. The tail comes out of a broad belt. The inside of the belt connects to the user its nerves directly to its brain in order for him/her to use the tail in the same way like he would use his arm.

Post-Fall of Beacon

Garnet still wields his trusty Kiryu Claws as well as the Dragon Breath, with slight modifications to the claw's sharpness. However, over the 8 months he has managed to complete his Kiryu Tail, which connects to his nerves and his brain directly, allowing him to control the tail the same way he would control his arms. There is a drawback to this addition, and that is the fact that Garnet can't control both his arms and his Kiryu Tail at the same time and even if he could, there is a 2 second delay between switching attack patterns, leaving him in a state of vulnerablility against quick opponents.


Metal Gear Rising OST - The Only Thing I Know for Real (Jetstream Sam Theme)02:28

Metal Gear Rising OST - The Only Thing I Know for Real (Jetstream Sam Theme)


Creator's Notes

  • Almandine Garnet, the most common garnet, is dark brownish or red. Garnet is very popular for its excellent hardness and brilliance.
  • The "A." stands for Almandine.
  • "Kiryu" means "Machine Dragon".
  • The name "Kiryu claws" was the idea of Yang Long.

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