The only thing more dangerous than crossing the line, are those that will cross it

 - Garrison Earle

Garrison Earle
Age 18
Nickname Index
Status Active
Color Brown
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Species Human
Born January 10th
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Short - black
Eyes Brown
Height 5"10
Weight 140lb
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon academy
Team None as of yet
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Special Skills Tracking


  • Garrison is sardonic and highly cynical, with little respect for others unless he believes they deserve his respect.
  • He seems to care very much about his appearance wearing expensive-looking suits, he also enjoys mocking the appearances of others.
  • He is street-smart, sadistic, cocky, arrogant, and bitterly sarcastic, often responding to challenges with sarcasm
  • It is not unheard of for him to take the law into his own hands much to the annoyance of others


Earle wears various expensive-looking suits mainly because of his pride in his appearance. He has black, short and combed hair and is generally seen with a notebook writing down notes. He wears a belt that holds the holster for his pistol on one side and a smaller holster on the other side for his knife. He has brown eyes and seems to look older than he actually is, whether this is because of his choice of attire or something else is  knows. 

Body type

Garrison is a person of fair complexion and is someone of an average build that's set more towards the athletic side. He likes to claim that his eye sight is better than it actually is. His sharp eyes do however imply that he's quite perceptive. As for his overall body he's quite a clean person, another trait that stemmed from the pride he holds within his appearance.


Being a simplistic person when it comes to weaponry his weapons aren't as glorious or as over the top as others but he knows how to make them just as effective.

Last breath is something of two M1911s built on a common frame, with a shared slide assembly and a single wide hammer. It fires two synchronized rounds with every pull of the trigger, one from the right barrel and one from the left. Each barrel uses a magazine that's loaded into it's respective slot (left barrel uses left magazine etc etc). He likes it because of its ease to use and effectiveness against Grimm and Humans alike. The magazines are held together by a metal 'plate' allowing him to load both magazines within the time it takes to load one. 

When the element of surprise is on his side Earle makes full use of a Butterfly knife dubbed 'Thorn', it's his 'go-to' weapon no matter now ineffective it may be when dealing with CQC should his pistol be knocked away from him. The weapon itself is quite 'stylish', the 'casing' is a crimsonish red while on both sides the flat surface has a triple rose engravement (the beginning of the next rose begins at the tip of the previous rose), he chose that form of engraving because it was the first flower he ever saw and it helps him think of simplier times in his life. However this is more than just a stylish Butterfly knife, the blade is sharp and serrated enough to punch through up to 3 inches of metal as if it were warm butter

Combat style

  • He prioritizes stealth, often going for lethal backstabs with Thorn.
  • Should stealth not be an option he'll go all-in, whether that's picking his opposition off from short-medium distances with LB or going into hand-to-hand combat with Backstabber, in any case there is no chance of him backing down unless the odds are severely against him


Before joining Beacon he would often go on hunting trips with his father who taught him how to track creatures and how to effectively cover his own tracks. He also writes down notes about various Grimm creatures when he learns more about them thus earning him the nickname 'Index'.


Despite all of these he is still a normal Human that is slightly lacking on the stamina side meaning that he can't fight forever and one good strike against him can potentially end his life, and with zero Dust usage he can only rely on his weapons and those that use Dust themselves. He also lacks effective CQC techniques against Grimm.



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