Garron Dracul is a fan-made character by thieviusracoonus of deviantART .

Garron Dracul
Age 21
Alias Experiment Gamma
Nickname Monster

Apex Predator

Status Alive
Color Brown
Gender Male
Race Human - Feralborn
Born June 13th
Hair Brown
Eyes Brown (human form)

Orange beast-like (beast form)

Height 5'4" (human form)

7'6" (beast form)

Weight 180 lbs. (human form)

260 lbs. (beast form)

Professional Status
Affiliation None
Team None
Partner None
Occupation Runaway Bounty
Personal Status
Relatives Deceased Father and Mother
Additional Info
Likes Being alone, meat, forests, faunus
Dislikes Racists, Corrupted corporations,

corrupted officials, being called a monster, The Schnee Family, White Fang, his curse

Special Skills Transformation

Parkour Acrobatics Athletics

(In Beast Form) Enhanced Strength Enhanced Speed Enhanced Durability Enhanced Senses Enhanced Agility Retractable Claws Enhanced Bite

Weaknesses Predator Instincts



Garron is a typical gruff and tough loner. He takes orders from no one, he trusts no one, and he makes friends with no one. Despite this, he has a sense of right and wrong and has morals. Garron holds a deep grudge against corrupted corporations, such as the Schnee Dust Company, for forcing Faunus-supporting humans to become Feralborn. Because of this, he doesn't aid Weiss Schnee in her dire of need for help. Garron also adapts a very short temper and a lack of tolerance, which it lets his primal predator instincts take control and becomes a mindless rampaging beast. Due to this, he shuns himself from society, in hopes that his instincts won't hurt any innocent civillians.


Origin and Fall of Wildheart

Will add later.


  • Based off of the Beast from Beauty and The Beast and the Incredible Hulk from Marvel.

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