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Gary Panner
Age 25
Nickname The Controller
Status Alive
Gender Male
Race Human
Handedness Left
Complexion White
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Height 6ft7
Professional Status
Affiliation Remington's Disciples
Team None
Partner None
Occupation Leader of Fooledore's Navy

Gary Panner is a character in The Four Huntsmen, he appears in the Gary Panner Arc as the main antagonist of that arc. Gary's weapon of choice is a High Impact Dual Wield Sub Staff (HIDWSS) named Hidwiss.


Gary has long black hair that touches his neck and black eyes. He has a very long nose downwards and his ears don't have lobes. For apparel, Gary wears a beige suit with a fire brick colored tie. He also wears firebrick pants with beige shoes.


Gary is typical potrayed as a nice man and quite humorous, he also seems to like making jokes with others and making him laugh. He is also quite cheerful with peers and gets along with a great many people. Gary seems to be more interested on studying and training. Also, Gary is quite quick to things and can easily guess many problems in very quick times.

Despite all this, Gary seems to have a very bad temper and will constantly shout at someone when they do something wrong, he would even go to the means of even killing the person. Gary seems to think that more power comes less responsibility as everyone will respect him instead of leaving him out. With this, Gary seems to have a nasty habit of slapping people fiercly.


Gary lived in a really wealthy family, as his ancestors were Sairyō Ryōshi, so he had all lot going for him. His mother was a real estate agent and his father was a high employee at the Sabbia Tungsten Factory. So Gary was able to get all lot things going for him. However, he had a very sick older sister who Gary loved more than anyone else as she wanted to be a huntress.

At the age of 13, he was enrolled into Signal Academy to become a warrior, Gary showed capable skills and was apparently 2nd out of his class because he had a rival. Gary would always aspire to defeat his rival, however, when the time came, she had disapppeared and heard her working under criminals. This hurt Gary all lot, as he always wanted to beat her, so now instead, Gary begins to train himself harder, as she might have become stronger.

After he graduated from Beacon Academy and met Ozpin, who wasn't headmaster at the time, apparently, Ozpin had a liking for Gary as he showed courage and skill to protect others. Apparently, Gary has the quickest time in the Emerald Forest. Gary had his team, named Team GARY, which was a completly good team, however Gary kept blaming his team for every mission failed, thinking he was the best.

At 19, his third year of Beacon began, it was then recorded that Helenia and Raymond Panner where dishonorably discharged for their participation in the war for the Romeo Artifact, so Gary was treated as inferior to other students Ozpin was the only person that treated much better, and Gary aspired to be like Ozpin.

At the time his sister was feeling better, she caught up on the times she had missed and wanted to carry out her ancestors will, by using the Romeo Artifact to rig the initiation, but however she was killed. Gary started to get angry with Ozpin and asumming it was him.

At that time, Gary had also met Votrex Remington, who was a friend of Scomodo Sabbia. Votrex put Gary under him to train him. However, Votrex had died rescuing others, so Gary started to create his own organisation in his memory.



Gary seem to have a great hatred for Ozpin as he assumes that he had done so. He also vows to avenge his father by kililng Ozpin. Despite this, Gary seems to respect most of Ozpin's descisions and knowns him as a leader. Ozpin also remembers when Gary was at Beacon, he was quite rude mouthed.

Powers and Abillities

Gary is able to use his weapon Hidwiss as a form as melee attack when the weapon is just a staff. Gary is able to send his foes flying into air quite easy, and because the staff is so big, Gary is able to lift a foe using it, due to his humongous strength. Despite not looking like it, the staff has killing capabilities and can impale them. Also, Hidwiss can turn into dual wield Sub Machine Guns and can honestly hurt an opponent if not careful.

As a previous student of Beacon, Gary has many skills that has benefited him and that has caused him to be an international criminal. Gary has formiddble strength, he is able to send an opponent backwards with an easy punch. Also, Gary has a really good defense, so he is able to block almost any attack with quite skills.


  • Gary is based on Harry Potter, like all of his teammates.
    • If Potter and Panner are shortened they become Pot and Pan.
    • Gary is alluded to Fire Brick, since Harry Potter was based in Gryffindor.
  • Gary originally was supposed to be a hero.

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