Gaun-tility is the weapon used by Bloo Davidson during his time at Beacon Academy during the Fanfiction BLCK. 


Gaun-Tility is a gauntlet based Multi-tool designed and built by Bloo Davidson. It was built around the purpose of Passive-agressaveness, mostly based on Bloo's pacifism. The only weapon based part of the entire gauntlet is the gauntlet itself, bieng used as a brass knuckles like weapon to assist in Hand to Hand combat, those this aproach is often disliked by Bloo. The weapons main purpose is utility, hence the name Gaun-Tility, a utility gauntlet. From a wrist mounted computer, to a blowtorch built into the index finger, it hosts many tools for allmost any job. If a tool is required, or if a tool is unneeded, it may be removed, or replaced with other parts. 


Gaun-Tility is made of dark blue plated metal over a gray glove covering the thumb, middle, and index fingers and leading up to just below the elbow. A built in screen is centerd on top of the arm, just above the wrist. The device is allways kept clean, which is habitually done by Bloo whenever not in use. No wires can be seen on the exposed glove parts either, haveing designed it for looks, as much as use.


A possible insperation is from the video game Metroid Prime 3's Grapple Lasso, which allso only covers the first 3 fingers of the hand. 

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