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Gauth Surya Bhimadibrata
Race Human
Weapons Cyclone Trail
Alias The Untalented Huntsman
Nickname ♦Young Master
Character Type Hero (Exterior)
Color Gold
Gender Male MaleIcon.png
Age 32
Design Motif Businessman, glowing stick, garuda, batik, dragonfly
Handedness Right
Hair Black with gold streak
Eyes Amber
Semblance Cyclone Effect
Height 5'9"
Weight 74 kg
Professional Status
Social Rank

Upper class


Saktidibrata Enterprise


Symin Elise



Job Types

Human resource provider, Trading materials, Construction developer

Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives ♦Shirley Windya (Adoptive mother)
♦Ambryn Valerie(Adoptive sister, deceased?)
♦Symin Elise (Adoptive sister)
Additional Info
Emblem GauthSymbol
Likes Expanding property, solving mystery, cigarettes, chess, spacious lawn, decorative furnitures
Dislikes Technology, fighting, Symin's antics, notion, superior, backstabbers
Special Skills High stamina, strong aura, experienced martial artist, vast knowledge of hunter/huntress dream and ambition
Weaknesses Can be plebeian or unfamiliar with latest technology, Boss's laziness, less effective against far ranged opponent, his process of analyzing people trust may allow him to be manipulated or betrayed, his need for cigarette can decrease his performance greatly, his battle skill is somewhat rusted, uses semblance too often, semblance has health side effect
Special Themes
Roots of The King ~Battle Theme (High Morale, Finishing Enemy)~

Hardboiled ~Compacted Battle Theme (Gauth and Symin united)~

Never Surrender ~Compacted Battle Theme (Gauth and Symin united, high morale)~


Gauth Surya Bhimadibrata graduated from two different Hunters/Huntress universities. The last academy he attended to was ????. He was a member of Team AGST and the leader of Team GSBP. After gaining network from his two education, he was inspired to establish a company namely Saktidibrata Enterprise. Through his company, he build a bridge between Hunters/Huntress and civilian to work together in a goal to make Remnant a better world. He and his teammates are now working in the said company. In another side, he seems to have some sort of hidden motive in what he have been doing.


<Need to be revised>

Gauth has the presence of tranquility which can deliver comfort to those around him. His black hair is combed in a bit messy straight hairstyle, with a golden dyed bangs that nearly cover up his left eye, whilst keeping his amber eyes out of blockage. His body build is seems of those who had trained to survive the wilderness. Someone who had lived in a necessity without the help of advanced technology.

One notable feature about Gauth is his eyebrows that looks like an arrow which causing people around him to call him "Arrowbrow".

He usually wear his company business suit in front of the public. From the exterior, he looks like he is wearing a set of dark green shirt and dark purple vest, with a dark green solid colar under a deep dark purple fancy collarless business jacket, with a white grid-like line motif decorating the bust and the sleeves. Pocket is sewn on the right chest and his green painted name tag above it. His company emblem is attached around his left chest. Over his jacket, he wear a green scarf around his neck.

His pants has the same main color of his jacket. But there is something odd around his lower wear. There are strap with a blending color all over his lower that flows from the belt until it attached to his boots of various shade of brown colors, with a garuda engraving on the shin. Among the strap flow, is two golden plate made of iron that resembles the shape of a garuda. They are placed near at where the strap flow are originated from(under the belt). Ss well as that, there's a golden and black ring contraption around his thigh as a conjunction between straps. Overall, the straps doesn't seems to be an additional flavor for fashion enchantment.

Once Gauth decide to fight seriously, he will took off his business jacket, revealing a more combat oriented attire.  His dark green shirt revealed to have white and dark green sleeves with a dark green and white stripe on the opposite color each other. The shoulder part is dominated in dark green. His vest revealed to have a midnight blue color, while the entire dark purple part color shaped like a 'X' around the bust, with a golden lines that borders between colors. The weird strap on the lower revealed to be an extension of his suspenders, which flow culminates into two muffler behind his shoulder which overall forming a dragonfly motif. The muffler is red and gold colored, with a batik motif at the tip. Further after the tip, is some sort of hybrid of kris, katar, and blaster that presumably to be his weapon. The belt that previously invisible from sight is now revealed. The belt strap has dark green color with golden edges, and conjunction is decorated with a gold painted plate which shape has similar star symbol to Gatotkaca's. On both sides of the belt, attached a Zeitrer. It seems it has anything to do with all of the suspender strap over his attire. The conjunction between the upper and bottom  suspender strap is a gold painted metal, with an extra green color(this color is basically depend on the dust type Gauth used) which overall resembles Gatotkaca's accessories. On both of his wrist, he wears the same gold and black ring contraption like his thigh, and it seems both of them can spin. A red colored martial art sash that attached on his right waist will be revealed as it will loosen from the roll and decent down to reach past the knee.

Alongside that, is a gimmick around those weird straps. They glows, and the glows are depend on the dust type that inserted into the Zeitrer on the both side of the belt. The basic dust color will always be overlay with an orange color such as turning green into gold color.


<Need to be revised>

"Nah, Symin isn't the person with bad attitude among the company. Yeah she might act like one but she is okay. Gave you heard the rumor? I keep hearing things from his friend that Gauth is the one who had a wretched attitude. They say that he is a demon disguising as an angel amongst the light."
Random hunter spoiling rumor

Often to be described as a well-mannered, generous, gentleman who often to spout a zen-like philosophies of peace which always prefaced with "Past experience taught me this" upon saying. He is open minded toward people around him, giving them the sensation of tranquility when nearby him. They become more comfortable to openly talk about their troubles towards him. As if they meet a savior.

However, in the inside Gauth is a ruthless realist and hunger for power. He don't hesitate to make a cruel but necessary decision in order to reach a goal which can involve putting people in despair or even sacrifice a life. He would use his pleasant presence to lure people toward him to be manipulated if necessary.

Gauth strongly believes that the ideal of the stronger will always triumph regardless being right or wrong. He will fight anyone whose ideal isn't something he respected. For that, he is determined to become stronger so that he can keep his ideal standing strong. By mean become stronger as in not only stronger in mind and physical well-being, but also his influence toward people. Expanding his company territory is one of his way of influencing people. Other than that, he would seek an opportunity which if succeed, it would gain him a fame, to express how strong he is. 

All is done in order to reach his ultimate goal : To declare his ideal thorough the world. Which was driven from his past bad reputation toward superiors who rendered him powerless that he vowed not to yield ever again.

Gauth can be extremely demanding if one of his sub-goal remains unfinished for too long. Similar to Symin's demand for her unsettled curiosity. Except calming him down is harder. While at this state, he'll lose his usual calmness and he'll become straightforward for his goal. Though he wouldn't harm or involve any unrelated person during his desperation quest. He would laugh maniacally in satisfaction if his goal is achieved during this state. Calming him down instantly isn't as easy as Symin, who can be settled down easily if she unleash her rage through fighting. Symin's way of distracting is the only way that can knock Gauth back to his sense.

On an occasional private conversation, he sometimes can be seen blackmailing another person to keep things goes the way to his favor. Symin is apparently one of the few witness who know this attitude of his.

Gauth has an "Arabian"-like way of punishing people who stood in his way. If people uses talent with hand, then he will cut that hand. If people, uses talent of intelligence to manipulate him, he will damage the brain behind the intelligence. He is basically disabling the talent his enemies used against him. The only time he apply this punishment is when he found a case of potent life threatening intentian. Such as a mercenary or assassin hired to kill him..

In other word, he don't eliminate those who stood in his way. He prefer to crush their dream, leaving them no hope to further their goal in the future. He believed it were more excruciating than a slow painful death, a lifetime of regret of never able to achieve their wish. That is, unless the punished one created a new way of life aside of what they originally intended to be.

"I know what kind of wretched personality he has. But despite of that, his good deeds are real. If it weren't for that, my family could have been ended up living a poor life.... wait, what am I saying? Just... forgot anything I just said, ok? He is just a weirdo who does silly things."
Symin appreciating Gauth's positive side

Even so, his gentle, open minded, generous, and well-mannered demeanor aren't false.

Despite of his hidden wretched attitude, Gauth has a limit of whom shall embrace his negative side. He has personal code of honor of not treating people with act of immorality. However, shall people treat him and his family with immorality, he would then reveal his negative side toward them. Sometimes it would seems as if Gauth uses his gentle demeanor to lure people toward him to be manipulated. But in fact, He could be dealing with the types of backstabber whom he had suspicion with.

Despite of his ultimate goal, there is a conflict going on in his mind. He respected Ambryn who had took care of him as if she were his big sister. He honored her deed by vowing to protect her family including Symin despite of her constant antics. He have been contributing their family, providing them constant supply, maintaining their orphanage as if he is the head of the family. He treated them like his own family.

Seeing his family happy and well can sometimes made him forgot what he wanted to achieve. This is the very reason why Gauth is kept from an excessive hunger for power.

With his heritage as both human and faunus, he can understand the pain of both side. Thus, he can be open minded and generous toward human or faunus.

Gauth has a hobby at playing chess and he loves to challenge other people to play with him. As well as that, solving mysteries can give him some entertainment. He would love to have fun testing his logic in doing it. He also seems to have a vast knowledge about herbal which he often to use to help people out on their health. Alongside herbal, He have silver mouth and quite good at persuading people. Often to use his communication skill to gain various information especially when it comes to business related info. That means he kept updated about what's going on in the world. He know where business flows, and he took advantage of it to gain a profit.

He has a compulsive smoking habit. Often criticized by Symin that a man with his look is not fitting to do such thing.

Cigarettes and Symin's antics are among few things that can breaks his gentle demeanor. If his need for cigarettes remains unfulfilled, he will gone freaked out and desperately will try to obtain a cigarettes to smoke. There is an unfortunate times when he accidentally obtain Symin's explosive cigarette trap, which explosion singed him, making him looks like a fool.

"Its best for you to taste a nuclear meltdown than having a cancer. You should know that better than me, doctor." Said Symin.

"Wong Edan!!! That's not a nuclear meltdown!" Yelled Gauth.

Oddly, her prank can instantly neutralize his need as he unleash all of his stress by lecturing and rubbing his logic toward her. Even so, deep inside his heart, he feel thankful for her. He could have ended up into bad situation while at his bad state if it weren't for her calming him down first.

Unfamiliarity with modern technology is Gauth's notable weakness, also one of few things that breaks his gentleness. He could use the recent technology but it will took more time for him than regular person to get accustomed with. It also possible for him to not comprehend some technology at all. He tends to do stupid things with them if they are completely unfamiliar. Such as using a sniper riffle to whack a Grimm.

Sometimes he would made himself looks like a fool when he gets so excited discovering a technology function while everyone else doesn't find it special. Such as there is a time when he discovered a way how to use mobile phone that he brag it around only ended up getting an unimpressed respond because everyone else already know. Due to this constant humiliation, he grows a dislike toward technology. He acted that way due to his background being accustomed with traditional way.

He is surprisingly doesn't like fighting. He prefers to solve things through negotiation or a words play. But even so, he still does plenty of training in case if one day things comes down to involve brawl. Sometimes he would hire a huntsman from his guild to do his fighting dirty job for him.

During casual communication, his way of speaking is friendly, easygoing, and he would occasionally speaks mixture of "Sundanese", "Javanese", "Betawi", and "Indonesian" language. During formal or job-related communication, his tune is dignified and elegant.

Gauth has several quirk during combat, which are catchphrase and gesture. If he had a clear confident on winning a battle, he will say "Defiler of Remnant. The wind of judgment has come!" if against Grimm and "Despair awaits on your goal." if against human or faunus. Afterward he will fight his foe in high morale. As for the gesture, he will often to dust his hands by clapping post landing a successful staggering strike. Other than that, he tends to clean his hands with a handkerchief after a battle.

Gauth is somehow prefers traditional yet healthy meal instead of a five star class meal despite of being rich. But even if he were invited to eat at a five star restaurant, he would choose a simpler food such as something that still retain traditionalism.

Battle Prowess

1. Normal Abilities

2. Aura and Semblance

Gauth has an extremely strong proficiency in utilizing aura to the point of able to block a sniper bullet with his palm without letting it touches his flesh. His regeneration, sensing danger, protection are those of a nearly master level. His aura color is green.

His semblance is known as "Cyclone Effect". Its function is pretty simple which is inhale and exhale wind. The semblance is really useless as it will quickly exhale the winds by the time of inhalation. Plus It doesn't grant Gauth an immunity against catching cold upon inhaling. However, the semblance is highly useful once combined with his weapon. The weapon allow the semblance to provide various semblance abilities as if Gauth have multiple semblances. Its like the semblance and the weapon couldn't accomplish anything without each other.

With the weapon equipped. it gives Gauth an ability to store the absorbed winds in which later can be used as a various abilities he desired. He can perform dash, super jump, air dash, double jump, wind blast, and various wind-related abilities. But whatever these abilities are, it requires Gauth to gather enough winds first to perform each abilities. He can only perform one of them at times.

With the weapon, the suction process of his semblance is also enhanced to the point able to draw enemy within 4 meters into him. However, the effectiveness is depend on the enemy's weight. The heavier, the harder to draw.

3. Equipments

3.1 Weapon

   Main article : Cyclone Trail

Gauth's weapon is known as "Cyclone Trail". A very unorthodox weapon that looks like a suspender that all around his entire outfit, with back shoulder that flutters two mufflers that hinders a segmented pistol-dagger. One would thought that the two hidden segmented pistol-dagger are the main danger of this weapon. But they are nothing compared to the weapon's sole function to utilize his semblance into a vast various powers, combined with his martial arts talent.

The weapon has two spinning turbine along the trail. They usually appear in front of Gauth's chest. They are used to help Gauth in his wind suction process. Therefore, not only it increase the amount of winds he will receive, but it also increasing the suction force to the point able to drawn an object into him. The lighter the object, the easier it drawn.

The suspender in the weapon are decorated with runes that represent the nature of wind. It used to flow the received winds and allow Gauth's aura to process them into a result he desire. One of the many result he desired is flowing the wind into the two segmented pistol dagger in his mufflers, allowing him to control them as if they are his extra limbs.

<to be continued>

3.2 Zeitrer

   Main article : Zeitrer

<to be added>


<to be added>


  • Symin : Despite of his occasional righteous and superior attitude toward her. He actually really cared for her as he promised Ambryn to take care of Symin and her family. He sees her as part of his family as he had shown generosity toward her. He also has been guiding her in expectation to make her live up to Ambryn's example. But ironically, Symin had also been "guiding" and helping him that he manage to get the status as he had now. Symin is like an ultimate partner to him. They couldn't accomplish anything without each other. It was because her in the first place that he could forge a bond with Brizio and Philbert and obtain the share of their talents. Her respect toward people's dream actually do inspired him. He just often to hide that impression. Other than that, Symin sometimes invite him to dance together and they cooperates really well. They learned how to make two body and two soul as if becoming one.
  • Brizio : At first, It was hard to acknowledge Brizio's greatest potent until he found out that Brizio has a dream to be an unique engineer. Gauth thought that Symin would be the perfect person to fill Brizio's lack of creativity. At the same time, Brizio is the perfect person for Symin to realize her creativity. But back there the two wasn't get along due to Symin's hatred for Faunus. Thus opening the opportunity for Gauth to get along with Brizio. He role as a bridge that would connect Brizio with Symin, forming a teamwork. During the process, he taught and guide Brizio how to deal with Symin's weird attitude. From there, they formed bond each other. Not only for Gauth and Brizio, but also three of them. Ever since their bond, Gauth begin to notice that sometimes Symin uses Brizio's engineering talent to invent a major antics. He also notice that Symin had Brizio to shut his mouth about her plans. This often lead to a situation where Gauth had to keep an eye for Symin and lure Brizio to spill the bean.
  • Philbert : Philbert was the last person in team GSBP for Gauth to make a bond with. He was one of the hardest person Gauth ever dealt with. Gauth detest him in many way. Plus, he had hatred toward superior's arrogance similar to what Philbert represent. Although he do acknowledge Philbert's vast knowledge about martial arts. He wanted to use it as inspiration. In the end, they manage to get along with the help of Symin who forge the bond in rather awkward way. It was because her Antics that lure Philbert to prefers Gauth's way of art. Not only that, Gauth also had help from Summanus who is admired by Philbert. From there, Gauth has advantage to get close to him and convince him to get along with the other two, forming a teamwork. Philbert also found that forming teamwork with them proves to be beneficial for his personal satisfaction. The more Gauth know him, he found that Philbert turns out to be a very royal person due to his "Noblese Oblige" pride. Gauth and Philbert sometimes can be found hanging out in a luxurious place, talking about business, and discovery, but their conversation often to be awkward due to Philbert's overpoetic attitude. As well as that, Philbert often to express his attraction toward Gauth which often to freak him out and Philbert's effeminate attitude made it worse.
  • Ambryn : Always been a respected figure in Gauth's heart. She was the one who gave him home when he lost one, taking a good care of him when no one around him does, and she released him from his depression of being untalented. He is deeply indebted to her. He wanted to repay her deed. But with her absence, he can only took care her family like his own family as his form of gratitude.
  • Summanus : An old friend during their first huntsman education as Team AGST. He enjoy his musical talent with violin. But Summanus is more than just a violin player. He inspired Gauth how to be a gentlemen and was the one who taught him the philosophy that says "The most powerful weapon is the weapon that chooses you.". Gauth also sees him as his most trusted ally. He would entrust him something that extremely private. They both get along very well as they're indebted to each other and as much feel guilty for Ambryn's absence.
  • Timour : Another old friend during Team AGST huntsman education. Gauth always been impressed by his proficiency in counter attack to punish those who relies on speed. Thus, making him one of Gauth's semi mentor when it comes to that field. Other than that, Gauth and Timour are cigarettes buddy where they often to talk about recommendation and cuisine. Other than that, Timour likes to challenge Gauth in a cooking competition.


  • The phrase "in a goal to make Remnant a better world" at the top description isn't implying to the "hope of people, chosen heroes who will save the world" thingy. But it is more implying to the encouragement a real life university would provide during graduation, which is that every people must participate in making the world a better place with the role they're able to play. Let it be a service, innovation, invention, whatever that helped the world business process went better than it used to. Whether it small role or big role.


  • His name meaning is literally "The man who vow to be the formidable golden cyclone of the universe".
    • Gauth is derived from Gaoth and Gau which respectively evokes to the God of Cyclone in Welsh myth and means Gold in Sanskrit.
    • Surya means universe/sun in Indonesia.
    • Bhima means formidable in Indonesia.
    • Dibrata is a name given to those who would life up to their namesake in Indonesian naming rule.
  • His fairy tale/myth allusion is Gatotkaca from Mahabharata and The King from The King and The Blacksmith.
    • His two allusion are actually the "host" for his main allusion. Which is the Sword Fragment of the God of Beginning from the novel Water Margin.
    • The process of how the Gods works in the Water Margin novel is to chose a host whom will be forced to engage the choosing God's will. It implies that Gauth (Who alludes to Gatotkaca and The King and The Blacksmith) carries the will of the Sword Fragment of The God of Beginning regardless of his biography.

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