— Giallo
Giallo Chosovi
Age 19
Status Active
Color Golden Yellow
Gender Male
Race Human
Born July 22nd
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team WYNG
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Emblem G
This original character was created by RWBY Ruby Rose and Amet. Do not use our ideas, artwork or any other information without asking us first.
Feel free to comment anything on our character in the comment section. Wed love to hear what you guys think.

Giallo Chosovi is an original character created by RWBY Ruby Rose and Amet Revfold. He is a member of Team WYNG.


Main Outfit

Alternate Outfit()



Biography/ History

In Combat

Weapons: Bo staff/lance, dual bastard swords

Abilities: CQC, slower but harder hitting fighter.

Aura: He is surrounded by Aura.

Semblance: Birds Of A Feather

Giallo can summon glyph-based dopplegangers with a percentage of his own Aura and defenses; the number of clones depending on how much Aura he puts into each. When he does this, Giallo turns invisible, allowing him to sneak up or out of a fight. The downside to this, however, is if a doppleganger goes down, he loses that percentage of his Aura. Once all his dopplegangers are gone, he re-appears. Even though he may cancel the clones at any given time and regain the lost Aura, he still re-appears.


-His full name translates to "Yellow Bluebird" since Giallo means Yellow' in Italian and Chosovi means 'Bluebird' in Native American. Yellow is a color so it fits Monty's rules.

Official Art


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