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Oh my, you are quite the sight. . . sadly I’ll behead you like my other prey.
— Giovanni Alva
Giovanni Alva
Age 30 (???)
Title The Commando
Alias The Iron Death 
Nickname The Executioner
Status Active
Color Yellow
Gender Male
Race Caucasian (???)
Species Human
Born N/A
Handedness Right Handed
Complexion Pale (???)
Hair Black (???)
Eyes Brown
Height 6'7"
Professional Status
Affiliation N/A
Team N/A
Partner N/A
Occupation Assassin
Personal Status
Relatives His parents
Additional Info
Likes Strategy, History and Killing
Dislikes Surprises, Resistance and The Chase
Special Skills Assassination and Aura
Weaknesses Dust and Range Combat


Giovanni is an eccentric man who seems to take little interest in anything that does not revolve history or his work. Giovanni can often come off cold and mysterious, despite hiding his face. In many cases, he is considered a man with a black heart who will do anything to get what he wants even if it’s torturing his prey by harming their loved ones, destroying things they cared for or simply abusing them to some degree. Giovanni is a man who seems to also take a liking to making his jobs public to implement fear in those who dare cross him.
Giovanni is not to say a complete murderer, it seems he has a fondness for discussing things such as battle strategies and assassinations of political figures. Even more, he is quite proud of his work and even more taking notes of how he’s killed his victims and who may fear him. His greatest delight is when people try to kill him, only to be killed by him. His nickname ‘The Guillotine’ even comes from his favorite method of killing his target: the simple execution by beheading.



Giovanni is a man of mystery as he will often appear in a cloak that is buttoned to the right side with a hood that rests over his head. The cloak itself is very tattered around the edges, but on purpose as the trimmings of a gold darken at the tips of the tattered edges. The buttons themselves are simple buttons with eight along the right side with a curved letter that spells out ‘Giovanni’ on them.Beneath the cloak seems to be a military uniform with a undershirt that runs from the top his neck down and all of the clothes are primarily colored jet black with trimmings of gold.The uniform also has what appears to be medals, though they have never been given a purpose or origin. His boots are of the same military-type, but are solid black. The man’s head is encased in a metal helmet with a metal mask that has an opening for the eyes and three slits for his mouth to breath through. The metal is stained black and hides his face.


Though his skin is predicted to be pale, his body beneath his clothes is unknown, though his build is fairly easy to tell. He a rather tall limber man who has a slim build. His muscles are unknown, but his lean build may indicate he has some. His feet are average, but he has a wide palm and very long fingers.

Weapon & Abilities

Uncanny Archfiend

Uncanny’s appear is mainly black with gold trimming. Uncanny seems to embody the signs of death and fear as the large half circle blade is extended on a six foot-hilt made of a stainless steel. The blade having the symbol of a skeleton hand holding a corrupted heart engraved into it. Though the weapon doesn’t seem overly complicated, the weapon can be altered into what appears to be a Elephant Gun. In this mode, it is a weapon proposed for use against still or large targets such as Grimm. The ammunition for this weapon also seemed to be modified to even pierce armored Grimm. Though it is not prevalent, the gun’s muzzle is present at the head of the base and can be used once the weapon stabs a target or to slide out of it. The weapon also seems to release a bipod and the hilt retracts to accommodate for aiming at long range. The weapon is also semi-automatic making each shot count without the need to move the hand unless to change ammunition.
Uncanny Archfiend seems to be able to latched onto the belt as the hilt can retract to about two feet. This mode also makes use of the weapon as a revolve up close due to the shortened barrel and semi-automatic fire. The blade is still prevalent nonetheless and can be used up close.

Combat Style

Giovanni doesn’t come off as the most durable, but it seems he is quite familiar with the use of using his aura for defense and offensive capabilities. Giovanni will often use his aura to defeat weaker opponents rather quickly, then using his weapon as he saves it for execution. In most cases, he tends to stick to the shadows then engage in what he considers ‘useless’ fights. Giovanni’s strength in one on one combat appears to be one of his greatest feats as his aura use and his ability to close in on his prey with agility and drain them of their strength gives him an upper hand.


When using aura, Giovanni’s body becomes a gold hue with one eye beneath his mask glowing as the other isn’t present for some unknown reason. The eye becomes pure gold slit as his body is enveloped in golden flames. It also seems his aura also seems to become armor when using it and can be used with his blade. He may even use it to heal any wound to his body as he has a large amount of it, but his stamina may run out even when using the aura as it can lead to collapsing, though this is rare as he often uses it in a burst to increase most of his capabilities besides speed as he prefer power and armor over speed when using his aura.


Giovanni’s appearance allows him to hide in the shadows as his gold is rather dull and doesn’t shine giving him the ability to hide. His experience and skill in aura also play contribute to his ability to deal with enemies without the use of his weapon. When using his weapon, he can either keep enemies at bay or get in close to make quick work of them.


Giovanni’s weakness may reside in his lack in using Dust as he seems to prefer to deal with enemies quickly and dispose of them quickly. His weapon’s rather slow-fire rate may also allow for an opponent at range to deal with him if he cannot dodge. His clothed body parts are not very protected and can be pierced.


Not much is known about Giovanni’s past, but his skill and ability to humiliate those he targets is well-known. It also seems that some time ago he was a Hunter indicated by his skill in disposing of Grimm that comes in his path and his skill aura may be linked to that of a Clan that was said to have been killed by a lone assailant that was never found or confirmed. The nickname for him seemed to come up when a cloaked man executed a business man in broad daylight in front of his business. The man has never been caught and is considered a man of danger. Many are warned to not engage him, even in numbers.


Theme Song

Introduction Theme

Main Theme

Battle Theme


  • Uncanny Archfiend could reflect the name “Strange Demon Lord” which could relate to the fear of the unknown and death.
  • His past and identity are most unknown, though there are slight hints.
  • His left eye does not glow indicating it may be wounded or no longer there
  • Those who have lived after witnessing fight at full strength shake and quiver at the thought of him.
    • Even more, some say that he is not human or a monster.


  • His name Giovanni originates from Mastro Titta, a famous Executioner of Italy and National Hero.
  • Alva comes from the Iron Duke of Alva, an executioner with an immense head count from the Spanish Inquisition.
  • The Nickname refers to a device that was used solely for beheading during the French Revolution.
  • The Uncanny Archfiend seems to share traits with Crescent Rose, but seems to give more movability and less dependence on it’s recoil to move.

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