Name: Glitch Systems / Zero

Glitch logo

Sex: Male

Race: human cyborg

Age: 25 appears 15 (explanation below)

Height: 5'10" Weight: 115 lbs

Skin: VERY pale


Hair: Black

Eyes: Blue usually but sometimes red

Team: available

First year student at Beacon

Weapons: Logos, Pathos, Ethos: twin retracting katana (Logos, Pathos) that attach to a compact rifle (Ethos) (a next gen version of Adam's Wilt and Bush)

Logos Pathos Ethos

Appearance: Glitch wears dark jeans and a blue sweater over a white tee shirt. He has long black hair to his shoulders and a large collection of scars. He looks like a 15 year old who has never seen the sun. He also has a small device next to his right eye that extends out a LCD screen when he is Zero.

Personality: Glitch sufferers from split personality disorder and is literally two people. Glitch is a wildcard in battle and is always trying to let the past go. Freedom is his most prized possession and considers friendship the ultimate freedom. This makes him extremely supportive but occasionally overbearing. Those who know him are often confused by him talking about his old world or singing their songs that mean nothing to the people of Vale but he is a great storyteller. Zero on the other hand is a cold calculated and emotionless machine. He has advanced military training and was designed to be the perfect soldier. Zero and Glitch know about each other but do not know what the other has said or done when in control, forcing them to ask for recaps from the team. Zero has no social skills whatsoever and is often yelled at by others for speaking outloud about a persons height weight and age even though he is usually right. Glitch does not do this but can access this skill of high perception. The only way to know who is there is when zero is in control there is an LCD screen over his right eye that lets him measure distance size temperature and other factors.

Background: Glitch is from a parallel world (ours) and was part of an experiment to understand a newly discovered rare element (Dust). The explosion ripped him apart in his world and reformed him inside an abandoned Schnee research facility, where an unkown group began to experiment on him. He was viewed as an alien and rightly so. He is actually n his mid twenties but his body was significantly altered upon entering this world. He spends much of his time trying to learn about this world and has very poor social skills. He took on the name Glitch Systems after appearing here often referring to himself as: "A glitch in the system." He escaped from the laboratory upon secretly mastering his ability (semblance) to levitate. He rarely touches the floor now days floating instead an inch off the ground most of the time. he uses this to launch across the battlefield in impossible ways spinning and sliding while he lashes out. His motto for combat is: "Never use the same move twice."

Best information on him can be found in Glitch in the System:

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