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Golda Hodele
Age 21
Status Active
Color Sunglow
Gender Female
Race Human
Born Where: Patch

When: ???

Handedness Ambidextrous
Complexion Fair
Hair Blond
Eyes Brown
Semblance Blazing Sun
Height 6'
Professional Status
Affiliation Former - Signal Academy, Haven Academy
Team Team FAHC
Partner Charna Berne
Occupation Huntress
Personal Status
Relatives Unnamed Parents

Golda Hodele is a Haven alumni and a member of Team FAHC (Falcon), with her partner being Charna Berne. Wielding a bo-staff/spear combo, Golda is the mid-ranged fighter of the team.


Golda is a 6-foot tall beauty, with a fair complexion, shoulder-length blond hair that shines gold in the sunlight, and entrancing deep brown eyes.

Most of the time, Golda wears a gold t-shirt with a dark brown vest over it, along with a maroon mini-skirt, split into four triangular sections, and a pair of dark brown mini-shorts under it. Long, golden socks cover most of the rest of her legs, and a pair of dark brown, laced boots complete her outfit.


One of Golda's most defining traits is her loyalty. She sticks up for her friends and would never desert her allies. She always takes the time to listen to others, no matter whatever else she has to do at the moment.

Golda is an intelligent woman, and knows a lot of things, being the team's main info-supplier. She's always been interested in how the criminal world works, and thanks to her parents, knows a lot about it.


Golda was born on Patch, where she had a fairly normal life. As a young child, Huntsmen and Huntresses were a source of fascination for her. She always wondered what it was like being one, and would often act out killing a Grimm.

Her parents were both apart of the police force - her father was a detective, and her mother a high-ranking policewoman. When they saw their daughter acting out killing Grimm, they asked her if she wanted to be a Huntress. Golda, of course, replied that she did. So, when she was of age, her parents signed her up for Signal, where she unlocked her Aura and Semblance, and created her weapon, Firelight.




Golda Hodele




Melee, Dust

Weapon Derivation

Bo-staff, spear

Golda carries a Dust Casting Bo-staff/Spear (DCBS) named Firelight, which she usually keeps in bo-staff form.

Bo-Staff: A maroon-colored, wooden bo-staff. Near the top and bottom of the bo-staff, it tapers towards a flat end.

Spear: One end opens up, revealing a somewhat-thick groove in the middle where the middle of the spear head comes out, while the rest of it pops out of grooves in the parts that opened up.

Dust: Inside the other end of the bo-staff, a Dust crystal can be placed. Usually, Golda keeps a Fire Dust crystal here, though she has others, like Lightning, if needed. Fire Dust makes her weapon leave a blazing trail, while Lightning Dust shocks enemies on contact.

Semblance & Abilities


Blazing Sun. WIP.

- Some type of flash...


Golda is a speed and precision-oriented fighter, kinda like her leader. However, unlike Baila, Golda doesn't rely much on acrobatics. Just observation and speed. Her fighting-style basically consists of finding/knowing an opponent's weak spots, then bashing/thrusting at said points over and over.

The reason she's the main info-supplier is because of her charisma - thanks to it, Golda has a wealth of contacts whom she can call up pretty much anytime.

Golda's Stats :

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Class ???
Job Melee-fighter
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Critical Damage
Attack Speed
Dust Use
Semblance Power
Parry/Block Rating
Vitality (Fitness)
Tech Skill
Movement Speed
       ~Adapted from Jollyjo by JayHart
Battle Skill
Semblance Mastery
Social Charm

Trivia & Author's Notes

  • Golda means "gold" in Yiddish.
  • Hodele comes from Hodel, a Yiddish diminutive of Hadassah, meaning "myrtle tree" in Hebrew.


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