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Goose Hubbard



Aura-Enhanced Scalpel


FemaleIcon Female








1.75 metres


62 kg

Hair Color

Light Yellow

Eye Color



Healing of Others

Professional Status

Beacon Academy


Head Nurse

Personal Status


Goose Hubbard is a Huntress and a staff member at Beacon Academy. With an Aura with the Healing Semblance, she is the Head Nurse at Beacon and is hence in charge of the medical care and recuperation of injured students, along with being the one who prepares the bodies of killed students to send back to their families. While she does not usually get involved in fights anymore, in her Huntress years, she was known for using a chainsaw-type weapon. Now, she uses a simple scalpel, with Aura enhancing it.






As Head Nurse of one of the most established Huntsman Academies, Goose Hubbard is highly versed in curative techniques, remedies and medicine, as well as having significant knowledge about Aura for times when a patient's Aura is damaged. Years of experience and thousands of injured students have granted Goose an incredible databank of knowledge of the types of injuries that a Hunter can incure and can easily determine on sight what sort of creature of Grimm, or weapon, has inflicted a certain injury. Years of also preparing dead bodies has given her a mastery at it and she always strives to make it so that the bodies look like as if they were never damaged.

Her Aura is of the Healing Semblance and is specifically tailored to heal others, meaning she cannot use it on herself. In exchange, its effects are considerably intensified, meaning that she can seal wounds, both external and internal, in seconds, heal and fix back broken bones in minutes and even apply itself to a person's mental state, giving off a calming effect. She cannot, however, regenerate less significant entities, such as blood and the cells within it or nerves, meaning most of the time blood loss and nervous damage are the most common causes of death or permanent incapacitation under her care, besides instant-death scenarios.

Before her tenure as a nurse, Goose's Hunter years were with the use of a chainsaw-type weapon that she has 'fond memories of', but now when she needs to do battle, she makes use of a simple scalpel, with her Aura sent through it to enhance its sharpness. Despite not having a proper weapon, Goose is still considered a formidable force, with no one short of Ozpin in Beacon daring to cross her. The strongest student Vulturn, upon sight of her with a scalpel, deduced that her "explicit knowledge of the human anatomy" could have been easily converted to be used in the art of killing.


  • Goose Hubbard is named after the two Mothers, Mother Goose and Mother Hubbard, both characters from the world of nursery rhymes and both represent an archetypal old country woman.
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