Gora Grump is a former Beacon student currently living his life as a mercenary.

Gora Grump
Age 19 (Pre-Fall)

20 (Post-Fall)

Alias "Mother Nature"
Nickname Gor
Status Active
Color Forest Green
Gender Male
Race Human
Born 28th November
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Black
Eyes Hazel
Semblance Overgrowth
Height 5'9"
Weight 145 lbs
Professional Status
Social Rank Middle Class
Affiliation Beacon




Partner Fionn Mac Lugh
Occupation Former Hunter-In-Training


Job Types Marksman


Additional Info
Likes Hunting, Animals, Sexually dominant people, Dust, and Alcohol
Dislikes Fast food, Ignorant people, The White Fang, and Himself
Special Skills Marksmanship, Dust Casting, Tracking, Stealth, and Archery
Weaknesses Cockiness, Over reliance on tricks, Low strength, and Masks issues by putting on a smile


Standing at an average 5'9" Gora is usually seen with a bottle of scotch in his hand or a smirk across his lips, and at times both. If you were to look at his ears closely there are is a silver device hooked around each one resembling a pair of ear buds. He has a set of trained hazel eyes that casually assess every person he interacts with, seemingly judging them as they stride through the door. Gora wears his black hair casually swept to one side. He stands confidently seemingly assured of his social prowess and ability to talk his way out of a situation if need be. A hand is always in close proximity to his quiver, whether that means holding his drink lower than normal or anything else.

His casual clothing consist of: An almost mustard green long sleeve cargo shirt with a set of gun metal grey buttons running down the middle and a pair of comfortable baggy mustard green cargo pants. Adorning his rather basic clothes is a pair of dark silver bracers that cover his forearms and hand, segmented in their formation. Flowing out of each individual segment of the bracers are dark green vines, carefully devoid of thorns. On his shins there are a pair of rather ornate dark silver greaves that go from his ankle to his knee. flowing from the edges of the greaves are an almost connected spiderweb of carefully cultivated vines.On his right thigh there is a T-shaped quiver attached via 2 straps directly to his thigh pulled taught against his pants.

If one was to remove his clothes and inspect his body they would see Gora's lithe swimmers build body. His body shows occasional scarring, a claw looking to belong to a Beowolf runs from his left side to just below his left pectoral. Calves are toned from training along with the rest of his lower body.

On stealth missions Gora wears a HyDE suit to allow him to blend into his surroundings and change disguises at will.






  • The Shocktrap Arrow is based off Mizuame a thing used in Japanese candy as sweetener
  • The Gas and Spark Arrow combination is based off the reaction of a hydrogen/oxygen mixture plus a flame
  • Gora is bosnian for "Forest".
  • Alchemilla is a green flower.