Gora Grump
Age 18
Status Alive
Color Forest Green
Gender Male
Race Caucasian
Born September, 28th
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair Dark green
Eyes Hazel
Semblance Tiwaz
Height 5'10
Weight 135lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation (Formerly) Beacon
Team (Formerly) GLME
Partner Fionn Mac Lugh
Occupation Vigilante
Additional Info
Likes Hunting ,Animals


Gora is a light-skinned male of average weight and average height, he has short messy dark green hair and hazel eyes.

Gora wears a camouflage sweatshirt with matching camouflage pants and a pair of dark green steel towed boots. Around his neck he has a camouflage half face-mask and a camouflage boonie hat held on by its strap.


Realizing that he would no longer be operating in jungles he decided to switch to a more urban style of camouflage. He has ditched his hat in favor of a dark green hoodie, while still keeping his camo pants and Facemask


Born in a small shack in a forest just outside a small city in Vale Gora was born to a less than wealthy couple. With the mother being disabled and the father an animal hunter, Gora soon learned the tricks of hunting, and tracking animals at a young age. When his father grew to old to keep hunting Gora took up animal hunting as a profession, Determined to make his family happy he started advertising himself as being able to find any animal and kill it a claim he could usually back up. One day he was hired to track a beast, said to have killed the employers cousin, thinking it was a wolf or something similar he took the job. After tracking its tracks he found a Beowulf. Upon recognizing the creature from some stories his parents told him, He quickly ran to the village calling out for aid until 2 hunters ventured out in the forest, Gora leading them to Beowulf using its tracks, He watched as they killed the beast

After watching the hunters in action he aspired to be like them, He sent off to signal determined to join and become a hunter. Not without leaving his parents a parting gift, A house in the village nearby as with his father being to old and his mother being disabled, they could not work from out in the woods.

Upon graduating at signal, Gora applied at beacon, During the initiation he got partned with Fionn MacLugh, after finishing initiation he became the leader of team GLME.


After the battle of beacon Gora decided to stay in vale, taking up the role of a vigilante with his partner fionn. As a vigilante Gora has decided to protect the people of vale by eliminate its scum, Criminals and the white fang. When Gora is not a vigilante he lives in a rundown boxing gym named "The Boxcutter" There he has formed his own little community where anyone can come and Learn, Spar, and Teach.


Gora is an overconfident, studious kid. He is quick to boast of his abilities often making up false claims about things he has killed. He is an imaginative person always writing down stories to pass the time. He used to be a supporter of the white fang until the battle of beacon happened, After that happened her grew great resentment of them, to the point he declared it hunting season on all their members.


Gora is a skill archer and marksmen able to accurately hit a target at up to 500 Yards.Gora is a master of innovation skilled in using his surroundings and turning them into a plus for him. He prefers to use Guerrilla warfare preferring to hide in densely packed areas such as forests, using the terrain against the opponent. His main use on missions is mainly crowd control killing packs of lower grimm such as Beowulfs, When facing a stronger grimm he might pull out his spear arrows. While not the strongest fighter in close combat, he still is a difficult opponent.By using his semblance he can completely throw off the balance in an opponents weapon making blocking and attacking awkward for his opponents, combined with his agility and his use of Savate and of the deathstalker style of grimm chance, which he learned from a teacher at his gym makes him a strong opponent.


Goras' semblance is Tiwaz and is a black rune that generates an anti-gravity field when placed for up to one minute and thirty seconds. It works like this, Say there is a metal pole with the Center of Balance direclty n the middle, If Tiwaz is placed above the Center of Balance only the parts above the Center of Balance is effected, Same with Below. However, this rune can only be placed when Gora is in physical contact with the desired target, operates only on inanimate objects, and a limit of one active rune per placement.

There are several applications of this Semblance; for example, when placed on an object's center of mass, the whole weight is negated, allowing the object to operate as if gravity was not present. Gora typically uses the Semblance defensively by changing the weight of an opponent's weapon to throw them off balance. This does not come without some danger to himself, however, as physical contact is a mandatory condition to place and activate the rune meaning he must carefully time her rune injections if he does not wish to be hurt.



Alchemilla is an old recurve bow inherited by Gora when his father got to old to work, When Gora arrived at Signal the bow got a major face lift, The bow saw itself upgraded with folding limbs, A lighter and stronger metal base, And a new compartment to house the extra string needed for Greatbow mode.

Greatbow mode is Goras trump card from range a bow standing at 6 feet tall. How it transforms is the limbs extend out from the bow, The limbs extending causes the full string from the bow to be used. While Gora is'nt the strongest hunter the lightweight metals more than make up for the difference. The bow has tremendous range and raw power being able to punch through metal and grimm with little to no difficulty.


The quiver is an over the shoulder/hip quiver able to hold 33 arrows, among these arrows are

  • Gas Arrow- Releases a gas blinding enemies in the gas but the gas is also highly combustible. Mix with spark arrow.
  • Spark Arrow- On impact a sparks start flying from the arrow will inside the arrow itself is a flare which slowly lets off colored smoke. It sticks using a small bit of gravity dust. Use as signal/Mix with Gas Arrow
  • Explosive Arrow- Arrow explodes on contact
  • ShockTrap Arrow- A syrupy like substance sprays out of the arrow, While the substance constricts movements the arrow shocks the opponents in the substance for 600 Amps.
  • Razor Tip Arrow - A sharp arrow as sharp as a shaving razor, While some may consider it lackluster compared to his other arrows its usefulness is not to be underestimated.
  • Jawbreaker Arrow - An arrow with a hard ball of metal where the head should be, Made to knockout targets and use pure force to damage opponents
  • Spear Arrow: A 3 foot jagged spear with a nocked back piece. Used with greatbow mode, 3 carried.




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