Gray Lupis
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Age 18
Status Active
Gender Male
Race Faunus (Wolf)
Handedness Left-handed
Hair Dark Blue
Eyes Maroon
Height 5'8"
Weight 153 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Likes Killing (but doesn't want to), being alone, his enemies (Gives him a chance to kill something and not worry about it), Velvet?
Dislikes Annoying people, his father


Gray Lupis is a young, tough looking male that is well built. He is very strong but is not big. He is more toned. He is 5'8" and weighs 153 lbs.

His hair is a dark blue that is so dark that it looks black. His eyes are maroon. He only wears two colors: grey and black. He wears a  sleeveless trench coat with a collar that is gray that goes down to his feet. His trench coat is usually buttoned up because he doesn't where an undershirt. Over his trench coat is a dark gray sash, where he holds his greatsword. His right arm has a black glove. His right shoulder has a black pauldron. His glove and shoulder armor is connected with a black bandage. 

He wears black pants under his coat and has black, shiny leather boots. 


Gray is known to be a lone wolf. He likes being alone and fighting alone. He also doesn't like socializing with his classmates since he thinks talking is a waste of time. Most girls of Beacon find him attractive but are kind of scared of him due to his scary attitude. He may act like a jerk to annoying people but that doesn't mean he he does not care for his fellow classmates. Gray would do anything to protect them even if it does not seem like he would. He specializes in hiding his emotions very well. When Gray encounters an enemy, you'll see the sadistic side of him. He likes to see his enemies suffer and die slowly. It is also hinted that he has a crush on Velvet due to the fact that he blushes every time she talks to him. However, he doesn't know how to express his emotions so he doesn't do anything about it.


Gray is a Faunus that is part wolf. Over the years, it was tradition for the Lupis family to be part of the White Fangs. His father, Mardok, trained Gray and his brother ,Rain, to be blood thirsty killers so they can join the White Fangs. Gray became part of the White Fangs who took on many missions. Gray was

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never a killer who would kill someone for no reason. However, during a raid on a defenseless village, he watched in horror as his brother killed innocent children. While attempting to stop his brother, he accidentally kills him. Realizing what he has done, he ran away from the White Fangs known as a traitor. After the incident, he blamed his father for making him and his brother bloodthirsty beasts. He then vows to kill his father and everyone who  stands in his way. To cut off his ties with his own family, he ended up cutting off his own ears and tail. Then, he disappeared. Two years later, he appears again as a student of Beacon Academy.

Full Moon

Full Moon is a pump-action railgun-greatsword. His dust-powered railgun can hold six rounds and is able to fire a projectile 255 miles in six minutes. However, his railgun takes a few seconds to charge before it fires and it takes a very long time to reload it. Because of this, it makes it nearly impossible to reload his weapon during a battle. To fire a shot, he has to jerk the handle of his greatsword backward (hence pump-action). His greatsword is 6'5" making it a nice long-ranged weapon. He usually carries his sword in a sheath behind his sash. His overall weapon is black ,grey, white, and a little bit of red.

Fighting Ability

Gray's Full Moon is a dust-powered railgun-greatsword. Even with a sword that big, he is able to swing it it like a normal sword due to his strength. His strength is unbeatable but his speed is average. However, the key trait that gives him an advantage in every battle is his semblance, instinct. With his instinct he is able to adapt in any situation. His semblance kind of works like Spiderman's spidey senses allowing him to be able t o dodge or react to almost everything. It is rumored that due to his semblance, he is able to block, dodge, and even catch bullets. Gray works very well fighting in all ranges. His railgun can be used for great long-ranged battles, and his greatsword is good for mid and close-ranged battles. However, his railgun can only hold 6 rounds and it takes a while to reload it causing him to not be able to reload it during a battle. He is very good at strategizing plans and identifying moves, allowing him to find perfect opportunities to fire his railgun.

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