Grayson WIP
Age 17
Title Student
Nickname Geek-son
Status LGND Member
Color Orange
Gender Male
Race Human
Species Homo Sapiens
Handedness Right
Complexion Rugged
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Height 5'11"
Weight 185 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Additional Info
Likes Science
Dislikes Stupid People

Grayson is a member of team LGND


Grayson hails from a Kingdom to the west, raised in a slum area known as Dark Flats. He eventually scrounged up enough money to attend a school, where he became deeply fascinated by Science. However, his school was Attacked by Grimm when an experement in teleportation technology went awry, and the incident was Barely contained. During the incident was when Grayson discovered his natural instinct for combat. It was witnessed by his school's Headmaster, and he was immediately transferred to Beacon. He kept the Iron Crow  - An experimental weapon he designed - as a momento of the incident, and to remind him of why he fights.


Grayson harbors a deep understanding of advanced and theoretical physics. When he is not busy with classwork (Which is usually the case, as he blazes through assignments) He is often found attempting to crack open the mysteries of the universe through science.

He is quiet, bordering on antisocial. He only speaks when required, and is blunt and honest when he does speak. He tends to prefer being alone, working on his physics theories and thought experiments.

Depite his anti-social tendencies he's rather friendly, choosing to befriend classmates and co-workers as to work with them more easlily. This is reflected in his experements, his goal always being the benefit of all good beings of Vytal.

Weapons and Abilities

Iron Crow- A seemingly simple Metal staff with a cane-like top. Folds halfway down to create a Shotgun/Grnade Launcher combo.

He is very acrobatic, performing seemingly Physics-defying stunts. His expertise with science helps him improvise tactics, often in unexpected ways.

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