"Deal with the circumstances you are dealt, that is the only option."
— Grayson "Forge" Smith


Steel Smith
Age 19
Nickname Forge
Color Gray
Gender Male
Race Faunus
Species Snow Leopard
Born December 7
Handedness Ambidextrous (prefers right)
Hair Gray
Eyes Gray
Height 5'8
Weight 150
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Additional Info
Likes Milk, Reading, Practicing, Exercising
Special Skills Agile, Fast, Tactical, Common sense, Communicating
Weaknesses Book Smarts, Long Range Fighting, Overly hot temperatures

Tree-Anvil Emblem

Thanks to: Demetri Anacona


Snow Leopard Faunus, greyish-white tail with black spots. .He is athletically built with, grey hair with distinctive grey eyes. He wears a steel grey jacket with black trim and a light-ice blue shirt and jeans. He wears grey gloves as well.

Back Story

Scan 2

Grayson With his dual swords

Grayson’s parents were both Faunus who were killed during a protest. He grew up in the streets, learning to become street smart, and quick on his toes. The snowy climate was harsh, and the ground cold. He learned to enjoy being up in the snow-covered trees, leading to a color scheme of his cloths witch help him blend in. He found comfort in the trees and uses them as his own personal get 

away or when he just needs some time to think. While searching for food he started to steal what he needed from any villages he found unitl a wealthy, kind hearted man found him. He was a blacksmith, and didn't discriminate against a faunus. It was the first time that had ever happened to Steel before.He learned combat and how to create weapons earning the nickname “Forge” in the process by the locals who started to slowly accept him as a part of their close knit community.. Little by little things got easier, he found his way into Beacon Academy, where he began to make friends, he faced slight persecution for his heritage but little about is past is common knowledge. As homage to his mentor, he wears an anvil as his emblem. He finds he has a love of milk, which was the best thing he was able to find after coming to Beacon Academy.


                 He is very street smart with a sarcastic tone. He his light hearted but serious about survival. Growing up on the streets he became savvy about the dregs of society. Spending a lot of time in questionable situations he has become a skilled fighter and tends to be very confident in battle. Forge isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty; he is often quick to act, stemming from his heightened fight or flight instincts from growing up on the streets.  Even though he has a rough past, he perseveres behind a great sense of humor, and lovable persona, which allows him to connect with people.



                   Grayson has two dagger sized throwing knives he made with excess medal and mechanisms for transforming them to their next shape. Press the emblem button, (the anvil) on each dagger to change their shape. The darker one transforms into a spear which can use impace dust to amplify the throwing if neccisary, while the other transforms into a trident which specializes in ice dust. Originally designed to help him find food and survive on his own, he became well versed in defending himself with them, and grew comfortable enought to be able to fight with them. The reason he has two is because in the dagger form he can throw one adding some distance to his fighting style, while still being able to fight some mid range and expert close range. Even so, his long range is still very limited. 


            Unknown as of this time. Awaiting additional Cannon info. 

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