There are those who reminisce eagerly on their past, and look to the future with hope. There are those who regret every decision they have made, and devalue their own life.

Then there are those who have no past to build on, and no future to look to.
Grayson Kobayashi
Age 17
Alias Ranger
Status Active
Color Green/Gray
Gender Male
Race Asian
Species Human
Born March 20th (reportedly)
Handedness Slightly right-handed, almost ambidextrous
Complexion Pale tan
Hair Black
Eyes Green
Semblance Bioshock
Height 5' 8"
Weight 130 lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Teammates:
Occupation Student
Additional Info
Special Skills Martial arts,

professional violinist


He appears as a rather short figure, with a mottled emerald cloak covering his upper back. The cloak is frayed and torn at the edges, indicating a long history. His insignia, a three-pointed maple leaf, is displayed with white stitches, again well-worn. However, if one looks closely, the threads are slightly newer than the surrounding cloth; Grayson doesn't let his cloak go completely unkempt. Thick leather straps surround his torso under the vest for utility, including a small satchel at his side. The cloak itself is mottled for forest camouflage, with the exception of a symbol depicting a three pointed maple leaf on the back of the cloak. One unusual trait of him is his thin green eyes, which is not commonplace among his race.

He has a very short build compared to other boys his age, and his muscles, while powerful, are not as developed, giving off the impression that he's young for his age. His shoulders are slightly wider than his hips, and his thick, messy hair covers his ears and nape.


Grayson was found in a clearing a few miles outside of Vale at the age of 5, covered in scratches and chased by Grimm. The patrolling Huntsmen would experience some casualties, as the Grimm chasing him were of particularly powerful species. Through it, however, Grayson would eventually be welcomed in Vale through the arms of a solitary Huntress. Grayson was shipped to a orphanage located a bit far from the city center.

He was a part of a social study conducted for the purpose of reviewing personalities developed outside of the cities in the hopes of forming a more unified community and developing good practices to keep away Grimm. What the adults involved in the study observed was rather... intriguing. Grayson showed no interest whatsoever in friends or light conversation, and even opted to play alone. Most of the time, he would spend his days away playing chess on the computer, and when one of the children tried to get close, he would either lash out with muted hostility or run away.

It was posited that he was acting that way because of the environment around him, rather than his own preference. The children always acted rather mean to each other due to the apathetic atmosphere that the orphanage gave off. Perhaps it was the children's way of preventing sad partings, or a coping mechanism to vent out their frustration. Nevertheless, it was posited that Grayson saw this, and decided to develop his difficult attitude in order to protect himself.

After a few days of observation, the researchers then proceeded to use various methods to improve the atmosphere: improving housing conditions, setting times for scheduled activities, and hiring amiable supervisors. They proved to be effective in changing the children's moods, but Grayson would remain among the unfazed few who didn't trust the sudden, unfamiliar environment.

There was one who then attempted to bring him out of his social phobia: a girl named Lydia Kobayashi, who was known among the researchers as a bright and cheerful child, with a good amount of intelligence to match. She was brought in by her father, who was one of the scientists conducting the experiment.

However, it would prove that she also shared a common trait with Grayson: a fierce tenacity in competition. Their first encounter involved a chess match, of which Grayson won, amid much frustration and pouting. Later matches, however, would prove Lydia's skill, and their time together turned into that of quiet, tense games of wit and foresight. It would also serve as the formation of the closest of bonds between children. Near the end of the study, Grayson was promptly adopted into the Kobayashi family.

From a young age, Lydia always wanted to be a Huntress. She was raring to get into a combat training school as soon as she could. Grayson could only follow, as he had formed an extremely close bond to her, and he had an unusual amount of loyalty. Lydia would enter Harbor Academy

Fall of Beacon

Grayson was holding down a crumbling chokepoint, fending off a horde of Boarbatusk during the destruction of the academy. His teammates were also performing the same roles of safeguarding the evacuation of students, but in separate locations. Grayson wasn't the type of leader to split his forces, but as communication had broken down, he had no choice



Grayson's weapon of choice, Kofuku, is classified as a Tactical Hybrid Heavyweight Axe (THHA). Its base form consists of two rather large hatchets: the blades take an unusual half-moon shape encompassing the head of each handle, and end in narrow tapered points. The axe heads are large enough to span Grayson's shoulder length, covering his upper torso.

The sniper cartridges of Kofuku contain special rounds consisting of very high density powdered Dust encased in special metal alloy shells. This results in the sniper rounds to pack quite a punch when they hit, creating explosions on impact with Aura or hard surfaces. The rounds will pierce through soft targets. In each bullet casing the Dust is split equally into two separate compartments. When in the sniper mode, one of the compartments serves to launch the shell at the enemy, and the other remaining compartment is reserved to either explode when it hits a hard target, or just simply pierce the enemy if entering soft flesh. Each cartridge contains 6 rounds for the sniper mode.  

The shotgun ammunition, on the other hand, can be loaded with various types of Dust, resulting in many types of effects when used, such as smokescreens, suppression, and plain elemental buckshot. The recoil in the shotgun rounds are also very high as well, and can be used in agile melee combat situations. The cartridges used for this each contain 20 shells. The reload time itself is usually around 1 second or more for each of the cartridges. Grayson will retreat to a safe distance depending on the enemy whenever he needs to recover. 

Other Gadgets

Grayson also carries a few flashbangs for times when he needs to retreat and recover.

Combat Style

Grayson relies on his stealth, speed and consequent impact to surprise and confuse opponents, and retreats when they regain awareness of the battle, letting his teammates handle the brunt of the combat. To trip up his opponents in close combat, he regularly switches between the twin hatchet mode and the heftier shotgun double-headed axe mode. 

Grayson's style when it comes to his weapon is similar to Ruby's, except much more quick and agile than the Sniper Scythe, adopting a discipline akin to Sun Wukong's. 

When operating as a unit, Grayson usually performs long-range support with his sniper rifle and spotting threats from a distance. However, if the situation gets bad, then he will help out his teammates in close range.

Due to his weak stamina and armor, along with his disposition as a team leader, Grayson always notes the weaknesses and strengths of foes while he himself is fighting. He usually surveys his opponents first for any possible weak spots before charging into battle, usually attacking first with the sniper form of Kokibou. If that proves to be ineffective, he will then charge with caution to the enemy. He's aggressively fast when it comes to close combat, letting few openings become available for a counterattack. Grayson is also extremely resourceful, using terrain and various objects to his advantage.


Grayson's semblance, called Bioshock, allows him to enhance selective muscles on his body to react to certain situations. To clarify, the semblance doesn't take strength from other muscles to enhance the selected muscles; rather, the semblance just enhances the selected muscles. During the time that the semblance is active, Grayson can enhance five sets of muscles at a time (i.e. the triceps of both his arms), but only takes a split second to switch between sets of muscles. This can also enable Grayson to rush at the opponent at blinding speeds, if deemed necessary by him. However, the semblance necessitates the burning of Aura, and the more strength he uses or the longer he uses his semblance, the more Aura he sacrifices. In some recorded cases, he was able to level multiple small buildings, at the expense of a week's worth of recovery afterwards.

In the past, Grayson could strengthen only one set of muscles, and would use it for rather menial tasks. Upon Lydia's disablement, he exercised his abilities more to satisfy his desire for competition, and also to take his mind off of depression. Through rigorous training, his semblance grew to the point that it is today, and will continue to grow with time.


Often on the never-ending river, one will encounter many other waterways, with many dangers and wonders to experience. Roll with it, for there is no turning back.

His teammates can only describe Grayson as a stickler when it comes to certain regimens. He commands the team with a voice full of urgency, and is very strict when coming up with new strategies and tactics to employ, often to Yara's dismay. He's also quite hard on himself: a diligent student with generally good grades, and a proficient player of chess and the violin are among the more famous talents he possesses.

In fact, he often blames himself for most failures; his role as a team leader certainly doesn't help when losing against another team. His brow wrinkles at the slightest indication of a grade drop, and his sighs deepen the worse he plays his strings. He's very stubborn on his ways as well, but rather than bulldoze his way up, he finds other paths to take.

He considers himself kind to his teammates to an extent as well, but he knows he can do better. At least, he doesn't use rather provocative wording or use passive-aggressive tones when dealing with other people, even those who blatantly neglect common courtesy. But, he doesn't keep many friends outside of his teammates and his family, choosing to invest his time in being as high-performing as he is. When he does interact, he tends to look away shyly, carefully thinking of what to say.

In any type of competition, he gives it his all. He has justified this behavior himself with the reasoning that because it is a game in itself that he can give it his all, rather than actual situations where his choices have significant impact. In matches, Grayson is consistently more of a force to reckon with, but on missions, he acts cautiously, almost to the point that he sometimes misses opportunities to act.

His character was affected largely by Lydia, as she filled the role of both being a good opponent and a good friend. With the accident, it effectively isolated Grayson into his loner personality, that not even his teammates could help to the same effect.
This character is created by and belongs to Reimaru Natsukaze.


  • Grayson is mainly based off of Halt from the Ranger's Apprentice series.
  • Kobayashi is made of the Japanese kanji "child" and "forest".
  • In his backstory, the name Lydia references the first documented convert to Christianity, Lydia of Thyatira. She was known before her conversion for selling purple cloth, and hence was known as "The Woman of Purple", among other titles.

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