Episode 1 of the OC Battledome.  The battle of pirate accessories. I shall consult with my over-analysis team, and post the thrilling battle on next friday. Discuss your thoughts on the match below in the comments for higher chances of being chosen to have your character fight.

Research and statistics.


Age 17

Combat experience: 4 years combat experience, mostly combat school.

Power feats: Destroyed 9 Mecha men with one Uzi volley of standard ammo. Effortlessly put his hand through steel and ripped a pipe out of a wall. Caved in the face of an Ursa with a propulsion assisted elbow.

Speed feats: Stated average RWBYverse.

Durability Feats: Average RWBYverse, augmented by Aura. (Has a controversial electricity weakness, but was horrendous levels of Bunnying, thus non-canon)

Weapon desc: Uzis with explosive rounds/small bowie knife sized bayonette

--Incendiary rounds, stated power: 1/4 of an RPG --Propulsion ammo, used only for movement, strikes a surface and bursts wind around it. --Cracked propulsion ammo, Basically makes the wind blast from right in front of him automatically.

-Propelled fist hand to hand. (Uses the propulsion ammo in a backwards stance to erupt his attacks forward)

-Bent lotus (Pretty much Muay Thai)

-2 7 inch daggers for melee combat. Has been trained in all his weapons proficiently.

-Pirate hat contains blades/weighs ten pounds. (Can oddjob that shit) It is.... Oddly specifically Fireproof.

-Semblance covers his hands with pretty much glass edges, making him able to cut into things.

Weaknesses: Sadistic levels of 4th Wall breaking jokes. Easily aggrivated.


Age 22

Combat experience: A life of protecting his brother, but the combat involved is vague, estimated low threat level, until the Darren fight. Two years combat training at Beacon.

Power feats: Oneshotted a Beowolf with the dust blast function. Beat team BLAM in a 1 vs 4.

Speed feats: Has a distinctly Agile fighting style, involving flips and jumps. Also has an above average combat speed, able to dodge and parry gunfire.

Durability Feats: Had a massive axe cut his chest, didn't have aura on, I guess. Standard Aura durability otherwise.

Weapon desc: 2 Hook Longswords that also function as Red dust crossbows.

Semblance is a once per fight full heal.

Weaknesses: Eyepatch and missing an eye. Depth perception is low. Is a smoker. Besides being gross for that reason, his stamina is effected. Headstrong and rushes into things without thinkng at times.

The Battle

Standing in a massive abandoned warehouse, Verda and Greg stood apart from eachother at twenty meters in the main lane. Both stood with their hands on their weapons, a somewhat uninterested look plastered on Greg's face. "I hope you know, if I get bored, I'm not sticking around."

Verda chuckled, taking a swig from his flask. "Staying or leaving is the least of your concerns, especially when they scrape you off the floor." Suddenly, a booming voice echoed out, seemingly from nowhere and everywhere simultaneously.

"Ready... Fight!"

In that one word, four weapons were torn from their holding cases, and Greg dashed perpendicular to his green-clad foe. He was being hailed by Verda's automatic fire, and as Greg reached the cover of one of the shelves, a single shot clipped his thigh, sending him spiraling into a nearby shelf. Quickly glancing at his scroll from the safety of his cover, Greg saw that the attack had clearly done a decent number on his aura. "Ugh... Obnoxious as hell..."

From the main lane, Verda strafed to try to get a better vantage point, swapping out to his propulsion ammo to leap on top of a pallet rack. He aimed his BASR uzis towards where Greg had gone into cover, letting loose a few shots to keep the guy in cover. As he immediately felt a sense of dread from his aura, Verda dove off the rack, catching a bar and hoisting himself onto the next one over, just barely dodging a swing from Greg's sword. 

Greg didn't relent though, dashing over the gap making a slash for Verda's torso. Spinning his uzis around, Verda used the propulsion ammo to slam away the sword's hit. At the last moment of contact though, the hook section of the sword caught one of Verda's guns, yanking it away and throwing it a distance across the warehouse. Now with only one weapon, Verda immediately went onto the defensive, using his remaining gun to burst himself away, changing clips as he flew back and spraying a storm of incendiary ammo at Greg. 

The first bullet reached Greg as he tried to cut it out of the air, setting the round off. Fire burst from the round, knocking the man down off the pallet rack as several bullets hit him, weakening his aura further. Smirking, Verda leapt over, knowing he firmly held the advantage. He aimed the gun down at Greg, not expecting to have a blast of red dust energy fly up at him, slamming him in the jaw. 

Being launched back, Verda tumbled off the rack, landing hard on his chest on the ground, though he managed to get up quickly enough, slipping a different ammo clip into his uzi. Greg moved quickly from his initial spot, upon his enemy in a mere moment, two blades pointed at Verda's neck. "You done?" He said with a smirk.

With a scoff, Verda shrugged. "Not yet, but we will be soon..." He pulled the trigger, propulsion ammo bursting the two away from eachother. As Verda skid back, he saw Greg stand back up straight, all signs of injury gone is a flash of light. ".....Oh for fuck's sa-" He was cut off as a blade came forward, nearly cutting his neck had he not bent backwards, using the momentum to kick Greg's chin. 

Greg didn't react much to the kick, but he started pelting Verda with red dust blasts, the first year student dodging most, but a few blasts slamming into him. Becoming staggered, that chance was met with a strong horizontal slash, knocking Verda back to one knee. In addition, the hook blade caught his uzi, sending it to the ground. Verda spit up blood, his aura spent. Greg chuckled, walking over and lighting a cigar. "That healing semblance is a bitch, isn't it? See? You've got nothing in this fight, kid."

Verda chuckled, shaking his head. "Well, I've got..." He coughed a bit. "The element of... Surprise!" He took his weighted hat from his head, turning abruptly and using the extra momentum to launch it at Greg's face. Though the aura took the hit, Greg was very staggered, Verda reaching his uzi as Greg leapt back high to regain his surroundings. He fired a propulsion round at the ground next to himself, launching him at the retreating enemy. He caught Greg in midair, flipping him and smashing into the ground atop him with his knee. 

Still though, that aura held. With a frustrated groan, Verda punched Greg in the head, changing clips to his incendiary ammo, leaping to his feet, and starting to unload the clip into Greg. At first, the aura kept holding, but eventually it was too much. The aura was breached, and as the highly destructive rounds kept going, little was left of a torso as the clip ran dry, mere clicks following the loud noise before it. With a sigh, Verdantos Grenice put his hat back on his head, taking another sip from his flask.

The Verdict

Though Greg has much higher degrees of speed and experience over Verda, Verda's weapons far outdo Greg's. Ever Greg's bullet parrying speed does little against such destructive ammunition. And even though Greg has taken grevious injuries before, little prepares a body for damage of that magnitude. In addition, Verda's knowledge of swordfighting styles in addition to those he uses would make him far more able to read Greg's moves than Greg being able to read Verda's unique style of the Propulsion fist and his uzis. This fight's winner is Verdantos Grenice.

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