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Gretel Sigrunn Truid.
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Age 17.
Title Desert orchid.
Alias Mien Silverwood.
Nickname Gret.
Color Fire brick.
Gender Female
Species Human.
Hair Long light brown hair.
Eyes Deep emerald green eyes.
Height 5'8.
Weight Never ask a woman about her weight.
Professional Status
Affiliation Silverwood clan. (Adoptive family.)
Team Team OGRE.
Partner Olivine Munsell.
Occupation Huntress in training.


Gretel has a average figure with a bit of muscle on her arms and no known scars.

Her clothing is a scarlet kimono styled jacket adorned with pictures of flowers around the sleeves with a black fur hood and light red stylish trousers. Her top is a light red and light yellow kimono shirt. She has long sleeves on her jacket where she hides a large supply of explosive shurikens, and her Rapid-fire Beam Claws. She also carries with her a small gold necklace that was given to her by her parents.

Her emblem is a firebrick desert rose.
Desert Flower Emblem

Credit goes to Demetri Anacona.


1st year

She is a smart alack who is training purely for her pride. She is far less serious than her friend Kurai, finding her battles with both Grim and hunters amusing and voicing derogatory quips as she immobilizes them with her gadgets.

On the other hand, despite being a self-serving huntress, she is not without heroic qualities. She rarely preforms acts of malicious intent and, when the time comes for her to use her powers to prevent disaster, she tends to rise to the occasion. She only shows true kindness to her closest friends and gladly punch anyone who picks on the weak where it hurts.

She does possess a weakness for food due to her high metabolism and suffers from lack of balance and lose of breath when in high altitudes due to her fear of heights.

2nd year

Gretel has started to become a better deputy leader and tries her best to figure out how she can improve in this regard. She acts a bit more kindly to her friends and teammates and her never-give-up fighting spirit burns brighter than ever before.

She still has a fear of heights and a high metabolism, but she's less sensitive about the two subjects.

Weapons and Abilities

1st year

Gretel has numerous shrikens that have a various array of effects depending on the type of dust they contain. 

  • Red dust makes small explosions.
  • Blue dust can freeze an opponent.
  • Yellow dust can electrify an opponent.

She also carries with her rapid-fire beam claws she named War rose. They are long red claws with two turrets just above the claws that can fire a large round of small beams, the claws themselves can block a large variety of attacks.

She has a lot of acrobatic skills and a allround good level of strength, agility and reflexes due to her training when she worked alongside Kurai. After she left Masters organization she became a skilled aura user.

She also has decent skills as a weapons mechanic and tries to tune her teammates weapons with Olivines help to suit their fighting styles and abilities.

Gretel's semblance is called Ulfberht. She can create special runes that can either accelerate or reverse the vector (magnitude and direction) of a object or person. The acceleration works a lot like speed boosters in video games. She can place runs infront of her and whenever she or something passes through it, they get a major speed boost. When using the runes to reverse vectors, the person or object just gets pushed back as fast as their momentum is going. If they slow down before hitting the rune, the impact is less severe. Like all semblances, these runes do use up a bit of aura so Gretel needs to be careful about how many times she uses them in a battle.

2nd year

Still working as a deputy leader and a mechanic, Gretel does her best to support her team and trains regularly with her teammates and friends in Beacon making her grow in her all-round skills.

Thanks to Olivines help Gretel also learned a new running style. Using the theory of the American footballs 'change of pace' running style Gretel turns without slowing down, allowing her to dodge and attack a enemy without stopping and maintaining speed. She shortens her steps, stepping in one direction and then crossing over with the other foot. This causing the opponent to be unsure of which direction she will run.


She was born into a small village outside of the main cities. This village in particular was proud of its male warriors, due to this pride most women were looked down upon by most of the men. She spent most of her if being bullied so she trained herself to become a strong huntress and at the age of 10 became even stronger than most of the men. They let her train, thinking that she would undoubtedly fail, much to their annoyance she was surpassing most of her fellow students, even making her own weapon buy hand. Due to this they began to make fun of her at almost every chance they had, many of them got injured in the process.

She was often alone with nobody beside her. A man in a black robe named 'Master' then approached her and offered her the chance to become stronger in order to gain respect from her village. She accepted.

During her advanced training she became good friends with a renegade hunter called Kurai and a daughter of a famous gymnast called Laelia. They helped her get used to the training and together they created a advanced robot for training purposes by using some of the hi-tech machinery that belonged to Masters Realm. Gretel decided to call the robot Hansel and they became as close as bother and sister.

After a few years she got suspicious about why 'Master' was helping them train and where he got all of this advanced technology from and decided to leave. She asked Kurai and Laelia to join her and her 'brother' but the declined the offer. They then made for each other friendship bracelets.

She then joined Beacon Academy to become a professional huntress, still thinking that may be the only way she will gain respect from her fellow villagers. Her teammate is a hunter called Olivine and both became members of team OGRE. She later on with the help of a fellow student met Kurai and they promised that he would leave Master when they found and defeat Kurai's old nemesis Mask. Kurai also convinced her to help him train some of the students at Beacon in case Masters plans where of dark intentions.

She has recently smuggled Hansel into Beacon and pretends that he is a decorative ornament for her side of team OGREs dorm.


Notes and trivia.

  • Her theme song is Mark Holman - Nothing Can Stop Me Now.
  • Her battle theme is Little blue boX - 1 Dream.
  • She is loosely based on Gretel from 'Hansel and Gretel'.

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