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Grey of GHEO (Art by Lady_Vossler)

"Family? You think he's family? The only family I have, was the mentor he murdered in ignorance, and the team who have my back."

Grey 'Wyrm' is a member of Team GHEO , and specializes in close combat, with his Night Dragon Claws, as well as having proficiency in Dust Usage.

(Created by DevilMayCrye)


Grey has coal-grey hair, dark blue eyes, and slightly pale skin.

He has some patch work armour, alternating between leather and scale mail. He also has a very draconic helmet, which he only wears on missions. It belonged to his mentor, and he is still trying to figure out how to work the small amount of modifications inside the helmet.


Having been raised in a well off family, Grey has enough confidence in his actions in that he won't back down easily. If he sees a wrong, he does his best to right it, especially in regards to Faunus, who he's had nothing but good relations with.

He's bright, is loyal to his team mates, and likes learning new styles of fighting.

He dislikes small talk. Not because he hates talking, but mainly because he's often in his own world for long bouts of time, and he finds it distracting from his thinking.

However, he's also very cold to those he doesn't trust. Due to what his brother did


Grey was raised in a well off family, and was believed to be the heir apparent to the family and its various businesses. However, his younger brother deemed it appropriate to hunt and kill 'The Dragon Mage', a notorious 'murderer and thief' that was plaguing various businesses. Unbeknownst to the Family, Grey had been training with the Mage, and was learning about the world outside of the narrow view his family had forced upon him.

He gained an understanding, and respect for the Faunus, and even managed to get interest in Dust and Weapon Crafting.

However, his younger brother managed to seemingly kill the Mage, bringing back his bloodied signature Draconic mask, gaining the respect and influence needed to wrest control of the family from Grey.

More shocked by the death of the Mage then by his brother taking control, Grey decided to shred his old life, and continue his training and become a Hunter. His goal is to find out more about the Dragon Mage, his motivations, and to find out how his brother actually managed to kill such a powerful warrior.

He doesn't hate his brother for what he did, but he now denies any claim of bloodkin between them.


Being raised in a well off family, allowed him to start tinkering at an early age. Not until his apprenticeship with the Mage did he really get interest, and start developing useful items. While not as skilled as most Beacon Students in weapon crafting, he is proficient enough in that his designs can be realized.

Grey's semblance is 'Well Balanced', which allows him really good control of his equilibrium/sense of balance, which helps him with his rather flashy and 'spinny' versions of the fighting styles he uses.


Grey actually plans on making a full set of different weapons, to complement the fighting styles he prefers using. While he knows he won't master any of these forms, he is more than happy being a Jack of all trades.

Naitodoragonkurō: The Naitodoragonkurō, or 'Night Dragon's Claws', are Clawed gauntlets that can extend the blades 3 inches to 6 inches, depending on the need. Referred to as the 'Kurō', these enable Grey to bring the fight straight to his enemies, and to get them off his team mates flanks. (In Thoery, currently being designed.)

Naitodoragonburesu: the Naitodoragonburesu, or 'Night Dragon's Breath', is a Wakizashi-styled Dust wand**. Referred to as the 'Buresu', this is Grey's only means of ranged combat. His not adept at Dust fighting yet, so he prefers to use it as a mid-range 'shock tactics' style weapon. (Since lot of Dust-related Lore is still unknown, and the two Definite Dust Users, Weiss and Glynda, use weapons that have a wand-like shape, I'll refer to it as a wand, until more info is revealed.)


Grey is in a quiet relationsip with Hunter Cassidy.They are very professional when together in public, only sharing intimiate moments in either moments of great need (e.g. before or after a particularly important fight) or in private.

He is also good friends with Ebony Lang . He enjoys her personality, and he like to see her happy.

Fun Facts

  • Wyrm is a typically name for wingless dragons, which Grey has adopted instead of his family name.
  • He has an almost zealous fascination with the concepts of Dragons, and the powers they are said to wield.
  • He has a similar name to the Unsullied Captain Grey Worm, from A Song of Fire and Ice (Thanks to DragonBossGala for pointing this out)