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My wings might be broken but as long as I have feet I don't need them, just like I don't need thick blood when I have clear water.

Wait a second, I didn't sign up for...THIS!
— Grizel when Bruno got chosen as the leader of the team

Grizel Svane
Age 18
Nickname Griselda (by Bruno)
Status Active
Color Gray
Gender Female
Race Human (of Faunus father and human mother)
Handedness Right-handed
Complexion Very pale
Hair White
Eyes Hazel
Semblance Overclocking
Height 178 cm
185 cm (when wearing heels)
Weight 73 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team BRGD
Partner Ryan Chartreuse
Occupation Student
Jobs Ballet dancer
Personal Status
Relatives - Plamya Svane (adoptive grandmother, tutor)
- Unnamed biological parents and siblings
Additional Info
Emblem Grizelicon50
Likes Dancing
Dislikes Her past
Special Skills - Strong
- Fast
- Resistant
Weaknesses - May lack armor
- Lack of AoE
- Prone to anxiety


Grizel is a tall girl with short white hair. She has hazel eyes and very pale skin. She's thin and athletic, with average-sized but tonified muscles, specially those of her legs. She has a D-cup and her body leans to an even hourglass shape.
Her outfit consists of a black/dark gray/silver/white short dress that resembles the one of a ballet dancer. Over it, she wears a gray corset and a dark gray dual weapon holder (sheath). She wears white tights, gray legwarmers with black ribbon tied over them, and white/black high-heeled shoes. In her hands she wears white gloves with silver trimming, and black, detached, tight long sleeves. She wears a black collar that covers part of her cheeks, and a dark gray/silver ballet hair accessory that covers her ears. She also wears a choker with a moonstone pendant.

Time skip

Grizel wears a ballet dress that's mainly black in color, with white and silver details. It also has blueish gray and white feathers with black tips over part of her arms, hips, and cleavage. She also wears a headpiece of the same color and material that covers her ears. She also wears a wide black choker with a moonstone pendant and black pearls. Also, she wears blueish gray pantyhose and black/silver high-heeled shoes with white tips that look similar to ballet shoes.


It could be said that Grizel is double-faced. To most of people, and most of times, she seems to be a cool, confident and serious person. She's assertive, formal, and doesn't like to use bad vocabulary (unless she loses her temper). Also, she tends to be cold and introverted, but not to the point of being asocial, and when she gets angry at somebody she reacts in a blunt, sometimes rude way, without hesitating to punch somebody if it's necessary.
Grizel has issues showing off her feelings because she doesn't want to come out as weak, and this is related to her "B-side": she's actually a very passionate person prone to anxiety. Since she's this way, she's a self-demanding perfectionist with fear of failure, and therefore a workaholic (so she tends to be a good student), and these traits make her hate when people do things in the "wrong" way and is an impatient person as well, therefore she always get annoyed with Bruno. However, she doesn't have current mental health issues besides her anxiety that can get too strong sometimes; she's a logical person and tries to ignore those uncomfortable feelings she gets, though if she has been bottling up anxiety chances are she could even get a panic attack.
Because of her childhood trauma (of being teased and abused because of her appareance) she cares a lot about her personal image/hygiene, doesn't trust in people easily, isn't fond of kids, and always wears nice clothes.
In battle she's probably the most offensive, harsher fighter of the team (even if she seems to be delicate), and this gets reflected in her dominant, somewhat femme fatale-ish personality as well. However, even if she looks serious most of times, she does have a sense of humor, though she only shows it off with her friends and people she's close to.
Since she's a workaholic, she does a lot of physical exercise and dancing, and prefers to eat healthy; besides dancing, she likes to do kickboxing and kalaripayattu.
Even if Bruno is the designated leader of the team, Grizel is also a natural leader, being second in charge (and sometimes just rejecting Bruno's orders, specially in her first year in Beacon).


Grizel had a hard childhood. Being the youngest child of five, of a lower middle-class family, she was rejected and abused by her parents and siblings when she was a little girl due to her appareance (she had white hair, and was considered "ugly"). Her parents abandoned her because they refused to believe she was their daughter because she didn't look like them or like her siblings (which was explained because she was born from an affair her mother had with another man who also happened to be a Faunus, and her father wasn't aware of this as her mother hided that relationship), and she ended up in an orphanage. It was a bittersweet plot twist in Grizel's life; while she felt a lot better in the orphanage, she felt guilty about feeling better without her biological family due to social pressure, and the abuse made by them left her with emotional scars, depressed and with low self-steem.
While the orphanage seemed to be warmer than her old home, she still felt lonely and unsure, without experiencing the feeling of having somebody that supported her.
One day, she heard an adult saying that dancing made her feel better when she was sad, so she tried it and ended up liking it a lot; everytime there was music playing, she started to dance, and she found it easy to do, too. The adult that started it all with that phrase was Plamya Svane, a 60-ish years old, ex-ballet teacher that went sometimes to the orphanage to teach kids how to dance (since she was an orphan herself, she wanted to help kids like her). Plamya saw Grizel dancing and seeing that she had potential and found it easy, she decided to take her under her wing, and helped Grizel to become a ballet dancer in her free time. Their relationship ended up being so strong that Plamya finally let Grizel live in her house, and Grizel considered her her only relative, and her true family; she took Plamya's surname and called her her "adoptive grandmother", and while the fact of both finding happiness in dancing and not being alone anymore helped her a lot to overcome her situation, she still ended up with psychological scars, but since she had such a good support she didn't want to end up feeling beaten up again and tried (and tries) to be as strong as she can, ignoring her feelings and training more than she does in school, even if she has to pretend to be stronger than she actually is. As long she doesn't feel weak and useless, she doesn't want to worry about that.
In school Grizel was a relatively good student, standing out in PE due to her good physical state and constant training. While she wasn't very talkative she had an OK relationship with her classmates, since they were afraid of bullying her due to her appareance and because Grizel was good defending herself, both with punches and with words.
Grizel chose to become a Huntress because of both economic (since she will earn more money as a Huntress than as a dancer) and moral (to help people and feel useful) reasons. She got enrolled into Beacon because of her hard work and abilities.
Grizel really wanted to become the leader of a team as she was both strong and a good planner, but fate decreed otherwise...

Time skip

After the Battle of Beacon, Grizel comes back to Plamya's place to help her with anything she needs, and also takes up ballet again. She still wants to become a Huntress, but she doesn't mind waiting, specially considering Plamya is getting old and needs to take care of herself more than before. However, Grizel can't help but feel worried about her partner Ryan, who's pretty much trapped back in Stela and his mother won't let him go, but Grizel tries to hide her worries so Plamya won't feel bad.



Odette and Odile

Grizel has the Semi-Automatic Dual Katars (SADK) Odette and Odile as her weapons.

They have 2 modes:

  • Without the blade extended they work as guns.
  • With the blade extended they work as katars (though she can still shoot bullets with the blades extended).

When Grizel gets her aura activated, she can canalize it through the blades of them and make more powerful attacks. They can be used for slashing, cutting and piercing. They can be used for defense too to an excent; the blades are very resistent and sharp. The gun part works similar to a semi-automatic pistol and its caliber is 9 x 19 mm.



Grizel's stats (chart by Jo)

Due to her physical condition, she's one of the faster and most agile members of her team; she's one of the most physically strong and resistant as well. Her main weakness is her lack of crowd control, and her defense isn't the best since she's highly offensive attack-wise and doesn't have a completely reliable one, though she has good stamina.
Grizel's Semblance is called Danse Macabre, and is a temporal physical boost that makes her stronger and faster, basically "overclocking". Her hair turns black and her eyes vermilion as a side effect, and leaves a trail of feathers when in use, hinting at her mixed heritage.
This Semblance has limited use as it can give Grizel intense muscular pain when is used for an extended period of time and/or too frequently.
Her Aura's color is vermilion and is one of the most powerful ones of the team.


  • Plamya Svane: Grizel loves her and cares about her a lot. She's easily the most important and influential person in her life, a role model.
  • Her biologic family: Grizel hates them, and doesn’t want to hear anything about them or see them, but when asked she avoids talking about the matter, since she doesn’t want to sound too hateful.
  • Bruno Erraunt: Grizel doesn't really have a good relationship with him; she can't stand Bruno's behavior and thinks he isn't a completely reliable leader, and seeing her discussing, getting angry with him, or even hurting him (in extreme cases) is not uncommon.
  • Ryan Chartreuse: Grizel has a good relationship with him. She trusts him since Ryan's loyal to her and doesn't make noise like Bruno, and values him a lot. She's his partner and they synchronize well when fighting, becoming very dangerous to their foes (since both are resistant and strong). She doesn't know that Ryan is attracted to her.
  • Della Azure: Has an OK relationship with her; while Della is more of an acquaintance than of a friend, Grizel knows her since long time ago (they attended the same school before getting into Beacon, but they didn't share too many classes). Even if their personalities seem to be somewhat conflicting, Della tries to not being annoying with Grizel, and Grizel tries to not being too cold with her.


  • She alludes to The Ugly Duckling.
    • This is directly reflected in Grizel's abusive family, but ending up with a person that loves her how she is (Ms. Svane), and her different/"weird" appareance when compared with her biological family.
    • Her color scheme, surname, and part of her design resemble a swan as well.
  • Her costume, hobby, weapon's name and the "duality" motif are inspired by Swan Lake, since both it and The Ugly Duckling have in common the "swan" theme.
    • Ryan being in love with her is another reference to it, since he's a prince and in Swan Lake a prince falls in love with the main character.
  • "Grizel" is a variant of "Griselda", that's possibly derived from the Germanic elements gris "grey" and hild "battle". "Svane" means "swan" in Danish.
    • "Griselda" is a nickname Bruno gave her to annoy her. Ironically, Griselda is a figure of certain folklores that's well-known for her patience and obedience, qualities that Grizel doesn't have.
  • She's used to wear heels, and likes looking taller.
  • She smokes sometimes; she only does it when the urge is too big because she's consious she must be in a good shape for hunting.
  • When she uses her Semblance, she scatters black feathers; when she deactivates it, she briefly scatters white ones.
  • She's an INTJ.

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