i am taking a different approach to the writing style. this will be from the perspective of linda, please let me know if you like it.


i woke up at the sound of a something shattering "what was that" I asked. "get up or we'll be late" amber said with a hasty tone in her voice. so i got up out of bed and noticed that i had gone to sleep naked. i qiuckly looked around and no one had been in the room at the time. so with out hesitation i got up and ran to the closet to pick up my clothes i pulled out my uniform slipped it on and followed amber out the door. as we ran i saw a group of eight also running theough the court yard at the time i thought nothing of it, little did i know that those people were destined for great things. we eventually made it into are fist class which was sparing, i immediately crossed over to hoojoow who stood  at the wall talking to another student. "hay, you could've woke me up before you left"

hoojoow waved to the other student as he walked away "oh really mrs.sleeps naked"

i was taken back "shut up!"

"oh come on you know how akward it was to look down at you and see you sleeping in the nude" he wispered

i was ferious with him at this point "i will break your knees" i really meant it i was going to continue but glynda interupted. "i am your teacher for sparing and battle engagment now who would like to come up and fight first" for some reason i felt my arm shoot up i looked around and saw hoojoow holding up my arm, and his was up as well. "yes, you two come on up" glynda said calling on us. i walked with hoojoow and once we got up on stage we both unsheathed are weapons. "you may engage now" at the sound of those words i saw hoojoow charge me i threw up vali and hel to defend me. hoojoow's blow made me drop to my knees, this was no ordinary weapon and when i looked up at hoojoow's eyes i saw something different something that wasn't human. i pushed him back to bring out my scroll my aura was nearly depleated. putting away my scroll i doged his next attack then straight away swung vali at him cutting his shoulder i slid to a stop. turning i saw his luner grip swing at me and the blunt side of the blade hit me making me fly across the floor i got up and fired hel at him. my vision was getting blury and i tried to stand up but i couldnt which is when i fell unconscious.

i woke up in the schools infirmary with bandages over my wounds i looked over to see hoojoow sitting down next to me holding his left arm. "i got you didn't i" i said with a hint of happieness.

"of course you did" he responded meekly

"well you certainly beat me down"

"ya, sorry about that i guess i lost track" he said with a sorrowful tone

"don't worry about it" i told him "next time wont be so easy"

"work is what we need"

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