I sat down on my bed after a long day of work. The entire team was in the room with me except everyone other then me was asleep. I thought to myself what we were going to do with this job of ares, I mean I dragged them into it after the whole sparing incident and then I mentioned my old job. This was not what I thought I was going to experience here. Eventually I fell asleep thinking about the entire mission.

I woke up and looked to my left to see Linda sleeping in her usual way and Amber sleeping like a koala. (fun fact: koalas are the sleepiest animals on earth) I stood up and looked over to the clock,it was 12:26, then to Iona's bed which was empty. I walked over to the bathroom and splashed water on my face, and immediately after I walked out into the hallway looking up and down it. I was wondering were Iona could have gone then I saw a light shining down the hall and soon after Iona ran up to me in her pajamas. Out of curiosity I started to ask her questions “what are you doing out here so late?” she looked behind her before answering “I was walking down to the workshop to fix a kink I had in my glasses when I saw a boy with hyper gauntlets...and...and...” she started to pant excitedly. I gestured for her to walk into the dorm room. “go to sleep we'll talk in the morning” I told her pointing to her bed, she nodded in response then jumped in her bed.

I opened my eyes to a familiar voice “good morning beacon!” the soothing voice on the radio exclaimed. The smell of coffee got me thinking of last night and about Iona. “your awake!” amber chimed in to interrupt the radio I had been listening to. Sitting up I looked over to what we call a kitchen, it's really just a table with a few drawers, a coffee maker, an oven, and a microwave. Iona was making her favorite drink coffee and Linda brought out a dozen bagels from the oven. “the bagels are done but they're hot” she called.

Amber ran over and grabbed one burning her hand in the process. Iona looked over at me and walked over with two bagels in hand. “here” she said handing me one wrapped in a napkin “i suppose you want to talk about last night?” I asked with intrigue


“well then what is it that you looked so worried about?”

“I was going down to the workshop as you know” she started to explain

“yes, of course”

“well on my way back I saw a few guys passing around a piece of tech” she continued “well I went to find out what it was I said 'hi' and...and they started to pick on me” I thought of what could have happened and it wasn't good. “the largest reached to take my glasses and when he touched them I electrocuted him” I knew this is what she was getting at. Amber sat down on her bed which was across from us “well we won't let them hurt you!” she said raising a glass of milk in the air. We all sat for a moment until Linda broke the silence with a giggle. Iona smiled and spoke to amber “thanks, I really appreciate it” I finished off my bagel and stood up to stretch. “well I'm going for my morning jog” and I threw on my shirt and coat. “your friends are the most valuable thing you have”

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