this is the start to the intro to the "files" (a side series i will do) this is from hoojoow's point of view. and last the radio station i use is Under the Vale of Night

Chapter 1

i didn't like it one bit. why had my first sparing match go like this? i couldm't keep my mind off of how i injured linda and now i was told to see proffeser ozpin. i walked in through the light brown door, the moment my hand left the door knob i knew i was screwed. "please sit" ozpin instructed, sitting i started to ask "why did you call me up here, sir?" i sat and listened in disbelief. how could i cope with such a thing and to tell my teamates this devastating news. after he was done i exited the same way i came while walkingdown the hall. i began to mutter to myself "t-tu" i stuttered. looking up at the door to the infirmary i rested my hand on the knob. i couldn't tell her not after what i did to her, she would kill me. the door opened the nurse greeted me and left. my mind was set i would sit down at the chair and wait for her to wake it was in my head i fell unconsious from blood loss at the door, the nurse came out and brought me in to care for the wound in my arm.

"we need..." i trailed off after i had started a conversation with linda about the fight. "what? what do we need?" linda asked with a face full of questions. "work, work is what we need" i sat there thinking she would think im crazy then she asked a question yet again. "why do we need to work when we're attending becon" i thought of how to tell her and i found the words "wel-" that second i was cut off by amber and iona barging in and throwing rose petals. i noticed amber was wairing a black gown, the kind you would wair to a funeral. iona i could just barly here the radio from the headphones around her neck. "I am Alyysa East, and so long as you choose not to change the dial on your radio, I'm going to deliver you the happenings that you may not know, or don't know that you don't know. Welcome... To Under the Vale of night." she loved that damn radio station.

amber yelled "oh! i'm sooo happy you two are ok!" she started to hug us. when she moved torwards me she squeezed me so hard that my wound opened back up. "oww! amber get off me!" i screemed and she instantly let go to inspect what happened. the nurse ran in with a large roll of bandages to cover the gash back up.

"guys, guys calm down" linda resoned with amber and iona who started to run after a boy with a mechanical foot, but i grabbed her arm to keep her from wandering off. i looked around and was startled when i heard linda sya something to me "hoojoow, weren't you going to say something before?" i glanced at ehr and imeditly droped my gaze to the ground. the gangs all here great! well i had to tell them eventually. "well, I-i uhh we need to..." i thought over my choice of words. i just decided to spit it out "we need money for tuition!" i'm dead. they all stared me down. "why" linda questioned "after are fight well turns out we caused a little damage to the sparing stage" i had to think i didn't know why i just wanted to. "well work it is then" iona said to resolve things quickly.

"case A2,no, case A1 ah here it is"

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