a nevermore dove, mouth wide open, torwards the group of four as they emerged from the cave. hoojoow unslung luner grip and wedges her in it's mouth. he held luner grip in the nevermore's mouth and yelled to his teamates "get back in the cave!" following instruction they all ran back in and soon after hoojoow joined them.
"why are they here!" amber blurted out
"they probably think we killed the larger one from earlier" linda explained
hoojoow decided to take action in one way or anouther "well any one have a plan, cause they are probably intent on killing us" he looked around at the three girls and noted iona and linda scribling in the dirt. " i think this will work" linda said they all shuffled over to take a look, they had already looked at three plans from iona which were quickly shot down. linda had a complicated set of lines and dots "you see hoo you will sit here and wait for the signal-" hoojoow cut her off "hold on what did you call me?" he said irratated. linda shruged and explained the rest of her plan.
30 minutes passed since they got in position and the nevermores sat staring at the cave waiting for them to come out. hoojoow started to think to himself were is she, she said to wait for the signal and she still hasn't done a thi- linda fired a blade at the nevermores striking one in the leg. at that same moment hoojoow jumped out and swung luner grip at the face of a medium sized one. the blow threw the bird across at a much larger one making it stager. as the large nevermore was taken back iona wraped her whip aroung it and swung it at the rest of the birds who started at hoojoow. as they all scrambled up iona tied them up and amber walked out and threw out her hammer to the ground. "goodbye!" she yelled squeezing the trigger. her hammer unleashed bullet hell on the group of birds hitting everyone of them and the bullets pierced to hit the birds in the back of them.


the group came together to rejoice in what they had done when they heard the claping. "bravo! bravo!" the figure yelled they all looked up on the ridge above the cave. "who are you!" amber asked
"oh, don't worry about that all you need to know is i want the box" he explained with a calm voice
hoojoow replied with a sense of smugness "you can in and take it we don't have it"
"good giving up fine with me i will take it and be on my way" the figure walked down the path adjacent to him. he walked into the cave and once he was out of site the girls ran off as hoojoow pulled a rock to partly conceal the cave. hoojoow finally caught up and amber handed him the canteen she snuck with her. they walked all the way back to the school.
once they got back they went imedatly glinda. "thank you, you have all done becon a great favor, now get some rest you have to attend the ceramony in a few hours"
"yes ma'am" they all saluted in unison.
it was four hours sinse they got back and they got in just on time for their names bieng called up by professer ozpin "hoojoow, amber alendise, iona winter, linda kogneece you collected the white pawn pieces from now on you will work together as team HAIL lead by linda kogneece" after this they all walked off and left to get more sleep.

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