they passed by a two dead ursas.they looked fresh, someone wlse was here not long ago. linda pulled out a map "well, we're all here" she said pointing out that all four found each other. "we need to go before something shows up" iona squeeked out pass all the birds chirping. damned noisy birds hoojoow thought "ok lets go get the relics and live hapily ever after!" amber exclaimed looking torwards hoojoow "I agree, lets go" he said walking away holding linda's map. once linda noticed she lost her map she chased after hoojoow.
"i choose, i choose..." amber cheerfully said lookin over the pieces "a pawn" everybody was taken back by such a simple choice "fine,i guess we take two" linda said picking up a white pawn identical to amber's. linda took the map out of hoojoows hands as he pulled it out "ok, we need to go south" she then put away the map. they took off and amber stood back for a little while thinking of why she chose the pawn. she then caught up to see hoojoow and linda in deep conversation. in desperate attempt to hear what they were saying she walked behind them.
"why did you come here" linda said
in reply hoojoow said "how could i stay away from you"
"shut up before one of them hears" linda said embarresed. iona's whip came out of nowere and grabed them all too pull them out of the way of a large falling nevermore body. "shit! did that come from the ruins!" linda yelled as she was held in the grasp of hoojoow's arms. iona tried calming amber's mind of scenes of her and her team dying under the giant bird "i think so" iona responded. she had already been using her glasses computer feature to scan for wounds on anyone. "everyone ok" hoojoow asked inquisitively
"looks like it" they all asured him "then let's go" once everyone was on their feet and dusted off they took off to the nere by cave. " this is it, the map ends here" linda said
"looks fun lets go" hoojoow said happily
"wait up" linda said wanting to continue their conversation from before
"you really cant get enough of me!" hoojoow said smiling
"don't make me kill you"


a wooden box sitting on a stone pedestal engraved in ruby, diamond, black opal, and cymophane (a yellow gemstone) a beutiful sight to behold. the box on the other hand was out of place bland, old, ugly not what you would expect to be placed on such a beutifly carved alter. linda and amber looked at the pedestal with intrigue while iona deciphered the markings strewn across the walls. hoojoow stepped up to the box and opened it he stood there for a good while staring at the eight dust gems. it ocured to him that half of them were grey, ameranth, light green, and  apricot other then the colors they were smaller. the other half were larger and their colors are red, white, black, and yellow. "proficy" iona wispered "what?" hoojoow responded. "the dust gems are proficy a group of four will retreve them and return them to an acadamy" iona explained "then lets take it and go"
"wait it also says that there are only four in there a red,white,black, and yellow"
"then we can take the other four" hoojoow said passing around the smaller four dust crystals. they all walked out the same way they came to find that they were surounded by nevermores of all sizes.
"wind will fall this day"

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