this is a the file containing the expeirence of each team member of HAIL on their first mercanary mission. this file is classified and under survalence of the SIN corp.

Project Gray

i walked into the building and looked around. i noticed a man with a large spear on his back, i thought to myself: ok walk, stay calm, and most of all do not show fear. i walked to a table near him and sat down, when i sat i saw a girl about 16 with blonde hair walk by in a red dress the kind you would wair to an elegant party only this was a night club.she then walked up to the man with the spear and talked to him. not seconds later did she grab him by the arm and throw him to my table. the table split in half with wood chips flying all over the the corner of the room. i darted up as he struck the table acting scared and confused until the man'sbodyguard tried to go help him. at that moment i slid luner grip out from under my coat and launched the spike mechanism at the back of his foot. he fell to the ground screeming in pain and spueing out curses. i stood unmoving no remorse, no emotion then retracting the spike i swung at the target to find he wasn't there. were was he we- i was knocked out. Project Gray remembers nothing past this point.

Amber 'love bird' alendise

well the only part in the entire thing is that i blew away the building when my team was out with the target.

Iona 'tech head' Winter

i sat waiting wondering when it would happen then linda burst through the back door holding the tagret while he was unconsious. "you just kocked him out!" i yelled at her all she did to respond was shrug. i tied him up with my whip and ran once we got out of the allyway we signaled to amber and she didn't leave much of them alive. afterwards we droped him off here and left. pl--- she told all she knows.

linda kogneece

i walked in and sat down at a table, i hated that place i had to sit there for almost half an hour. once hoojoow came in i stood up to enact the plan i walked past hoojoow who had already sat down at a table just across from the man we had to take out.  a large man weilding a spear, wairs a brown fur lined jacket with white jeans and black boots. this guy was a jerk i started to talk to him "so whats a handsom man like yourself doing here" i asked with sarcasm the man looked to his freinds and wispered something to them. when he turned back he told me to get lost i responded with "no" and he reached for my breasts. i stuck my hand out and grabed his arm to throw him behind me. landing on the table that hoojoow was sitting at i thought we had it in the bag. then the target's assistant ran torwards him and hoo stoped him. then right away he swung to hit the target eho had ran to hit hoojoow in the head. that minute i ran and hit the target in the head with the hilt of vali, which i had hidden under the table. the blunt end of the spear hit hoojoow in the head and his eyes went blank, i picked up the target and ran. i turned before i ran through the kitchen and saw hoojoow standing their and he looked...unholy. next thing i knew i burst threw the back door and saw iona. we tied up the man and took off. i want to leave but they won't-------


subjects took care of the target with ease and SHE was released. we now have information on vales import schedule.

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