"Hi" amber said attempting to chat up the guy she had seen wondering outside vale. "Oh it's you,hay" he replied. Hay?Hay! what kind of greeting is that amber thought angrily. "so what did you do to get into becon" she remarked trying ti spark conversation.

"I think i should be the one to ask you that"

"Well i..." dammit why now!

glinda goodwitch came on to a holographic interface and adressed the students. "hello futrure huntsmen and huntress" "total crap"linda wispered to no one in particular, but someone responded anyway "i know right some people here aren't fit for this school" the girl said with complete confidence

"well someone understands" linda replied

"ya,i mean look at that guy over there...he looks way to injured to fight anything!" she exclaimed pointing torwards a guy with a bandanna and a slab of metal across part of his head.

"geez, that dosn't look too good" she wispered to herself

"but really my point is do you think people like her will last even past initiation" she said pointing torwards a girl with a red and black hood and skirt, who looked too young to even be at becon.

"ya..." she trailed off realizing the girl had left nad the exit was open.

Amber had lost the boy after they landed she looked around, but couldn't find him so she sat against a tree and closed her eyes she started to heard yelling. just some snoby rich girl she thought till a loud bang came through. she opened her eyes to see a crater in the ground and a young girl in a red hood. a girl who she thought was connected to the SDC (schnee dust company) and a girl with a book and a jar of dust. amber not thinking much of it stood up and ran to the ampatheater.

god why cant i sleep! he thought why dammit! why! "psst" the sound startled him and he turned to see the red haired girl from earlier lieing down next to him. "Hay, i never cought your name and i was wondering why did you say it's you before" she bugged him. fine he thought i'll humor her "my name is hoojoow,whats yours?"

"my name is amber alendise, nice to meet you" she said cheerfully

"yes,nice anyway i said it's you cause i noticed you waching me in the woods"

"what! you saw me!" she said

"shh, your not supposed to be hear go back to the girls side as they call it"

"oh, fine" she said reluntantly as she snuck off.

"hello luner grip" hoojoow said happily

"dammit!" she yelled as her whip hit the ground

"smashy! smashy!" amber chanted exitingly

"mmm you girls remind of sushi" linda said pulling out her they made their way to the cliff to get briefed glinda pulled all four of them aside. "I want you four to do a special mission for me" god what now hoojoow thought."here is a map to the artifacts go and collect them then go and collect these gems" she said handing linda a map and showing them all a picture of a box of four gems, the picture was in black and white so they couldn't tell the colors."now go to the cliffs and here is a map of the path to get the box"

"YES MA'M" saluted linda. they all left for initiation.

"the adventure is in the journey not the destination...or was it the other way around?"


  • this is a prototype so what is here is subject to change
  • i will leave a random saying to forshadow the next writing

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