Haldor Baines
Age 17
Nickname Harry, Harold
Status Active
Gender Male
Race Human
Born June 2nd
Handedness Right
Complexion Fair
Hair dark brown, short, messy
Eyes hazel
Semblance Resurgence
Height 6'1"
Weight 167lbs
Professional Status
Affiliation Beacon Academy
Team Team HKRI
Partner Izumi Thrussell
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Relatives Kyou Hamasaki -twin brother

Haldor (unformally known as Harold or Harry; previously Haruto) Baines is a Beacon first year and Leader of Team HKRI.


Haldor is a tall young man with a slightly athletic build. He has short dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and a fair complexion.

His daily clothing consist of a black T-shirt with white trim, tan colored shorts that stop just above his knees, and brown hiking boots. On Haldor's shorts are a pair of suspenders hanging down on his sides, rather than being on his shoulders.

For armor, he wears metallic shoulder guards on both arms, shin guards, and a chestplate made all by himself with his symbol engraved on top; the chestplate covers the top right of his body, due to him trying to save materials when it came to protecting a certain vital organ, the heart, but due to his idiocracy he thought his heart was on the right side of his body (he never even attempted to fix this issue, says it gives him more motivation to protect his vitals).

He also carries his weapons on his back with the use of two scabbards.


Harold is known as a care free knucklehead, always getting into some sort of trouble. He's always been that way since childhood, and hasn't changed much over time. He can be seen as a complete idiot at times too, in class and and during certain situations; but will always get what's going on around him eventually.

Enough about his bad qualities though, as Harold does have some redeeming traits. No matter how many times he fails, he's always one to get back on his feet. Harold can be pretty stubborn at times too when it comes to offering help to someone who clearly needs it, which shows his compassionate side for others. He's always willing to stick up for anyone who can't or has trouble sticking up for themselves. His bravery can be seen as inspiration to some when it comes to bleak situations, as Harold isn't one to panic everyone.

Weapon & Abilities

In battle, Harold uses two swords (name undecided), combined with the usage of Lightning Dust, that he has forged himself. He'll always start out wielding only one when a battle starts, as he's insistent on not showing his full strength right away.

With the use of the Dust, Harold is able to coat his blades with electricity, for some increased damage. Small waves of lightning can be fired from his weapons as well to give him some mid-ranged capabilities, though they would use up a lot of Dust, so this ability wouldn't be something he'd use too much in battle; luckily he's more of a close combat fighter anyway.

When he pulls out both blades, it means that Harold is ready to get serious. When dual-wielding, Harold unleashes a flurry of attacks to try and knock his opponent into a corner. He's more focused on landing hits, which leave him open to taking damage at times.

Aura and Semblance

Harold's Aura is a light gray in color and provides extra defense and minimal healing powers. His Semblance is called "Resurgence" and is a self-supportive type in nature. He'll activate this ability only when it has come to the point where he has no strength to continue fighting. When using Resurgence, Harry's Aura will invigorate him with newfound energy and strength, and act as though he's fully capable for a second round.

However, physically Harold has reached his limit already, so His Semblance just helps to ignore the pain and push him just a bit further. It has a time limit for about 3 minutes until his strength is gone, and then he'll collapse from exhaustion. Because of this vulnerability, Harold makes sure that his Semblance is used as a last resort, or that he isn't alone when it's active.

Basic Abilities

Harold has a good amount of strength and vitality, so he can give and receive heavy blows, as well as swing both of his swords efficiently. He also has high stamina, which he'll need to fully wield both blades and swing them without tiring out early. 

Weaknesses: During battles, Harold likes to take time and get a good grip on his opponent's abilities before revealing his own, so he often holds back a bit when facing a new foe. He isn't all that fast either when it comes to running, and his lack of intelligence makes it easier for him to walk into an opponent's trap. While he's dual-wielding, Harold uses more offensive methods than defensive ones as well, and will mostly guard against attacks he deems to be fatal.


Ever since Harold was born, he had spent a lot of time in his family's estate with his older brother Kyou. The both of them would often play with each other, having sword fights with rolled up newspapers or sticks they found in the yard; the elder members of the family have always spectated their actions. When the both of them were 7, the Hamasaki family decided to train the both of them in kendo to test their potential, as they both had taken a liking to swordsmanship. They never disclosed the reason why, just told the brothers that it would be a fun competition.

Harold had tried his best to follow along with what he was being taught, but thought it was much more fun to go wild with his actions. Kyou on the other hand had displayed wonderful form, technique, and skill in his training. After 4 years, the elders had collected enough data about the both of them, they announced that the reason for the competition was mainly to choose who'd be more fitting to carry the Hamasaki name; as a well respected family in their community, they figured the most diligent of the siblings would fit that position.

Because Harold had failed this test of the elders, he was to be disowned by the Hamasaki family, just because of this tradition of theirs. He wasn't forced out alone though; his mother accompanied him mainly because she wasn't a Hamasaki by blood. Harold's mother had remarried two years later and the both of them had taken the surname Baines. His new stepdad was a blacksmith, and taught Harold what he knew about working with metal. After getting the hang of things, he was able to make a decent blade and started to train with it by himself.

He was then enrolled into Signal Academy with the help of his parents, so he could get some more experience under his belt. There he crafted two new swords for him to use, better than his first, as well as a set of armor for him to wear. After he completed his years at Signal, Harold then went on to Beacon Academy, where he ended up reuniting with his older brother.


Kyou Hamasaki- Harold and his brother have gotten along well when they were children, but at their time staying at Beacon, they've become somewhat distant. Kyou often scolds his brother for his poor behavior, and is often annoyed by him. Deep down though, Kyou cares for him, and is only trying to make Harold more mature as a person.

Rhoda Hylonome- The two of them are at each others necks most of the time, mostly because Harold is doing something dumb around her. He's always the main target of Rhoda's kicking abuse, but they manage to find some good points in their friendship.

Izumi Thrussell- It's a known fact that Izumi has a crush on Harold, though he's too oblivious to realize it. He sees her as an awesome friend, especially since she's the one always tending to his wounds.


  • His first name Haldor comes from an Old Norse name which meant "Thor's rock".
  • He prefers that people close to him Harold, which comes from the old English name Hereweald meaning "leader of the army" (also an anagram of Haldor technically).
  • The English use for his surname Baines is from a nickname for skinny people meaning "bones." There's also a Welsh usage meaning "son of Einws" with Einws meaning "little anvil".
  • Before leaving the Hamasaki family, his birth name before changing it was Haruto Hamasaki (First name here following the CNR as well).
  • He has a different surname than his twin brother Kyou, due to him and his mother leaving the family and she got remarried. It was his choice to change his first name.
    • He's said to be the "least skilled" between him and his brother, but makes up for it with a lot of heart.
    • Harold and Kyou were born on the same day, June 2nd, also meaning the both of them are Geminis.
    • Harold is the youngest between the two siblings.
  • His symbol is similar to his brother's, being based off of the Zodiac symbol for Gemini.
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