Art by Demetri Anacona

Name: Halvard Kyland

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 170 lbs

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Grey

Accent: American

Associated color: Grey

Title: Mountain Gladiator

Affiliation: Beacon Academy

Team: Team ????

Partner: ??????

Weapon: "Megiddo"

Semblance: Impact Shockwave

Character Theme: ???

Battle Theme: ???

Bonus theme:


  • Sportsmanship
  • Privacy
  • Meat


  • Killing
  • Firearms
  • Thieves


Health: 7/10

Attack: 6/10

Defence: 5/10

Intellect: 4/10

Speed: 5/10


Halvard grew up in a celebrity family. His father, grandfather, great grandfather, etc. were all very successful and well known fighters in the Mountain Arena, where a popular form of glatorial combat is held. Being the first son of his father, Magni Kyland, he has very high expectations of himself. Each fighter in the Mountain Arena uses his own, self-made weapon. Some "arena families" use hand-me-down weapons, as the heirlooms have some traditional significance. However, the Kylands maintain their successfulness by adapting and modernizing their equipment. Halvard's is no exception, with two individual forms. Another reason the Kylands have been so successful is their adaptability, and balanced fighting style. Halvard is strong enough to wrestle with foes many times his size, but he also has quick reflexes, and always maintains a cool head in combat. After winning his first championship, Halvard was given a scholarship to beacon.



Halvard weilds a versatile weapon known as Megiddo. It is a European-style warhammer, and a shield with a sharpened blade at the bottom. The warhammer can disarm opponents and is not easily parried, and the sheild has a blade that gives the weilder an advantage when locked into combat with another fighter, and allows the shield to be used for attack as well as defence. The the shield's blade allows Halvard to immediately switch from a block to an attack. The shield can be attached to the front of the hammer to form a large, two-handed hammer-like weapon.


Halvard is experienced in combat, and has dealt with multiple fighting styles before. He has quick reflexes, and can dodge or block most attacks. However, all of his experience is in an arena, with rules and regulations. Therefore, he has no experience in street fights, where there are no rules. He has never killed anyone before, either, and is not experienced in fighting Grimm. He is a good sport, and will not fight an unarmed opponent. He does not have any experience in using firearms, although he knows how to deal with opponents who use them. Halvard's semblance, Impact Shockwave, allows him to channel his aura through his hammer to create shockwaves when the hammer makes contact with an opponent, increasing damage done and knockback. Using a lot of aura, Halvard can slam the hammer int the ground to create a large shockwave. However, this leaves him quite exhausted.


Halvard was raised and trained in seclusion by his father, Magni Kyland. The Kyland family are celebrities, and Halvard has many fans at beacon. However, he is far from spoiled. His father gave him a traditional warrior's upbringing, and although they have never had to worry about money, Kyland children have to earn anything they want. Halvard is very courteous to fans, both male and female. However, he appreciates privacy much more than attention.


Halvard always wears high quality clothes, mainly ones his family sends him. His normal outfit includes a brown leather jacket, with grey diagonal stripes. His symbol is portrayed on the back, between the shoulders. The jacket is connected across his chest by two large leather straps, with round metal clasps. He wears baggy grey cargo shorts, where he stores most of his supplies. He has two belts crossed over his hip, which hold his weapons when they aren't in hand.

In order to avoid attention from fans, Halvard had a special school uniform made, with a large hood that drapes over his eyes and hides his face. However, as his time at Beacon wore on, people got used to him, and the hood became less of a necessity.

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