Hamelin von Hölle
Age 26
Gender Male
Handedness Left
Complexion Pale
Hair Orange
Eyes Green
Height 5'10"
Weight 59 kg
Additional Info
Likes Sowing misery, ending happiness, playing his pipe.
Dislikes Happiness or a carefree attitude in others
Special Skills Playing the Pipe


Hamelin has bright orange hair and green eyes. His otherwise handsome face is marred by a large x-shaped scar. He has pale skin and is of fairly average height.

He wears a long brown coat fastened at his neckline, a white undershirt, and brown pants.  He wears a brown newsboy cap with a white brim. Inside the coat he keeps his pipe.


Hamelin portrays himself with a very friendly and upbeat personality.  He is a good storyteller, and quite good at telling jokes.  His most potent weapon is his charisma, his ability to make people trust him.

By the time most realize his true intentions, it is too late for them to do anything to stop him. He's unnaturally homicidal, despising normal folk simply due to their leading normal lives. 

The ones he hates most of all, however, are the Hunters of Beacon Academy.


Hamelin was born in a small rural village known to the inhabitants as Hölle. The inhabitants had little in the ways of wealth. Food was scarce, and what little the townsfolk had was jealously guarded. This was the environment Hamelin grew up learning. His was a simple life, and with hardships, but it could have been worse, and Hamlin appreciated it. He found joy in playing instruments, for which he found he had a talent.

When he was ten years old, Grimm attacked the village, killing many of the inhabitants.  Hamelin survived by huddling on a roof as the townfolk were brutally slaughtered below him. The roof tiles he was on lost their hold, and he fell off the roof and into the carnage, recieving two glancing blows to the face, and multiple blows to the body, all of which were surprisingly non-fatal.

He only survived due to the timely arrival of a team of Hunters, who killed off all of the grimm. Only about a fourth of the town's population remained alive. However, rather than being thankful to the hunters, he blamed them. 

Blamed them for being late.

Blamed them for not saving his home

Blamed them for not even caring.

The hunters stayed the night at the town, in the inn. Hamelin saw one passed out in the common room. How, he thought. How can these bastards be so relaxed when the world has just ended? Grabbing a knife from the kitchen, he stabbed the sleeping hunter in the throat and fled the village.

When he was far away, he came to grips with his situation. The village was destroyed because the Hunters didn't protect it. It was their fault that his family and friends died. Those bastards left them to suffer. He went to other villages, playing tunes on his pipe to earn money or supplies. He found he often earned more money and less suspicion when he kept a cheery smile and attitude, so he always did. This attitude did not reflect his feelings, however. It made him sick to his stomach to see these people, see them living in their simple, carefree manner. How could they act this way when the world was such a terrible place? It made him happy to end their happiness, to sow misery and pain into those who hadn't had it like he had.

He began experimenting with different tunes, and they affect they had on people. He could often calm them, make them tired, or make them sad.  This led to his interest in using his music in murder, and sought the help of weapons makers to make his pipe into a powerful weapon.

Weapons and Abilities

Pipe: By far his deadliest weapon, this pipe, combined with his talent for playing it, make a formidable combination both in and out of combat.  Once an ordinary pipe that Hamelin would use to play his tunes, with which he could often influence the mood of a listener, the pipe was enhanced with Dust. Now he can use it to cause a variety of effects, often the same ones as he previously used to a greated degree of effectiveness. Of course, it is far more effective when the person he's using it on considers it a simple tune, as opposed to if they know its true nature.

His possibly most effective skill with it, if used correctly, is to play a tune on a certain frequency which will often summon any Grimm in the immedeate area, at which point Hamelin will often retreat, allowing the grimm to soften up his opponents before he kills them.

Rapier: He is a highly trained user of a rapier, and it is his primary weapon whilst in open combat. He's quite skilled at aiming at his opponent's weak spots, and is well versed in the vulnerable areas of the human body. 

Apart from his weapons, Hamelin is very agile and quite strong, often surprising opponents who thought him easy to overpower. Due to his long years spent fighting and killing people, he's quite knowledgeable about combat and various techniques his opponents may employ. His own tactics vary, and he often changes it mid-combat to confuse opponents or take advantage of situations.

He has the uncanny ability to read people's emotions quite well, no matter how good they are at masking them. It's an ability he has gained over the years of lying to people about who he is and what exactly he is about to do with that very large knife.

His Semblance allows him to project his music along certain vibrational frequencies, able to cause a myriad of effects. On its own, with merely his voice, it's quite weak. However, amplified with his pipe, it becomes much more powerful. These effects can range from a shrill shriek targeting the eardrum, after a short time causing acute pain and often disorienting an opponent, to calming them down, often to a point of not fighting. Sounds that effect the opponent's mood are effective dependant on how the opponent is feeling - a very angry opponent would not be affected by the calming noise.  His power can also be subverted via the usage of noise-canceling headphones by his enemies.

It is also, obviously, easier to resist the manipulation if one knows they are being manipulated.


  • Von Hölle means "of Hell" or "from Hell"
  • He, as you may have guessed, alludes to "The Pied Piper of Hamelin"

Author's Notes

  • He holds the record for the longest time I've had a character fleshed out in my mind prior to posting, of over a month.

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